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Bar Manager
Periodic Health and Safety Checklist
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This Health and Safety Checklist should be completed on a 6 monthly basis or more frequently if
required. Where the response is that action is needed this should be noted on the Action Log at the
back of this checklist and allocated to a named person for action. If you wish you can also allocate
the remedial action to yourself or a named person using the My Responsibilities section of Business
Safe Online. When the task is completed details will be recorded for future reference. If a task is not
completed by the target date you will receive email notification.

Accident, Incident, Ill Health Reporting and Investigation ARN

Is the accident book in its intended location? Y/N
Has all personal information in accident book entries been removed and stored in a Y/N
confidential location?
Have all reportable accidents, incidents and diseases been notified to the enforcing Y/N
authorities within the statutory timescales? (see Guidance Note 1-3)
Have significant recent accidents, incidents and reports of ill-health been thoroughly Y/N
Are reports filed appropriately and easy to find? Y/N
Workplace Health and Safety Consultation
Has there been routine consultation with employees? Y/N
Risk Assessment and Hazard Reporting
Are reports of hazards promptly investigated? Y/N
Have our risk assessments been reviewed during the last 12 months? Y/N
Have safe systems of work and work procedures identified in risk assessments been Y/N
adopted and are they followed in practice?
Health and Safety Training
Is sufficient training provided to enable employees to carry out their duties in a safe Y/N
Do you ensure that the use of equipment is restricted to trained and authorised persons, Y/N
as required?
Fire / Emergency Arrangements
Are there records that the fire alarm has been tested within the past week? Y/N
Are the emergency lighting units tested on a monthly basis and records retained? Y/N
Where fitted, have the smoke alarms been tested monthly and the records retained? Y/N
Are all fire extinguishers in position, unobstructed and the seals intact? Y/N
Are all fire exit routes clear? Y/N
Are emergency exit routes adequately signed? Y/N
Are all internal fire doors closed, or on an automated closer system? Y/N
Are the self-closers on fire doors operating effectively? Y/N
Are all fire doors correctly marked (blue and white label)? Y/N
Are smoke seals/intumescent strips on fire doors in good condition? Y/N
Are all emergency exits adequately lit? Y/N
Are all external fire exits unlocked when the premises are occupied? Y/N
First Aid
Are first aid boxes in their correct location and easily accessible? Y/N

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The Albert Square Chophouse: Periodic Health and Safety Checklist: Page 2 of 3

Are first aid kits being checked on a routine basis? Y/N

Are first aid boxes suitably stocked? Y/N
Are there up to date records of all incidents where first aid was administered? Y/N
Is there a suitably qualified first aider or nominated person on duty? Y/N
Are cleaning materials stored in designated areas? Y/N
Are there sufficient warning signs, such as yellow cones etc. available at the premises? Y/N
Storage of Hazardous Substances
Are hazardous substances/agents materials stored safely (i.e. in the correct containers Y/N
with lids on etc.)?
Slips, Trips and Falls
Are sufficient cleaning regimes carried out and a planned schedule followed to maintain Y/N
good, general housekeeping standards?
Are all staircases and corridors free from obstruction? Y/N
Are all stairways fitted with suitable banisters or handrails? Y/N
Is all flooring in public areas in a good condition and free from cables and other tripping Y/N
Are floors clean and free from slipping hazards? Y/N
Manual Handling Assessment
Have you assessed and controlled the risks to your workforce from manual handling? Y/N
Use of Hazardous Substances and Agents
Are all hazardous substances correctly labelled? Y/N
Are hazardous substances risk assessments readily available? Y/N

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The Albert Square Chophouse: Periodic Health and Safety Checklist: Page 1 of 3


Use this form to record any actions required to improve Health, Safety and Welfare at work.



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