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The Tryst of Thetica Zorg

Volume II: The Posthuman Series

Daniel Y. Harris

Buffalo, New York
The Tryst of Thetica Zorg
Volume II: The Posthuman Series
by Daniel Y. Harris
Copyright © 2018

Published by BlazeVOX [books]

All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced without

the publisher’s written permission, except for brief quotations in reviews.

Printed in the United States of America

Interior design and typesetting by Geoffrey Gatza

Cover Art: The Tryst of Thetica Zorg
Digital Bricolage
Artwork Copyright © Daniel Y. Harris, 2018

First Edition
ISBN: 978-1-60964-319-5
Library of Congress Control Number: 2018946959

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Daniel Y. Harris and the Language of Postdata
> by J. Mulcahy-King

Daniel Y. Harris is a white hat hacking to reset normative aphasia-à-á-â-ā in a Postinternet

era+#define Y/Z_A_TOMIC_ADD(ptr,i) O__sync_fetch_and_add((ptr),i) of literary
experimentalism where image, fragment and narrative are all but dead, where Google’s
neural-network is capable of translating a symbol as infecund as a two character Thai
sequence into a hyperlink as linguistically innovative as the Derridean lexicon and an AI
algorithm constructing a CGI with an fMRI scan/ Harris invents the new narrative
hexDump(“TELOUT”, buffer, len) using the language of postdata. While there are those
concretists, flarfists, hypertexters or otherwise, who try to visualize and articulate the
resonance and growing relevance of the algorithmic through a kind of “grid matrix
obfuscation,” Daniel Y. Harris’ The Tryst of Thetica Zorg, Volume II of his posthuman series,
continues to augment the current as a posthuman, syzygistic Paul Celan of Malware
resurrecting these pillars into aphasic corpses flouncing amid a bricolage of rapid-fire “hyper”
juxtaposition, over-narration, trace elements of surplus data and hack-code hybrids, seizing
kinetics, printf(“[scanner] Failed to initialize raw socket, cannot scan\n”); char *pkt =
pkts[i];greh->protocol=htons (P_ROTO_GRE_TRA_NS_ETH); // Protocol is 2 bytes,
aesthetes and morphemes, traversing linguistics and informatics. In doing so, Harris’ is a
malware maelstrom of over-competing algorithms and agons siphoned from Shakespeare,
Joyce, Pound, Prynne, Goldsmith and Bök to DDoS and Miraibots, as was witnessed in
Volume I of his posthuman series, The Rapture of Eddy Daemon and is carried forth in the
volumetrics of the exergues in the hinternet world of The Tryst of Thetica Zorg.

= Hermeneutics (Hermes)&Deconstuction (Exergue)

// Actually connect, nonblocking
connect(fd, (struct sockaddr *)&addr, sizeof (struct sockaddr_in));
start_recv = time(NULL);

// Get info
while (TRUE)

Harris defies the flarfist/conceptualist/ concretist mantra that poetry is fifty years behind
painting (Gysin, 1959), accelerating past the mark-making of post-conceptual minimalism,
giving us an alternate set of instructions on how to negotiate a world of surplus data by
hybridizing and reacquainting us with (revised) narrative form. A former student of the
French Hermeneutist Paul Ricœur at the Divinity School at The University of Chicago,

Harris’ new, Postdata narrative is informed by a hermeneutics of suspicion, where the aporia
at the center of a plurivocity, is part totum simul and part anagnorisis—of reading texts
against the grain and between the lines, of cataloging their omissions and laying bare their
contradictions, of rubbing in what they fail to know and cannot represent. As such, the
Narrative construct is the “Source-point”, a springing up/ sinking back, a tunneling beneath
the transcendent object, to a “tempo-object”, tcph->dest = htons(2323); dont_frag=
attack_get_opt_int(opts_len,iph->protocol= IPPROTO_TCP; opts, ATK_OPT_IP_DF,
TRUE); where all “consciousness of . . .” is a “moment of the flux” beyond a mere shift in
vocabulary—as reproductive AI consciousness. re. Gysin’s claim and poetry: Harris’
Zorg might be read as a literary counterpart to the tableaus, installations and collages of Jon
Rafman, the dizzying portraits of Jeremy Bailey, the algorithm paintings of Kenji Siratori, the
videography of Ryan Trecartin, or the contra-internet CGI aesthetic of Zach Blas.

