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Summary for Engineering Professionals and Fight Against Corruption

Integrity is defined as the quality of being honest and having strong moral principle that
refuse to change or moral uprightness. Corruption is any gratification, submission of false claims
and abuse power that induces a person to influence the person’s decision making.

According to Mr. Nur Azlan Shah bin Ahmad Shah from Sustainable Energy
Development Authority (SEDA), there are four keywords to define a person who has integrity
which are perfection, honesty, sincerity and lastly integrity. There are several characteristics of a
person who has integrity. First, person need to be trustworthy and reliable so that they can keep
secret and will do their work with determination besides they will appreciate their team member.
Next, person need to be accountable so that they will not simply blame others in a situation.
Third, person need to be humble and genuine as this characteristic is included to be an integrity
person. Lastly, person need to be kindhearted and will be happy when other people happy. Mr.
Azlan also talks about bribe and corruption by sharing that all people should fight against
corruption by having right knowledge.

For second slot, the talk is presented by Mr. Muhd. Husney bin Hj. Hamzah from
Malaysian Institute of Integrity. He also talks about integrity and corruption. He presented about
Integrity National Plan which been launched in 2004. The objectives of this programs are to give
right path and guidance, to enhance awareness, commitment and cooperation between each
other, to encourage responsibility in life, to enhance the morality and competitive in each other.
A country without corruption can enhance the economy and development of country. Besides, a
country without corruption can increase the dignity and will be a good example to other country.

For the last slot, a representative from SPRM, Mr. Ahmad Nuri bin Musa gives detailed
information about corruption. There are many symptoms of corruption such as abnormal lavish
lifestyle, failure to declare income and assets, living beyond means, refusal of promotion or
transfer, unsusual close relationship with clients and many more. Corruption occurs due to lack
of accountability and integrity besides monopoly of businesses and jobs. Some people also weak
in internal controls and organizational leadership so this causes them to accept bribe. Financial
problem and salary disparity or they are not promoted although they have been worked for years
also one of the causes of corruption.
People who imply the corruption will be panalized with imprisonment of 20 years
maximum and fine not less than five times the value of bribe or minimum RM 10,000(whichever
is higher). However, people who imply corruption do not know that there are many effects of
corruption occur in several aspects. First, the effect on individual and family is loss of dignity,
reputation and trust. Some people will cut their ties with the family member and job
opportunities also will be affected. Second, in economy aspects, the reduction in foreign
investment will occur thus it will contribute to inflation and leakage in government revenue.
Lastly, it will also affect the organization because they will reduce the level of public trust and
confidence. They will also being blacklist and loss of income and business opportunity.

In conclusion, integrity is a very important value that all people need to have and practice
in daily life. This is because this value will prevent us from contributed with corruptions as
corruption gives lots of negative effects for everyone. There is a proverb that says, ‘do not dig
your grave with your own knife and fork’ because we better prevent the corruption from occurs
or we will regret it later.` ```````````````````