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1. Complete the sentences with some or any and correct word.

air / batteries / buses / chairs / cheese / clothes / fish / help / languages / margarine
/ milk / mistakes /money / music / photos / problems / flowers / shampoo

I can’t buy you a drink. I haven’t got ____________________.

Can you speak _______________ foreign ____________________?
I want to wash my hair. Is there ______________________________?
Why isn’t the radio working? Are there ____________________________ in it?
Can I have ______________________ in my coffee, please?
They didn’t make _______________________ on the test.
Helen brought me _____________ beautiful ____________________ from the garden.
Would you like _____________________? – No, thank you.
It’s hot in here. I’m going out for ________________ fresh ___________________.
Everybody is standing because there aren’t ____________________ in the hall.
Sorry we’re late. We had ______________________________ with the car.
He didn’t have his camera, so he couldn’t take ___________________________.
Are there ______________________________ in the sea?
I can’t find _______________ butter, but we’ve got ____________________________.
I haven’t got ______________________________ to wear to the party
There aren’t _______________________________ on Sunday.
Would you like to listen to _________________________________?
Kate can ride a bike without ______________________________ now.

2. Complete the sentences with a, an, some, any.

My mum doesn’t need _________ new potatoes.

There are __________ apples in that tree.
There aren’t ________ toy cars in that box.
John hasn’t got ________ new trainers.
______ man has got ______ nice wife. His wife has got _______ teeth in her mouth.
His sister Maggie has got _________ money for a new dress.
Has Jane got _________ apples every morning?
Mike doesn’t play _______ musical instruments.
Have you got ________ books for me?
No, sorry! I haven’t got _________.
I don’t need ________ new toys to play with.
There are ________ sandwiches for lunch, but there aren’t ________ bananas.
Have you got ________ letters? – No I haven’t got _______. I have got ______
3. Complete the sentences with some, any, much and many.

How _______________ juice did you bring?

I didn’t bring _______________ juice – it’s horrible. But there’s _____________ soda.
I don’t like soda. Is there ________________ lemonade?
No, there isn’t.
How _________________ sandwiches did you make?
Ten. They are all sardine sandwiches. There wasn’t _____________ cheese.
How _______________ bread is there?
Well, there isn’t ______________ bread. There’s only one slice.
Can I have _______________ apples?
Oh, sorry. There aren’t _______________ apples.
Can I have _______________ biscuits?
I didn’t bring _________________ biscuits.
Now would you like ________________ sardine sandwiches?

4. Complete the menu.

green salad / apple pie / chicken / fish / cola / mineral water / tomato soup /
lasagna / rice / lamb steak / tea / ice cream / garlic bread

starters: _______________________________________________________________
main course: ____________________________________________________________
side dishes: _____________________________________________________________
desserts: _______________________________________________________________
drinks: _________________________________________________________________

5. Find the pairs of antonyms and complete the sentences using the adjectives.

ripe sweet raw fresh slimming spicy tender

stale fattening sour mild cooked unripe tough
____________________ ____________________ _____________________
____________________ ____________________ _____________________

I can't eat this cake – it's too ___________ and I'm on a diet.
The curry burns my mouth; it is so ___________.
Can you pass me the sugar, please, I'll put some in this lemon juice, it's too
This steak is so ___________ I can't even chew it!
I can't cut this bread, it's so ___________.
These apples are green and not very ___________, I suppose.
This fish is almost ___________, you have to cook it for 15 minutes more.
6. Complete the text with the words below.

appetizer / chef / fast-food / fancy / smoking / bar / cook / soup / breakfast /

dessert / lunch / tip / brunch / dinner / non-smoking / waiter / buffet / salad

People Who Work in a Restaurant:

The person who serves your food is called a ___________________. The person who
cooks your food is called a ____________________ if it is a cheap restaurant or a
_____________________ if it is an expensive restaurant. If the food and service is
good, people usually leave a __________________.

Meals and the Time of Day:

Most people eat ____________________ after they wake up. Around noon people
have their midday meal, or _____________________. And ___________________ is
the meal that people eat in the evening. However, sometimes, especially on Sunday,
people like to sleep in, so instead of having breakfast, they eat a meal between
breakfast and lunch called ______________________.