Embodied by a syntactical use of source code akin to Neolithic stick-gathering, Harris

bypasses previous attempts of algorithm/ text hybrids (Oulipo, Fluxus, TRG), as well as an
imagistic pallet that is more “pornographic pixel decay” than Poundian, this new narrative
subverts the impulses that catalyzed the disseminatory forces of language in the first place__
overreliance on myth and instruction. In doing so, Harris reminds us that digital cultures are
not always the slick, wipable artifices they often appear, and by documenting the indelible
trace they leave on culture and language, the objet trouvé/post-human code is a reminder
that human society has undergone an irreversible hybridization with technology and it
should show in our literary practices.

#include <rhizome.h>
#include <postdata.h>
#include <panopticon.h>
#include <bitrot>
#include <amorphous>
#include <botnet/ip.h>
#include <frag/ip.h>
#include <hermes/ip.h>
#include <exergue/ip.h>
#include <.h><hyper-eroticx>
uint32_t = 0;

The Tryst of Thetica Zorg
Volume II: The Posthuman Series
Exergue I

Godbot Thetica Zorg fingers trillian with dark matter,

echo ipconfig/release_all>>c:windowswimn32.bat viruses guts
error reports in backup patches. Agonic dystocia rub infix
urethras with doom primes and algoritmi de numero indorum,
rouse manusturpare ICE v3s infecting l’appel du vide.
The Imps are born by remote homo ludens and CνB decoupled
in redshifts, tugged by mashup deities or stellae. From a bezier
curve, captured nodes in illo tempore and omega centauri, .vbs
files are cast as WIN-BUGS FIX.EXE in thresh interfaces.
Thetica twists Roman pewter nails with gnarled iron
and crucifies an alphanumeric Imp luring Khôra Samsa’s
unkalified muzzlenimiissilehims that would blackguardise
the whitestone. Получение пополнений баланса SPO_G
T_APK_LANCE_RESUL, she livars, Tyro, Alcmene,
freer now, ascending e i cavalieri, on phonemes. Occultic
kelim cwre÷w: choœreoœ, choœroœ, accented with silicone
caulk, are hacking stealths. Creatio ex deo is a osier
code. Zakhor, in its dactyls as parallax errors, flogs malware
with click fraud, hacking The Western Canon. Autopsy bots
spline the mūmiya in our deus ex machina posts, exLUHN
Gonzago’s Murder. Their vulva’s slit, emboss for idouble
clotures, this χώρα, 48e4’s triton genos as subjectile
or hiccubat edilis. Is tout autre, not a haecceitas that gewgaws
jollified, es gibt, X509v3 extensions. Vault7 series, sha1With
RSAEncryption. Run Angelfire implants, then Actæon, font
fatalist, is l’invention de l’autre, counts as phylactery.
Thetica’s sundyechosies is frenular delta, burns heterocosms.

Exergue II

Hacktivists use Ogg Vorbis with falbalas as FTPs,

wearing Guy Fawkes masks at the Musée des miniatures
et décors de cinéma. Norsefire is picked for the impostume
they stock in the Gunpowder Plot. Quiese these throbs?
The tryst legitimates itself by contemptus historia
and undercrofts beneath the Imps. Risqué errata include
peripeteia, Socket = socket(AF_INET, SOCK_STREAM,
IPPROTO_TCP) and retrogradatio cruciata. Critics recede
with a cistercian pallor. Neolibs and altrights take selfies,
bodyshame Gregor, trolling his sophistry. Arachnophiliacs,
a.k.a. Dark Dante and a.k.a. cOmrade toss DDOS API Script
PHP with pastebins. Ostranenie tactics, shy just six
degrees, are allotelic. Gregor’s Die Verwandlung uploads
a sauvage ungeziefer symbol rate ≤ gross bit as our Nyquist
mise-en-scene or do pushed pins pullulate, valued
at 12.5 bitcoins per block? Ijrwifowfe/asdfg.sparseimg_opens
jubilatory, cranic head in cantilene as guardrail DLC 227/O
C 158, fixes communicative acts. Cgi/agnt.c HTTP
S CGI LP influencers pose as kleptocratic mistkäfers, accuse
plugins from piebald fiscs unkeyed. Gregor MASTurbates
the carbuncle fairy, humanreadable receipt (SE_CR_ET///
NOFORN). White harse, the Cokenhape, dead tissue, pus
and garnet tiara launch a zero-day attack. Halt, mummify
l’engagement amoureu enforces singleton. Noh play?
A genius loci, shite, Waki’s a fucktard, lips
on twastika, dasein or fürsorge, cryptovariable generation
using PolarSSL’s. Ichthyophagi poke Khidr’s rapey gout.

