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l: Hello Karlos, how are you?

K: Hi Lupe, now not so well, I have stomache since yesterday

L: Ho! Karlos that's terrible. Did you go to the doctor?

K: yes, in the morning. he said that my lifestyle is not healtly. i eat too much everiday,
specifically a lot of fast food. hamburger without salad (i hate vegetables), crisps, frizzy drink,
pizza, biscuits, all nights

L: but, Karlos you must be more careful with your healt, you knew that 38.9% of the
population of Peru suffers from overweight.

K: ho? really, i'll be more carefull whit my feeding, and how about you?

L: hummm i'm good i think is a consecuent of my lifestyle and the diet that i have.

K:what is your diet? tell me please

L:it's simple, in the morning i drink yogurt with two slices of whole meal bread, in lunches i eat
many salads, fruits and meals with out flour, while i eat night eat only vegetables finally you
must never forget to drink water all day.

K: that's sound to much hard to do

L: well is for your healt

K: you're right. thank for the advice

L: you're welome, now i have to go to tha university

K: and i have to work. it was a pleasure to talk to you

L: was a pleasure too, bye Karlos

K: bye Lupe