Parts of a Meal:
At lunch or dinner sometimes people order a snack before the meal called an
____________________. A __________________ or a ___________________ is often
served alongside the main meal. After dinner, people sometimes eat a

Types of Restaurants:
It’s nice to eat at a ___________________ restaurant, but that can be expensive.
Sometimes, if you are short on time or short on money, you can go to a
______________________ restaurant because the food is cheaper and served faster.
Some restaurants have a ________________________, which means you take a plate
up to a table loaded with food and you can put as much food as you want on your
plate. Other restaurants have a ___________________ where you can get an alcoholic
drink while you are waiting for your table. Most restaurants these days have a
_________________ and a _________________ section.

7. Fill in the missing words to describe food in each of the following cases.

greasy / tender / stodgy / sour / spicy / rare / bitter / ripe / crispy and juicy / off

I'd like my rump steak very _____________, please don’t cook it for more than a few
The apricots were a bit hard yesterday, but now they are just right perfectly –
________________ for making marmalade.
Bring to the boil, reduce heat, cover and simmer until beef is ______________.
Cooking in 1400s used to be very hard to digest. It was very _______________.
Add a lump of sugar, please. This coffee tastes so __________________.
I really like ______________ – the hotter. Just add some more chili powder and
Your chips had too much oil on them. They were too __________________.
Sorry, I don't like this it's like eating a lemon. It tastes so __________________.
The milk went _______________. It was standing in the sun all day.
Sorry about the noise – but there is nothing quite like fresh, _________________
Iettuce on a sandwich.

8. Complete the crossword.

1 A place where people can sit around
1 2 3
and drink alcoholic beverages in a
2 A drink that many people have with
5 6
7 8
3 Something you use to cut meat.
4 Another word for a drink.
6 The noon meal.
11 12
7 Something you might need to get into
a busy restaurant.
13 14
9 Someone who serves you food.
10 The morning meal.
15 16
12 Something, usually sweet, that you
17 18
eat after dinner.
14 The evening meal.
16 The total amount that you have to
pay for a meal.
2 Someone who makes food in a cheap restaurant.
4 A meal between breakfast and lunch.
5 Someone who makes food in an expensive restaurant.
8 This describes what you can eat at a restaurant.
11 Something you eat before the main meal.
12 If everybody pays for their own food then you go __________.
13 A side dish with lettuce and other vegetables.
15 What the cook places your food on.
16 A meal where you help yourself from a table with a variety of dishes.
17 Long, stringy food.
18 Something you give your waiter if the service is good.
9. Who says those expressions?

Are you ready to order? __ Would you like anything to drink? __

Can I have …? __ Anything else? __
Enjoy your meal. __ Can I have the bill, please? __
Yes, of course sir / madam. __ What would you recommend? __
Here you are. __ Could you bring me …? __
Keep the change. __ Can I see the menu, please? __

10.Complete the sentences with appropriate indefinite pronoun.

They own ___________________ (malo) cars.

We only have ____________________ (nekaj) carrots.
I’ve got _______________________ (nekaj) cheese left.
It’s ______________________ (preveč) salt in that dish.
They’ve got ____________________ (veliko) zucchinis.
There is _______________________ (veliko) pepper.
Do you like garlic? _______________ (malo).
He’s got _____________________ (manj) strawberries and ________________ (manj)
jam than I have.
____________________ (večina) people arrived late.
_____________________ (vsi) the classmates started bullying her.
I need _____________________ (drug) knife and ________________ (druge) saucers.
I need _________________ (drugega). I need ___________________ (druge).
This carrot is a thin _______________ (tisti).
Who came here yesterday? Those ________________ (tisti).
________________ (vsak) student gets its own student’s book.
Today he’s got _________________ (manj) umbrellas than yesterday.

11.Complete the sentences with one / ones.

My pullover is old. I want a new _______.

This dress is expensive. I want a cheap _______.
I like Italian shoes, I don't like German _______.
Don't open this window. Open that _______.
I'd like the expensive flowers; I don't want the cheap _______.
Give me the black grapes; don't give me the green _______.
I'd like white trainers, not black _______.
Take a big bottle; don't take a small _______.
I like the blue trainers but I don't like the red _______.
This cup is dirty. I want a clean _______.
Which tracksuit do you like? – I like this _______.
Don't buy the long skirt, buy the short _______.
12.Fill in the correct word.