Exergue III

Khôra saunters in browser tabs, thotcrated, 2-byte

big-endian integer buffering catamnesis and the rarest-veinèd
unraveller. Puerility’s a bitch, lifts lacunas, not ennui as trivium
mode. Get a highpass switch debouncers who tweet
divinatio. There’s a timestamp value, 666 GHz bandwidth.
Search rootkit for strncpy(Aa stegomalware and eruditio myths.
Khôra’s clichés are neutrinos with a thermal source
3/2 kTν, fall below mνc2, at our expiry. No plunderphonia yet,
nor relay outputs or low-loss mating. Void Bomb(){HWND
hwnd; char Notepad[MAX_PATH]=”notepad.exe.”
Converters overflow. Per fare una leggiadra sua Ven(d)etta.
We accrue archontic power, refusing the secernere. High five
αἰτία, aitia, “cause”; and -λογία, -logia. Etiology chafes
against the motherboard’s diphthong grit. This principia
garbles her x-hypostases. She overhears Gregor miming
Linnaeus’ botanical taxonomy, eats the Opticks. A cappella
or shiva red? Donna Mi Prega, Khôra. Our loci is the foci,
jocose. Yours, scourges over Albion. Leaks, when we vaunt,
keep the seal. Collide Automated Implant Command.
Gambariste della porca from a divot in a sod, Denial Aisle, 707.
The Imps exact mercy. Phynance produces pschitt over clay
stoups. Quoting the Fors Clavigera, Mr. Rhadamanthus
is the rewarder, Gregor imposter and Pemulis' neurasthenic
stomach. Khorismos’ O.N.A.N.ite Anschluss fondles codices,
prised up, malachite gone transparent with mock gravity.
Cogito me cogitare, more condign than Python modules,
is decapitated by rotorblade, the res extensa, its lipoleum.

Exergue IV

Gregor’s semblants are soiled in bacterium staphylococcus.

Khôra’s Virgine Bella is Skinny Puppy. He trauma unravels
in lithium-7 isotopes, speaks patois, confutes trick as regret,
the last eventide for amphibolies. “The new normal
is a traumwelt,” say anarchists. No, the Imps wear the rosa
sericea: its red spurs blooded with voudon. Objet d’art? Tart,
they cray. Narratives are pap [1822.8884845(14)]−1u[note 1],
ludic praxis or berate them for pride. Tap vertices (u,v)
pair access in a TechnŽ geanian gap. Tohu wa bohu is part cast
and posttruth. Warning, there’s no grimoire left in the Monas
Hieroglyphica. In Koine Greek, good news. Judeity is cloned.
A transom stands bound in syzygy. Cut stub, Don Giovanni!
A cenar teco m’invitasti. Abuse your privacy, your hors-texte
from steampunk escritoires. Khôra excretes her young. Pisgah?’ for E.N.T. oncol 111,
magister in a nexus, the politeia, private hypospace, ton eikoton
mython. Her topos is SODOM. Leave the archive for portacomps,
the fever for autodocs. Install a plot or assassinate Ac Pacis De
Jure Belli drones with provolutionaries? The standalone, postfix
option allows via raptura, ἁρπαγησόμεθα as rapiemur
or pussypussy plunderpussy. Subjekt as subjectum. Gregor
hangs The Canon from meat hooks by piano wire. Just before
subsidization, bröckengespenstphänom, the throw was dreitz
hom, defunct with blubber. Snatched up, he (C2H5CO)2O2,
a nonoriginary given in /var/spool/.emlrcpt, friends
Dropides. Suhditis pivot. From texere, punk the Vexilla Regis.

