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Road Safety Audit

Laon Laan Street (KM 3+887 to KM 5+365)

Arasula, Rhonor Rae V.

Baquiran, Laurence G.

Hermida, Alexandra Joan L.

Lopez, John Victor A.

Masigan, Oliver Jew III G.

Quindoza, Alexandra Nicole S.

I. Road Details

Road Name Laon Laan Street

Classification Tertiary

Two-way (KM 3+887 to KM 4+237)

Flow of Traffic
One-way (KM 4+237 to KM 5+365)

3 lanes (KM 3+887 to KM 4+237)

Number of Lanes
4 lanes

Length 1478 meters

II. Vicinity Map

III. Audit Observations

Audit Findings Recommendation Ranking

1. Obstructions a. LGUs should provide proper

1.1. Objects Occupying solid waste disposal/collection

Sidewalk Space areas which will not obstruct

Waste disposal areas, the RROW, inclusive of the

makeshift stalls, parked sidewalks.

cars, and storage areas for b. Stalls should be relocated to

commercial installments proper commercial

have partially/completely establishments.

occupied segments of the c. Items idle to the surroundings

sidewalks, along with partial should be relocated to their

obstruction of the road itself. respective owners and be

stored in their own storage

areas neither obstructing the

sidewalk nor the road.

d. Addition and proper

enforcement of No Parking

signs and areas should be

2. Signages a. Street name signs blocked by

2.1. Overlapping Signs posts can be reintegrated to

Multiple signs have been the said posts to provide

found to overlap with space and visibility for

various obstacles like lamp motorists.

posts, electric posts, b. Advertising material blocking

advertising material, trees, signages should be removed

or with other signages. and/or returned to their

owners for relocation.

c. Signs should be spaced a

distance from each other

while still visible for motorists

before reaching the hazard.

2.2. Faded Lettering on a. For signs with have been

Signs coated with particulates and

Various guide and street vandalized signs with spray

name signs have their paint and/or adhesives, a

letters faded, coated with thorough cleansing of the sign

thick particulate with pressurized water can be

smoke/dust, or have been advised.

vandalized by people. b. Signs with letters missing and

cannot be cleaned should be

overhauled and replaced if

2.3. Damaged/Missing Replace these signages.


Some signs have been

damaged, misused, or have

been missing from their

respective posts.

2.4. Lack of Warning a. Place Yield signs on the

Signs roads intersecting with the

Multiple barangay roads main roads.

merge into these roads b. Place Intersection signs

without proper warning before approaching the said

signs. intersection between roads.

3. Pavement Markings Repaint ped xing lines. Add if

3.1. Faded/Missing necessary.


Crossing Lines

Most pedestrian crossings

on these road have faded


Other pedestrian crossings

only have painted lines on

one side of the road.

3.2. Faded Lane Repaint lane markings.

Multiple broken white lines

or edge lines have faded

due to frequent passage of

heavy vehicles and public

utility vehicles.

3.3. Lack of Intersection Apply yellow boxes at

Lines (Yellow intersections with notable

Boxes) traffic flow.

Multiple roads intersect with

the main road and there are

no traffic control devices.

Congestion of traffic flow on

the main road must not

obstruct the flow on these

minor roads.

4. Pavement & Shoulder Install accessibility ramps to

4.1. Lack of PWD each corner of a block.



(PWDs) have little to no

access on the sidewalks

due to the lack of curb

4.2. Substandard Remodel ramps according to

Accessibility standards and specifications.


Various ramps have been

found to be too steep for


4.3. Drainage Reconstruct the curbs to a

Some parts of the road slope such that the flow will

have flowing channels of go to the drainage.

water with passing vehicles.

Slippage of loss of control of

vehicles may occur.

5. Vegetation Control Trim said foliage to a length

5.1. Obstruction of necessary for the signs to be

Foliage to Visibility visible.

of Signages

Some signages along the

road have been blocked by

plants or hanging branches.

5.2. Obstruction of Tree Trim the tree branches to a

Branches to the considerable length to avoid

Roadway overhangs on the roadway

High vehicles have the area.

tendency to collide with the

overhanging braches

causing minor accidents.

IV. Project Costing

Description Unit Cost Quantity Total

Removal of Structure and Obstruction (Concrete) sq.m 245.78

Concrete Pavement (t=300mm) sq.m. 2,887.66

Reflectorized Thermoplastic Pavement Markings sq.m. 1,087.90

Warning Signs each 14,173.35

Street Name Signs each 3,457.66

Regulatory Signs each 14,034.06

Concrete Curb l.m. 1,333.21

Catch Basin each 2,252.78


Description Unit # of Daily Quantity Total

Days Rate

Laborers per day 512.00

Foreman per day 761.00

Road Marking Equipment per day 12,495.32



Figure 2.1.