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College of Liberal Arts and Communication

Final Output: Compilation of Memes

In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirement for the Course

PHLO103 – Art, Man and Society


Valdez, Rina Camille A.


May 31, 2018

Professor: Edgar Garnace

Phenomenological Analysis
The theme that speaks among all the other pictures talks about friendship. It is
evident that the pictures depicts one’s commonality and essence in every meme. One
true essence of memes expresses art in different forms. Memes are created to be
connected with one another in the form of art.

1. It depicts that an individual who is very dear to you shows at your designated
place later than the said time. His/her arrival claims who s/he as a person but
despite of having it as their personality, it is given that such friends accept
him/her in some instances. What matters is the fact that their appearance and
presence is there. Being physically present with a human being It invokes that
they personally connected in terms of interpersonal relationship.

2. In relation to the picture, it explains that a parent predicts certain people who
we encounter with. They sense that they would harnessed some harm to us.
Upon going to such experiences, parents can clearly distinguish who is good
to who is not. Some problems may arise if a parent wouldn’t act in terms of
his/her child’s well-being. In the context of art, there is a psychological
manifestation that clearly a parent has an instinct if an individual will be good
to his/her child. An instinct expresses an attribution towards the friend that
makes the parents doubtful of his/her intentions. One’s character is unleashed
and distinguished in the presence of instincts of a parent.

3. It defines the slow response of neurons of an individual in which a joke must

get in less than a minute. But some takes a little while to process the joke
itself. The substance of the joke is less than the provocative thought itself. The
expression of happiness in all angles are inclined to art. It is determined to
describe an emotion without being directly connected to anyone’s emotion. It
has an impact that leaves the friend contemplating and comprehending for the

4. It shows that two individuals are having signals wherein their close friend is
the one who wants them to be partner in a project or activities. It is a
connotation between friends that they are the primary partners in terms of
group projects. There is an underlying art within these two humans. They
seem to connect and interact through the use of eye contact and eventually
expresses to convince one another. Similarly, the intuition of is sufficient to
further unite that is embodied within them.

5. It actually shows that a best friend chooses you for who you are, who you have
become, for better of for worse. They will not judge you despite of your
quirkiness and stuffs. One asset of your personality is your weirdness that your
friend loves you. The beauty in this specific meme is subjective to the point
that it embraces the differences and quirks of one another. It stimulates the
emotion inwardly in terms of the deepness of their friendship that is to say,
the level of friendship is tight and affirms the attitudes and attributes
represented in a grasp to touch their soul.

6. Friends who actually embraces all your ideas and opinions deserve a special
place in your heart. It signifies that one’s personality and it’s whole being is
clear to you in a clearer vision. One tends to accept his/her friend as an
expression. It is emotional. The emotional content entails different aspects of
their personality and views that is the efforts and doubts are deemed viewed
in a real manner as its subject matter. Happiness is present in this idea that
claims to be one of the preliminary emotion invoked within.

7. It explains that an individual is jealous of the other people you are talking to.
It pertains that s/he condemns you to own. In some manner, we all feel it. We
own one particular person to emphasize that we love them but we cannot
control who they want to friend. Its human nature to outgrow. To see them
with others feel you are not enough as a friend and you question yourself
amidst the situation. However, if you see it in another’s perspective, your
friend will be the same person you know, it’s just there are circumstances s/he
intends to grow that is necessary for his/her situation. The beauty is you value
your friendship despite of being jealous because you don’t want him/her to
lose that certain kind of connection you both build.

8. A common signal that best friend knows. It can be to a person, object or the
thing that makes them common. The beauty of that kind of understanding
determines the degree of friendship they had. There are commonalities that
sticks with them all throughout the journey. It is an art to present in a way they
only both know. The contentment of being happy with what they see or
understand shares the interpersonal relationship they’ve got within.
9. In the course of my life, I’ve always received birthday greetings with memes
since social media existed. It is evident that to expose your weirdest pictures
wherein acquaintances will see evokes a perception of who you are. A mere
fact they post it because they’ve seen your worst moments but still stay with
you despite. There is beauty in your weirdest moments: in your ugliest

10. It evokes that one friend of mine begins to drive. And once that he drove I
was startled by how fast he drives. I find beauty in that particular act
afterwards because the experience itself justifies that there is a memory to
withhold even so. The way he drives explains his personality in some sense.