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How to Apply Query (If any)

 Uploaded provisional data lists of District Cadres Different Teaching Posts for view and
submission of any query.
 Lists have been prepared for those candidates who scored 40 & above in written test.
 No need to submit any query in case your all data available at website is correct.
 In case o f r e l e v a n t m i s t a k e (which is eligible for correction) a candidate
should proceed for submission of query only.
 Encircle any relevant mistake on Printout of Tentative Provisional data and Correction
should be made on the print out by hand.
 In case of any correction required in academic score, please attach relevant document
with print out of provisional data list.

 No academic marks will be replaced by any means except correction with valid

 Maximum Five (5) schools are entertained if applied by a candidate. Request for
more than five will not be considered by any means which was clearly mentioned in
 In case of married female candidate with different husband’s domicile then her schools
choices have been considered against her husband’s domicile only (if she had applied
with five schools against her domicile and five schools against her husband’s domicile).

 No change or alteration will be made in any candidate’s school codes except in case
where concerned DEO’s had made changes later on after uploading the lists of schools.

 Score obtained in Secondary School/Intermediate/Bachelor from Govt. Boards will be

considered /added in academic record.
 Score of AAMA, KHASA, AALIYA will not be entertained in academic section.
 Any Result declared after Last Date of submission of application will not be entertained
by any means so no need to apply for addition in academic score.
 Final selection will be made by the concerned District Based scrutiny Committee and
their decision will be final.
 Sign with contact number at the end of printout of provisional Data List with a copy of
 Send your query on printout to NTS Regional office, Rahatabad colony, Near
Peshawar ZOO, Peshawar latest by 1st June, 2018 (Friday) positively through courier or
postal service only . By hand submission of query at office is not acceptable.