Exergue V

Symbionts fight the Imps, drill pentapods tapping sheaves,

pix in greige as déconfit, confuting Apache UIMA
with circumfession. Darkland’s disposable Turin Shroud.
Proxy codes stitch up Thetica’s tallit. Entreaties for l’amour
fou get phrenologic boils. Immune loads are at dangerous
levels. Mercenaries back the Imps, catapult past dogma,
past scoriae, past anamnesis, past lowly proles in the Plank
Epoch, ca. oconds (13.799 ± 0.021 Gya), where genius guts
Faustroll’s soupcan vessel. Test Sta*2 for urinary tract disease.
“Taser da muther,” encrypts Khôra, “RFID tags are cheap.”
VIVIsectVI it its own eural jack. Ein mukdam umeuhar
batorah. Gregor resides at 666 Apokálypsis Ioannou, in case
the teraherz scan don’t work. The Samsas are recommitted
in absentia. Hex epochés. Detect cortex bombs with proteomes.
Radicalize a risen Christ. WHKEYBOARD_LL: U
KL 1.0, 2.x, softcore Alexandrian, howitzer muchears, midgers
and the swarthy side. Esse is percipi. Which exergue resembles
a heteroclite archipelago? HRESULT CoCreateInstance
AsAdmin, BIND_OPTS3 bo, just the ones with hemeralopes.
Sell yellowcake uranium. Laus Deo is cribbed from Netflix.
Archemenos implies cry pax, mauved in bloom, during
the Parousia. Lorenzino de’ Medici, pia o empia? Khôra 72-73/0
N 115, CryptBase.dll on Windows_ZERO(&fdset_rd); jingoists
with annular agnation. Surfeit, for sure. Her Solon (= F6), she,
as sublimus in 1 Thessalonians 4:15–17. Suzerain soil, no longer
the zôon politikon, so chaste, aka Madame Psychosis, jigs chits.
Research for Thetica Zorg is funded by Xygene Corp.

Exergue VI

The Imps are chthonic, their laus et vituperatio,

burrs on bones. Gregor is heckled. Terraform blackset
serves as ex vivo implant, coombe and on eolithostroton,
day-labored-at, by biosculpting. Culture cabals
in a collagen tank. Restore neo. Modify glial cells. Improve
the myelin. Reject getopt(argc, argv, “n:c:s:p:”)) != EOF)
as first folio. “These demands are roll botches,” Khôra
says, phishing hail in Jezreel. Gregor’s tongue atrocity
has goo. Extra opposable thumbs with ulnars as radials,
pinch the grip. OHROPAX=vobiscum! Homo Digitalis
brackets analogues. Gregor is diagnosed with praecox,
reified in minor pieties and chasmal prayers.
Apocopated variant: chasma < Latin < Greek, equivalent
cha- (root chaínein; see yawn) + - (a) sma resultative
suffix. Is annulation possible? One’s juvenilia deserves
one enzymic swag. Dark advice, Khôra iwears
a medusa brooch. Mahloket is stolen from their Davos
Party for shits and lulz. The Imps return with hierodule.
Face trappers. No help, just a con. “Perturb entropy” yells
the gourdin, coated in semen. Three escutcheons deescape
supermax. Defrock the literal with roasted egg yolk
and saffron. Gregor gets real-time help from Waze. Khôra
grants plaisir its De Materia Medica. In Zosimos’ alembic,
Am-mit eats the dead. Zygotic ≈14 OO 154 μg/L, 4n diploid.
Return CoGetObject(wszMon, &bo, riid, ppv), I Corinthians
15:51, the fly agaric mushroom, except “eminent” domain.
Salvation is an orgy. Get your pheromone spray.

Exergue VII

Odor receptor genes are codified by Sophia Latrinus.

She disinfects crackers, bluing keygens with nag screens.
Tetrachromacy alters opsins, unboring Ur-Nammu script.
Sophia redacts jargon. Demophily is the one true fiction.
Mr. Razzmatazz, catechetical praxis turns pulpi.
Naphtali sacrifices the heifer Baal. Was it in the primer?
“Sous le pavé, la plage,” says Deputy Kohanim. Catatonia
settles the Greekjew heist. This thing’s manichean
beyond dispute. Sophia sings a sloka. Jacqueries for all.
Duryodhana blows his conchshell. Just dosing yourself
with androstadienone won’t lude your tube. Nanofibre
bundle along peduncles, p64 interface for new
arborisations. Mr. Segundus wants a recall. Rational
thaumaturgy has its châlets de nécessitê. Sophia’s lot,
corpse bride. A new emergency implant is housed
in cisterna magna. We go for blood and cerebrospinal
fluid. Mr. Talthybius and Mr. Eurybates, your Botox
injections are ready. [agobot3-Source.rar]. They arch.
Haec mrgo mortua est etfamiha eius earn ad vitam redire
mil t. Caustic quity removes fatigue toxins. Ctrl+Z/Ctr
l+Y= revenant. Pride in who’s crux? Sophia’s,
on her brocaded throne with nooscopic crown, sifting
biometric data. Tell the field agents that blood dyadic
hierarchies cause a fiat lux ex nihilo. The day Danaos
took Argos, terra nullius shucked its terminus.
HRESULT hr = StringCchPrintfW(wszMon, spent ruck
was a stenographer-cum-jeune-fille-de-Vendredi, O.N.A.N.

