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HYBEX boilers

Bubbling Fluidized Bed (BFB) technology for greener environment

The new HYBEX boiler at the Gainesville Renewable Energy Center is the world’s largest biomass fired BFB. Wood chips, bark, sawdust, sod peat, milled peat, agro fuels, sugar cane bagasse Hydro Beam floor with primary air nozzles.

Maximize your plant’s availability

with minimum environmental impact Why HYBEX boiler?
Hydro Beam floor detail.

The straightforward design and proven technology of Valmet HYBEX boilers keep unplanned Local fuel cocktail Air nozzles Wide fuel flexibility
shutdowns and repair costs to a minimum in industries where continuous operation is essential. – expand the range of • From biomass to sludge
A patented Hydro Beam floor is developed to counter challenges caused by increasingly fuels burned in your plant and recovered fuel
demanding fuels. High flexibility with regard to fuel types ensures efficient combustion results The HYBEX boilers are suitable for a
– with low NOx and CO2 emissions. wide range of fuels with varying heat- High reliability
ing value and moisture content, such • Proven design
as bark, wood chips, sawdust, forest • Patented Hydro Beam floor
BFB technology enables a residue, peat, rice husk, recovered
fuel, de-inking and water treatment
combustion efficiency of High efficiency
sludge, and many other recycled
over 99% products. • Combustion efficiency over 99%
All the available heat in the fuel can Water cooled tubes Fluidizing air plenum • Typical boiler efficiency around
be utilized to maintain the combus- 90%
tion temperature. The sand remains
Combustion of volatiles
as a one-meter deep bubbling layer and fine particles
on the bottom of the furnace. The hot Low emissions
sand effectively dries and volatilizes Overfire air • Low NOx by air staging
the fuel and the volatilized gases and • Low CO2 by good air mixing
fine fuel particles are then combusted Fuel feeding
above the bed by secondary air. The Technical data
residual char and larger fuel particles Drying and volatalisation
• Thermal capacity from 10 to 300
are combusted inside the sand bed.
Combustion of large particles
With our HYBEX boilers you can
achieve a combustion efficiency of
over 99%. Excess air is very low, with Hydro Beam floor

a dry flue gas oxygen level below 4%. Did you know that Valmet
The boiler efficiency depends on the has delivered more than
fuel properties but is typically around Removal of coarse material 195 HYBEX boilers and BFB
90%. conversions since 1979?

BFB boiler deliveries up to 300 MWth.

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