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Power Electronics +Drives Dr.

Mohammed Tawfeeq
Tutorial Sheet No.2

Uncontrolled Rectifications
1 -An ideal single-phase source, 240 V, 60 Hz, supplies power to a load resistor R =
100 Ω via a single ideal diode. Calculate the average and rms values of the current
and the power dissipation. What must be the rating of the diode? Calculate the circuit
power factor.

[Ans: 1.08A, 1.7A, 289W, PF=0.707]

2. For the circuit shown in Fig.1 , find the current I for the conduction interval ωt = 0
to ωt = β. Assume R = ωL. Calculate the angle corresponding to the peak value of the
current and also the extinction angle β. Explain why the conduction period is greater
than π .

[ Ans: 130.9 º ; β = 225.8 º ]


vs=Vm sin? t

3. A circuit is connected as shown in Fig.2 to a 240 V, 50Hz supply. Neglect the

diode voltage drop; determine the current waveform, the average load voltage and the
average load current of (a) a pure resistor of 10 ohms, (b) an inductance of 0.1 H in
series with a 10 ohms resistor. Assume the extinction angle β = 265 º.

[ Ans: Vdc = 108 V, Idc = 10.8A ,(b) Vdc = 58.8V , Idc =5.88A]


Fig.2 240V

4. A single-phase full-wave uncontrolled bridge rectifier is supplying a highly
inductive load (L/R ratio is very large), the load current is assumed to be smooth and
ripple –free. If the supply voltage is 220V, 50Hz, and the inductor load resistance
R=22 Ω, Calculate:
(a)The average output voltage Vdc and current Idc.
(b) The rms value of the output voltage Vorms and current Iorms .
(c) The rms value of the diode current IDrms and the PRV of each diode.

5. Repeat problem (5) with Bi-phase rectifier type and compare your results.

6. Power is supplied to a load resistor R from a three-phase, zero-impedance supply of

balanced sinusoidal voltages, using the half-wave bridge circuit of Figure 3. The three
diodes may be considered as ideal switches.
(a) Sketch the phase current waveform ia (ωt) in phase “a” with respect to the phase
voltage van(ωt)= Vm Sinωt
(b) Calculate the r.m.s. value I a of the phase current, compared with the value for
sinusoidal operation.
(c) Show that the average value of the load current is


Sketch the load current waveform and specify, by observation, the lowest ripple


7. A 3-phase, full-wave uncontrolled bridge rectifier contains six ideal diodes and is
fed from an ideal 3-phase voltage source of 240V, 50Hz. The load is resistive with
R=10 Ω. Calculate the average load voltage and the power dissipation. Also calculate
the required voltage and current ratings of the diodes.

[Ans: Vdc = 324V, Pdc = 10.497kW, IDrms = 18.7A, VD =339.4V]