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Here is how to make 99% pure concentrated sulfuric

acid from an old car battery, or if you have some 30%

or so sulfuric acid you want to concentrate. Put
rubber gloves and eye protection on always when
dealing with acids! And do not work with the acid
inside! Put your safety gear on, now take an old car
battery and drain the acid into glass jars(with plastic
lids) or an acid rated container. There is
approximately 1.5liters of 30% sulfuric acid in a car
battery! Now you have some 30% sulfuric to
concentrate =) Materials: 125ml conical flask
(Borosilicate or Pyrex) Battery acid or 30% Sulfuric
acid Portable gas stove, hot plate etc as a heat
source Put your safety gear on. Place 90ml of
sulfuric acid into the flask, and then place on the heat
source on a very hot setting as sulfuric boils at a high
temperature. After a while it will start boiling and
making water vapour come out the flask. It is now
slowly becoming more and more concentrated as it
boils the water out of the sulfuric. When it has boiled
down to the 30ml mark it is now very close to being
pure sulfuric acid. You will know when you have
concentrated sulfuric acid is when white smoke of
sulfuric acid vapours starts coming out the flask. The
white vapours look like smoke not water vapour. You
would almost think that you had lit something on fire.
Whatever you do-DO NOT BREATH IN THESE
VAPOURS- they are highly dangerous!!! And now all
you have to do is take the flask off the heat(be careful
with the flask as it will be very hot) and pour the acid
into an air tight, acid proof container. If the container
cant take heat let the acid cool down in the flask first
before you put it into the container. A simple test is
to put a few drops of the concentrated sulfuric on to a
paper towel. Where the acid has been absorbed will
soon go black and go all mushy!