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Power Electronics Dr.

Mohammed Tawfeeq
Tutorial sheet No.6

1. A class-A transistor chopper circuit shown in Fig.1 supplied with power from an
ideal battery of terminal voltage 120 V .The load voltage waveforms consists of
rectangular pulses of duration 1 ms in an overall cycle of 3 ms.
(a) Sketch the waveforms of vL and iL.
(b) Calculate the duty cycle γ,
(c) Calculate the average and r.m.s. values of the load voltage.
(d) Find the average value of the load current if R = 10 ohms.
(e) Calculate the input power and the ripple factor RF.


2. A class-A DC chopper shown in Fig.2 is operating at a frequency of 2kHz

from 96V DC source to supply a load of resistance 8 ohms . The load time
constant is 6 ms. If the mean load voltage is 57.6 V, find duty cycle (mark to
space ratio), the mean load current, and the magnitude of the current ripple.
Derive any formula used.


vo Load
Fig.2 Dfw

[Ans: γ =0.6 , Iav =7.2, Δ I = 0.24 A ]

3. A DC Buck converter (class-A chopper) supplies power to a load having 6
ohms resistance and 20 mH inductance. The source voltage is 100V d.c. and the
output load voltage is 60V. If the ON time is 1.5 ms, find:

(a) Chopper switching frequency.

(b) Imax and Imin (I2 and I1).
(c) The average diode current.
(d) The average input current.
(e) Peak- to- peak ripple current.


vo Load

[Ans: fc = 40Hz , Imax = 1.5A,Imin =8.5A, Iav(D) = Iav= 10A , ΔI= 3A]

4. In a class-A chopper circuit an ideal battery of terminal voltage 100V supplies a

series load of resistance 0.5 Ohms and inductance of 1.0 mH . The thyristor is
switched on for 1 ms in an overall period of 3 ms. Calculate the average values of
the load voltage and current and the power taken from the battery. Assuming
continuous current conduction .Also calculates the r.m.s value of the load current
taking the firs two harmonics of the Fourier series.

[Ans: Vav = 33.3V , Iav = 66.7A, Pin= 2223W , ILr.m.s = 69.1A]

5. In a class-A chopper circuit an ideal battery of terminal voltage 100V supplies a

series load of resistance 10 Ohms. The chopping frequency is f =1 kHz and the duty
cycle is set to be 0.5 .Determine:
(a) The average output voltage.
(b) The rms output voltage.
(c) The chopper efficiency.
(d) The ripple factor.
(e) The fundamental component of output harmonic voltage.

[As: Va=110V, VLr.m.s = 155.56V, ή=100%,RF=1.0, VL1 r.m.s =99V]

6. In the chopper circuit sown in Fig.1 (problem 1) Vi = 220V, L = 1.5 mH , R = 0.5
ohm and it operating with T = 3 ms and ton = 1.5 ms.
(a) Determine the minimum, maximum and average values of load current.
(b) Express the load current variation in terms of ON and OFF periods.
[ Ans: (a) Imin = 165A,Imax=275A, i1= 165+36660 t , i2 =165-36660t ]

7. A separately excited d.c. motor with Ra = 1.2 ohms and La = 30 mH , is to be

controlled using class-A transistor chopper .The d.c. supply is 120V .
(a) It is required to draw the speed torque characteristics for the motor when the
duty cycle γ = 1. The motor design constant KeΦ has a value of 0.042 V/rpm.
(b) Find the speed of the motor n (rpm) when a torque of 8 Nm is applied on the
motor shaft and the duty cycle γ = 0.5.
[ Ans : n = 857 rpm ]