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Topic 16.1.

3 Determining orders of reaction using initial rates method



SUBJECT BASED SUCCESS CRITERIA Introduction: Show an image of a method to measure the What questions
OBJECTIVE Students will be able to rate of a reaction. Recall the rate law equation, order of did the students
reaction with respect to the reactants, overall order of ask?
Students should be able to ● understand experiments that reaction.
can be used to investigate
● calculate order of reaction reaction rates by: Teacher directed focus: Ask students to research the
using initial rates method (i) an initial-rate method methods of finding the order of the reactions.

● deduce the order (0, 1 or 2) Independent student-led activity: They research the What are they
with respect to a substance in a different methods of finding the order of reactions in struggling with?
rate equation using data from an groups.
initial-rate method
From each group, get a method used to find the order of
● determine and use rate reactions.
equations of the form: rate =
k[A]m[B]n, where m and n are 0, Teacher input: Explain the working of the initial rates
1 or 2 method to find the order of reactions.
What questions would you Independent student-led activity: They work in groups to effective/accurate
anticipate the students to ask find the order of the reactions from given differentiated was the peer/self-
during the lesson? worksheet and hence rate of the reactions, value of rate assessment?
The rate equation is determined constants.
experimentally and not from the
stoichiometry of the equation, Support: Work out numericals with same initial
CORE VALUE OR unlike the equilibrium constant. concentration of reactants.
OBJECTIVE DIFFERENTIATION Stretch: Find rate constant, given order of reaction.
Appreciate the use of initial STRATEGIES TO ACHIEVE
rate method to calculate order THE SUCCESS CRITERIA Extend: Use data to find rate equation, order of reaction
of reactions and rate constant.
Support: Q 1 from worksheet to
All students will be able to calculate order of reaction. Review & Reflect:
demonstrate the stated Stretch: Q 2 b to use data given Summarise the steps to calculate the order of given
value or competency to find order of reaction from reaction using initial rates method.
by…… units. NOTES FOR
solving the numericals in Extend: Q 3 to find unknown Homework: THE NEXT
groups concentrations applying rate Answer questions from the Student Book. LESSON BASED
equations, after finding order of Solve past paper questions from this topic. ON THE
reaction. ASSESSMENT
Extension task: Plot a graph of
rate against concentration for a
first order reaction.

Cross-curricular opportunities. Links to UAE Culture: Industries in the UAE keep their
● Use calculators to find and use power functions (B.0.4). rates of reaction high to make it profitable - get acceptable
● Use an appropriate number of significant figures (B.1.1). amount of products in acceptable period of time.
● Change the subject of an equation (B.2.2).
● Substitute numerical values into algebraic expressions using
appropriate units for physical quantities (B.2.3).
● Solve algebraic expressions (B.2.4).
Real world applications: The rate of reaction is very important
to the chemical industry. The rate of reaction dictates the rate of
production of our daily products. In order to meet the demand
and safety standards, optimization of rate of reaction is
nonetheless the most important subject to control and study.