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Of Sehri, Anday, Parathay &

a hot Cup a Cha

9th June 2018

(Ramadan 2018)

Shaikh Muhammad Ali

I usually get up at 2:10 a.m. these days and then wake up my wife who gets up to prepare the
Sehri for all of us in Ramadan. I then twist and turn in the bed and finally jump up and
sometimes help her in making the Sehri (not always though). Today was no exception but
within five minutes, my younger one Mohsin came rushing up and declared that there was no
gas and thus there would be no Iftari. Hell had already started to break loose and within the
next few minutes; we had to declare that we had to go out for Sehri.

The clock seemed to be rushing faster so was my heartbeat as to how we could manage to go
out to a restaurant and have our Suhur within exactly one hour. There was no time to plan.
Only act and act we did. First of all, we all got our act together. There was no time to even
change and thus we all went out in our jammies.

While living in sector G-13/3 in Islamabad these days, our first choice was to hit the small
markaz of the G-13/4 and much to our horror and surprise, the only restaurant there; was
closed. The yogurt shop and the Naan wala was open though. Even if we would have gotten
these two items, there was no teashop and thus we had to drop the idea of stopping there.

Our next bet was the markaz of G-11, which was at a drive of another 10-15 minutes from here.
We had no choice but to take our chances. The Roza (fast) was slipping away from my hands
faster than I could imagine. The lives of four other family members and their Roza was now
solely in my hands. I had to drive carefully while making sure that we get Suhoor too.

My heart was beating faster and my sleep running away with my imagination. I was half-asleep
anyway and thus maneuvering the car was a hindrance in me taking the correct decisions. As
soon as I entered G-11/1, I realized that there was a roadside restaurant where Sabeen and I
had tea, while we were shifting to our current house in G-13/3; last March.

Although Adil my first born wanted us to go to the G-11 Markaz and have our Sehri at the
Quetta Hotel which served mouthwatering parathay, omelets and chai but I would have spent
another 5 minutes on the road if we would have gone there.

I ultimately parked my car on the side of the Imtiaz restaurant and realized very soon that it
was full to the capacity. Asked the man on the reception that my family accompanied me and
thus needed a place to sit. He pointed me to go downstairs and sit in the family area. We
walked down while were being watched like aliens by the all-male crowd. Since we did not
have too many choices, we paraded as we were on a ramp in the Lux style awards and parked
ourselves at one corner of the restaurant.

It was interesting to note that there was only one waiter at this restaurant, who was serving a
crowd of more than fifty odd men. We happened to be the only family waiting to be fed. He
somehow managed to take our order, which comprised of five parathay, 4 eggs and four cups
of tea. Later daal and two more parathay followed. We managed to gulp all this meal almost
five minutes before the break of Suhoor while wondering how thankful God almighty was on


my family as to how he managed to feed us and make sure that we were able to keep our fast

It was indeed a wonderful experience while re-learning the fact that ‘Where there is a will,
there is indeed a way’. We came home; satisfied. Offered our Fajr prayers and went back to
sleep and here I am writing to you while waiting to break our fast. What a wonderful day, it has

I would like to leave here with a short prayer!

Shaikh Muhammad Ali

‘The Wandering Dervish’
Cell: +00-92-321-5072996
Saturday, 24th Ramadan, 1439 Hijri,
9th June 2018, 06:28 p.m. (PST)


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