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Cat Machine Security System

An Equipment Theft Deterrent System Caterpillar. The difference counts.™

Stolen equipment is lost productivity. Protect it against theft by installing the
Cat Machine Security System. Cat Dealers define world-class product
Other systems promote the ability to track stolen equipment, but that doesn’t support. We offer you the right parts
prevent thievery and the subsequent production loss. Don’t waste your time and service solutions, when and where
recovering equipment. Stop machine theft upfront with Machine Security you need them.
The Cat system protects nearly all brands of equipment, regardless of time or The Cat Dealer network of highly
location. It guards against theft by disabling a machine’s starting system. trained experts keeps your entire fleet
Thieves cannot bypass the starting system because Machine Security System is up and running to maximize your
integrated into the electronics. Only a key with your unique code can start the equipment investments.

Protecting Your Investment

• Deters theft
• Easily installed on Cat and other brands of equipment
• Cat designed and integrated into the electronic system
• Potential insurance savings due to increased machine security
Machine Security System
The Key to Theft Deterrence

• Equipment can be started using only the

Machine Security System key with its
unique identification number
• The security keys are either yellow or gray,
while standard keys are black
• This Cat theft deterrent system can be
programmed so one key can operate any
machine in your fleet
• A machine can be programmed to accept
up to 255 unique security keys

How the System Works • Factory available for many models
Each Machine Security System key contains a unique identification number. The
• Can be field installed on Cat machines and
machine electronic control module checks the key being inserted against a
other brands of equipment
pre-approved list of keys you have authorized. If the key is on the list, the
machine will start. • Works on both 12- and 24-volt systems
This method is superior to much simpler add-on theft deterrent devices. It’s
sophisticated design is integrated into the electronics of the machine, making it Pocket Tec™
virtually impossible to defeat. You can control which keys start a machine
by using Cat Pocket Tec and Palm PDA.
Pocket Tec is available through our parts
department. We recommend using the
Controlling Machine Access PALM Tungsten T3 PDA (purchased
separately) with Cat Pocket Tec. Working
Machine Security System has programmable features to allow you to manage
together, they allow you to add, delete or
access to your machines. change which keys control access, and
• Limits operators to selected machines change which days or hours the machine
may be started.
• Controls the days and hours equipment may be started, which guards against
unauthorized ‘weekend use’ of equipment
• Controls access by untrained operators or unauthorized personnel, reducing
injury risk
• Programmable for active and inactive periods, such as disarming the system
during regular work hours when a standard key can be used and then reverting Please call or stop by to learn more about
to a security key after hours the Machine Security System.

• Programmable so a key will expire on a certain date and will no longer start
the machine

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