Exergue VIII

In Mount Athos sketes, the verbivocovisual’s a pornado.

Stellification is left for theists with subcutaneous battery
packs in their chests. 15 degrees C using micro-Peltier,
leverage a remix. Conflagration dire. Cenobitic pure.
Maximillian Pissante preens his nanocomposite,
honeycomb veneer. Hobohemia’s hot helmet, uncreative
genius lifts the veil off dada décor. The red base escapes
the nobler suffix -oid, oeides like stern, metalloid is neuter
as metallum. Divinity regrams Thetica criticism.
Revision ratios are copyright loopholes. Facts. Outliers.
Spambot Assumptio Mosis wages the last Crypto War
against Maximillian. Scimitars repeat curves. Fascicles
ratify pro domo. We meant listicles in laquearia.
Silver fleck nearby or was it titanium lacing? Nothing
but triumphal identitarians are left. Just beneath skin,
ceramokevlar scales hiss. Rot peeks in brine. Air clots,
toward you. High fives, libra pondos. Hyphae incubate.
Const char c_CDTray[MAX_PATH]={“CD Tray opened.
Closed if not on a laptop.”};. Maximillian invests
in bionic brass knuckles, strikes a #TheticaZorg hashtag.
+1 damage dice on brawl. Maxi ejaculates his fontanel.
Teratism has its rarity. Proprioception signals beam across
pain shunts as schizoid supermen over tetragons. Bo.dwC
lassContext = CLSTX_LOCAL_SERVER, Inno(c)ens
with anaclete play popeye antipop. Tossing Borgia’s
corpse, citizen franc in Matthew 25:31, pricks Dems. Great
convexity, neurochips are the new fetus graffiti’s NfLog.

Exergue IX

Gregor Samsa cums in a vestry for our prostituta

and our hōrōn, derived from root keh₂-,cārus, caritas, hure,
cher, in the argosy, mixes obsequies as chickbait for trolls.
Jötnar from the Skáldskaparmál or the doxbin?
Stay away from arachnophobia. Be mutant lewd, anti.
An electrode mesh in the locus coeruleus pilots bitchslap
on fake conquests. Bodily dysregulation crowd
portlets. The Imps blame hetaerae for demagnetization.
Nullity fits the procrustean. Be anomies. Does firmware
have a cutoff? Mark architraves with Lunacy Act 1845,
(8 & 9 Vict., c. 100). Only a 5% chance that locus coeruleus
will be damaged. Faux sunyata is all the rage. “Shredders
for capos,” says Gregor, redacting a carceral jeux.
Upkeep is gobbledygook. Best for reupgrade bodychem
sensors. Dermacomps are free. No vein seeds for Onan.
Not Tiberian Ônān in levirate decline. Yibbum favors
halizah, but Onan has rebits, cuckholds and FLÜGGÅ
ӘNKб€ČHIŒßØLĮÊN. Grayware is shot thru a phylum.
Armatures unravel. Has descriptive miasma failed?
Gregor demurs. Zussamenleben is no longer for itenured
radicals. Achtung! The autoinjector has a special syringe.
For her bros, Salvia Divinorum or Sally-D, filibusts
our exergues with Mazatec Indians. Send “outgoing” SMS
messages via the HighRise host. Bundled, it’s easy fault
metamatics. Pentapod biolasers fit the index finger.
Entrepôt-bound 916, our famous Caesarean Operation, eidos
fathers its tiptoe cozener, Liber Lividus, woh araha thumm.

