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Erin Furze

New School Leader Entry Plan

The purpose of this entry plan is to identify my goals as a new school leader and
target specific ways in which I can achieve those goals. As a new school leader I anticipate
to come across many challenges as I learn to balance all the responsibilities of the job. This
plan of work will keep me focused during the times of stress and remind me of my goals as
I prioritize my tasks on a daily basis.

August Goals:
 Form positive relationships with the schools stakeholders, including staff, students,
parents, and community supporters.
 Learn about the schools strengths and opportunities of growth in an effort of
developing a growth mindset.

Weekly timeline:

Week One  Write and distribute a letter to the staff introducing myself
and who I am as a leader.
 Call and meet with the teacher leaders
 Call and meet with the secretaries to learn about them and
hear from them any insights they have to offer
 Complete a walk through of the building with the head
custodian to learn more about the building
Week Two  Call and introduce myself to staff
 Organize a staff meeting to meet everyone in person and get
their insights as to the schools current strengths, weaknesses,
and learn about there needs.
 Begin to collect data on student demographics and student
 Send out an introductory letter to the students and their
families introducing myself.
Week Three  Establish goals and projects for the school year
 Continue to meet with staff and build relationships with them.
Determine how each staff member contributes to the team
and figure out how to support each of them
 Review school policies and put together schedules and
information for emergency drills and student health and
 Meet with the PTA and Board members
Week Four  Host an Open House for staff, parents, and students
 Finalize schedule and systems for day-to-day school
 Plan opening assembly for the school year
 Check in with staff regularly to see if they are feeling
Erin Furze

September Goals:

 Plan high quality professional development activities to address the areas of growth
 Build a collaborative team of individuals who are work together to achieve common

Weekly Timeline:

Week One  Review previous professional development topics

 Review collected data and meet with the teacher leaders
to review the school data as well
 Create an initial professional development plan based on
research and conversations with teacher leaders.
 Create a plan that can be used to monitor the effectiveness
of the professional development opportunities
 Develop/maintain a mentor system for new teachers
Week Two  Remain visible, get into classrooms, give teacher informal
 Set up a schedule for formal teacher observations
 Monitor school operations and note observations and
potential areas of growth
 Check in with support staff to see how they are doing and
if they need anything
Week Three  Meet with all of the new teachers at the school and
mentors to collect goals for the year
 Distribute a survey to get a sense of the schools current
building culture
 Hold an all staff meeting to review daily school operations
and to create a school staff charter
Week Four  Compose and send a school newsletter showcasing the
beginning of the school year
 Report to the Superintendent, Board, and PTA on the
school opening
 Continue to develop positive relationships with the
Erin Furze

October Goals:

 Understand the barriers and opportunities in place to support scholar safety, social
and emotional well-being and academic excellence.
 Continue to develop a positive school culture of support and learning

Weekly Timeline:

Week One  Review students in need of services

 Conduct formal teacher evaluations
 Meet with the teacher leaders in regards to social and
emotional learning that takes place in the classrooms
 Review the results of the culture survey that was
Week Two  Hold a monthly all staff meeting to review culture survey
findings and review the schools learning targets and goals
for the year
 Meet with the special education team to hear from them
what they believe are strengths and areas of growth
 Remain visible to student and staff. Have an open door
policy for students, staff, and parents
Week Three  Remain visible throughout the day, especially for arrival,
lunch, and dismissal.
 Be present at IEP meetings
 Develop a plan to target growth in areas identified by the
special education team
Week Four  Continue to conduct formal teacher observations
 Schedule meetings with teachers to discuss observations
 Visit classrooms to look at the overall appearance of the
room and to see if teacher are implementing the
curriculum with fidelity