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Lesson one 7th grade

 Rewrite the sentences below, making sure that the pronoun references are

1.- When Fred and his Golden retriver get home, he will give you a call.

2.- My dad called Uncle Fred and he told him that he was not going to be on time.

3.- Sadie called Rhoda and asked her if she was going to give her pen to me.

 Circle the independent clauses and underline the dependent clauses below. Put
a triangle around the key Word, the first Word of the dependent clause.

1.- After you eat this juicy hamburger, you can drink your diet soda.

2.- I studied for ten hours while Julius drank orange juice.

3.- Rather than start again, I picked up the ruined pages and tried to dry them off.

 Circle the phrases, clauses, or words that function as appositives in the

sentences below.

1.- I just took a big test from my professor, Mr. Williams

2.- I love numismatics, the age-old hobby of collecting coins from around the world.

3.- The old, friendly professor. Mr. Biggs, told me that I was his best student.

4.- There is Miss Williams, the new director, walking to her office.