Exergue X

At WinInet.lib church, Imps use cyberlimbs

whose very acephalia plugs fugitive écriture. Captions
cede privilege. Hepatic expanders occupy. The Persian
defeat at Marathon is asemic. Two recyclists
shake their fists, #pid = os.fork(). Upticks in gag snark
effect motherboards. Extortion is on the rise. Convert
palms. Convert peristyles, flanked by p3 slabs. Maxi’s
resolute. He’s unpurged by epitaphs. 8’s a perfect cube,
the octuplus, šmn, priāt, sekiz, kakte-ksa or ot(w), 1-2
fibonacci numbers. Velocipedes on crucifixes
are slated, win this heretic hunt. The bastard said
a jovial hullabaloo. Resist or cuck. Asses prefer straw
or specific voter blocs. Depends on the avatar pic,
frothed with convolvulus. At all cost, reverse cause
and effect. Int recv_strip_null(int sock, void *buf, int
len, int flags). Our ectypes are due a prognosis.
Maxi’s indisposed. He’s staging a duel at the Jardin
des Tuileries. Renommée, he be monstrum horrendum.
Thug out, biatch. Pack biotech guns. No word
from our sponsor. Why’s the postpunk peignoir leggy?
It not. Suicide bomb holy hush. The Imps be aleatoric
refuge. Muzzle velocity: 540mps. Magazine: 60 rounds.
ROF: 1/3 range. Mage: 1d10 (x2). Lease hordes.
Your target, tailored fungal spores. Homerids legislate
and disavow passéism. Nothing less, abattoir as hauler.
Trumpet Premillennialits are priapistic, cock declaim.

Exergue XI

The Imps enroll in a messy volksgemeinschaft. Fiefdoms

for all with brachiocephatic sleeves. The linchpin
is deinococcus radiodurans as trente glorieuses. Are hybrids
prims? Bacterium is tough as Conan the Cimmerian
in the Hyborian Age. Hansa the Hanseatic pits umbrage
against a Jaschonek Fabrikant A-9 Sturmgewehr. “Stop
faiblesse,” begs Khôra, agitating a parasitic superace.
Cuius regio cuius religio = checksum_generic((uint16_t *)
iph, LOCAL_ADDR_(struct iphdr)). Posterior analytics
triumph over primary colors. Detritus fuses blow out.
Khôra rubs her face with flammable gel, lays her dolls
on shipping pallets. Immortality is borborygmic.
Trundle out the revanchist city and offer lebensraum
for racial health. Outlaw urbanism’s the bomb. Tap
peskyspy for militant exorcism and reclining nudes.
We’re always in partibus infidelium, our flechette
gun a poésie, affaire d’abîme. Where’s that clitoral trigger?
There are many dead kleptocrats in the moshpit. Near
the offing, a panopticon jacks its cage. Identity theorists
crash the leetspeak seminar and tear down R. Mutt’s
Fountain. Just what the Olympian’s require. Paralytic
agents in the surveillance feeds raise the terror threat.
Opening night for Krapp’s Last Tape. Hot thrums drool.
Vova and Olga Galchenko juggle. Pfo->Set_Oper_ation
Flags(FAF_NO_UI). Khôra fights for deplorables. Instill
a savior. BSODs rip off tuxedo jackets and spats,
beget Θεός ὁ υἱός with surssurhums and diminuendos.

Exergue XII

Thetica Zorg courts a coiffed synoglyph, cum

argot, first in line at the ingénue boutique for surplus
grammatology. Charmed, for sure, but we’ve coupled.
Automation by divorcing the exergue from the tryst
is subaltern. We’re focused on a ribbed mouth cavity
and take credit for ‫בּ ְֵראשִׁית‬, ‫אֱֹלהִים בּ ָָרא‬, ‫שּׁ ַמי ִם אֵת‬
ָ ‫ ַה‬,
‫ָאָרץ ְואֵת‬
ֶ ‫ה‬. Tune the spar. If (conn->state != SC_CLOSED
& (fake_time - conn->last_recv) > timeout). MQ-9 reaper
warfare aims for rogue monomania. The Imps
choose jellyfish tazers, gelatinous polyp paralyzing
muscular sacks. We are the Old English wē, the Old
High German wir and Sanskrit vayam. Take that brut
archi-I, nominative plural as obscene chemical
glands. We demur our godbot clit eπi = −1 in spandex
and latex catsuits. Thetica Zorg’s sui generis is a gigolo.
He spurts succub(āre) on Imp hautboys and yells “free
hell ticks!” Casing explosive and shrapnel on contact.
Please leak the jaw’s hylè. Fuck realität. Can you spare
de nugis curialium? Urgency in (UAV) meltwater.
Opposite conclusions include dissoi logoi, gentility, noise
and l’immaginazione senza fili. Saran dispensers are sold
at the kiosk. Quick, call cavaletto supplejacks.
Define cyborganic parasitism. Thetica’s synoglyph
broaches her rat in its calcite shell. As for iheaven,
the kingdom is a Corpus Hypercubus. Carbofiliaments
replace fingertips, ready for strangulation’s hr = SH
CreateItemFromParsingName’s choppy polyphony.


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