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Basic Occupational First Aid & CPR Course is the initial help or immediate assistance
given to the injured person before the arrival of paramedic or ambulance. Knowing the
methods and practical ways in giving first aid is a very important knowledge for a
person who wishes to handle emergency situations. Accidents can happen at any time,
anywhere, be it big cuts with serious bleeding, burns, sprains or bone fracture. A
person with first aid knowledge could probably save one’s life.

1. To save lives in accidents
2. To prevent further complications to the injured
3. To help in the physical healing process


1. Scope of First Aid

• Definition of the term “First Aid”
• Function of a First Aider
• Purpose of First Aid Training

2. Wounds and Bleeding

• Definition and classification
• General management of wounds

3. Fractures and Dislocation

• Definition and types of fractures
• Signs and Symptoms of fractures
• Management of spinal fractures
• Injuries to joints – sprain
• Common sporting injuries
4. Burns and Scalds
• Definition
• Causes
• Signs and Symptoms
• Management

5. Dressing and Bandages

• Definition
• Type of Dressing
• Bandages

6. Shock and Fainting

• Definition
• Causes
• Clinical Features
• Management

6. Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation/choking
• One man rescuer
• Foreign body airway obstruction
• Practical Demonstration

7. Poison and Poisoning

• Definition
• Causes
• Signs and Symptoms
• Management

8. Miscellaneous Condition
• Cramp
• Migraine
• Stings

9. Lifting & Transferring patients

11. Exercise
• Group Practical
Course Detail:
Duration : Two (2) days
Date : TBA
Time : 9.00am – 5.00pm
Venue : TBA
Professional Fees : RM2000 X 2 = RM4000.00
Maximum : 20-25 pax


Zanariah Binti Zahari, a holder of Bachelor in Nursing (Honours) from Universiti

Teknologi Mara 2013, and Diploma in Nursing also from Universiti Technologi Mara

She obtained her Professional Certificate in Education and Teaching Professionals

from KPJ University College 2015.She is AHA Certified BLS Instructor/Provider. She is
a Certified Trainer with HRDF (PSMB) 2016 (TTT/16462). Her core areas in training
include medical, emergency rescue, woman & health, and wellness. She is an Principal
Consultant with Amsyar Brothers enterprise.

Work Experience

Zanariah is a Nurse Educator at private hospital in Malaysia (LJM No: 64452). These
experiences have given her opportunities and exposure to develop her expertise in
training and coaching, as well as developing effective presentation and influential
communication skill.

She has eleven (11) years working experience and knowledge in hospitalization as well
as in education services. She is a life member of the Malaysian Nursing Association.
Before this, she had worked in different wards, emergency department and also
woman & health clinics. She has a lot of experience in attending to different types of
Expertise in:
1) Woman and health (E.g : Breast self-examination, Breast feeding and etc)
2) Any medical disease (E.g : Hypertension ,diabetic and etc)
3) Health screening
4) Basic Occupational First aid treatment & CPR
5) Motivation
6) Communication skill
7) Grooming

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