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“Telar” ​Techne Ars​ Curriculum grade 4-8

Haldane Drinking Song [Hdyž jsem kovál koníčky]

Whilst I was performing my duties,

I wiled my time at anders foundation
They prevented me from going forth
I plied my love upon a stars creation

Whilst we were saying a soft goodbye,

The stars began their slow dimming,
I am off upon saying to my true love,
See me off while love is ore brimming

Swiftly Moving Waters

Above the plain of gold and green,

A young boy's head is plainly seen;


A huya, huya, huyaya

Swiftly flowing river
A huya, huya, huyaya
Swiftly flowing river

But no, 'tis not his lifted head,

'Tis Ifca's castle spires instead.


For our pleasure it was made

This grand old castle deep in shade



Ifca’s castle=​ Ifka Haldane Court

haldane=dane-norsk trade pattern, halane, hali, hale, stjert
Ivanovice na Hané, S. Moravian, Czech, c. 1373 Templar Commandery
49°18′19.51″N 17°5′36.35″E