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ASME Human Powered Vehicle Challenge India 2015 at DTU

New Delhi, January 21, 2015

Delhi Technological University continues its streak of excellence in technological endeavors by

organizing the ASME-Human Powered Vehicle Challenge India-2015. Like every successful
technical society, American Society for Mechanical Engineers aspires for multi-faceted
development transcending beyond academic excellence. Keeping this as the central motive,
ASME organized a national level competition in collaboration with Delhi Technological
University as hosts starting from 16th January. After three days of unparalleled success, the
event concluded on 18th January, 2015.

Top engineering students from across India rolled out new concept designs in pedal powered
transportation. The highlight for the competition was the Endurance Event which required teams
to cover as many laps as possible within a time frame of 2 hours.

With 55 teams competing from colleges across India including the IIT's, NIT's in this year's
competition, the race to the top of the podium enthralled everyone. Right before the kick-off, the
adrenaline rush in the atmosphere was evident. The nail biting tension of the participants was
contagious as it brushed off to the spectators putting them in absolute frenzy. The race was
flagged off by Chief Judge Mr. Nathan Taylor amid clamorous cheers. The track was customized
with obstacles to test the vehicles' maneuverability, practicality and design efficiency. The teams
successfully demonstrated that classroom engineering theory and design can be realized into
actual concept and fabrication. During the event, the judges also complimented on some of the
outstanding vehicles made by the numerous teams.

The linchpins of the whole extravaganza were four final year students from DTU organizing
team-Satyam Taneja, Shubham, Manish Lohan and Sidharth Wali, whose unwavering resolve
helped to imbibe new outlook for Human-Powered Vehicle among the engineering community.
Their spirit has also grabbed DTU the ASME Outstanding Student Section International Award.

It is a symbol of DTU's technical strength that a team by 3rd year students of DTU became the
overall winners of the 2015 HPVC India with by ranking 1st, 5th and 3rd in Design, Drag and
Endurance event respectively. The vehicle developed by the DTU team was able to achieve a top
speed of 60km/hr based solely on human power.

With the superlative response to the event in DTU, ASME-HPVC has established itself as
indubitably one of the most eye-catching human powered vehicle competitions worldwide. Delhi
Technological University students continue to shine the University name by demonstrating both
technical and managerial adroitness having both in organized and won such a prestigious