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Interacting with others effectively.

This has much more to know socially related. Knowing how to relate to others is a necessary
skill for anything.

When we studied the race we were the typical people who came to the classes very
infrequently but they had an excellent gift of people that they used to get afterwards or they
said they lacked something. Interestingly, these people got a better job than many other
people who came to the class but did not have much social intelligence.

Watch your health.

Exercise, eat and sleep well.

The better you treat your body, the better you will feel and the better results you will have in
any area of life. Successful people have time to prepare healthy meals and exercise at least 30
minutes a day.

Not having time to exercise or eat healthy is silly. If you have time to watch TV or check
Facebook, you also have time to take care of your body.

Do not get discouraged with failures.

Failures are inevitable in life. I do not know anyone who has not had any failure in any area of
his life. The difference between successful people and the rest is in how they face such
failures. If you use your failures as an opportunity to improve and resume your activities with
more spirit, you will have assured success in what you are doing.