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February 2017 SHAC Meeting

February 1, 2017

AISD Board Room

Present: Kathy Green, Vivian Ballard, Ryan Cengel, Kryssi Thedford, Ronda Rutledge, Pat Werner,
Michele Rusnak, Maggie Whittington, Dolly Lambdin, Pam Martin, Sarah Bentley, Katie Wolfe, Tom
Rosen, Jackie Platt, Amanda Hyde, Sally Freeman, Shannon Sandreg, Andrew Wiggins, Becky Morales,
Alda Santana, Toni Rayner, Melody Carlton

Minutes: The minutes from January 2017 were voted on and approved as corrected

Curriculum Update on Human Sexuality lessons: Michele Rusnak and Pat Werner reviewed current
lessons by grade level. Elementary school lessons – 5 lessons based on Health Teacher taught in science
block. Health Teacher not available to AISD next year, so we are evaluating a free resource called The
Three R’s – Rights, Respect, and Responsibility. Middle
school lessons taught during science classes, usually in 6th grade. Current basis for lessons is “Big
Decisions” but are evaluating the Get Real curriculum, an evidence based, medically accurate, age
appropriate curriculum framed with the concept of social emotional learning. High School lessons are taught in Health, is expansion of what is taught in
middle school. Lessons include all the PAPA lessons from the Attorney General. Was reviewed by SHAC
committee a few(?) years ago. More teachers experimenting with “flipped classroom” to allow for more
interactive discussions in class.

Some High School students take Health (including Human Sexuality) through Garza Online. Do not know
how many students take online vs. classroom. Michele and Pat do not know if the Garza Online health
has made any changes/updates since it was reviewed by SHAC.

SHAC will be asked to review new resources for Human Sexuality lessons in the next few months. A UT
intern is assisting with a comprehensive review of K-5 health curriculum to identify any gaps based on
TEKS and national standards alignment and identifying areas where concepts are being taught through
other departments such as SEL, language arts, science and social studies, and P.E..

Michele Rusnak has asked the District for an added position in her department for a Health Specialist, as
Pat Werner currently handles both Health and P.E. curriculum. There is currently no district wide
training for either Health or P.E., and no training before school starts. They hold 4 ½ day trainings per

Board Report: AISD Board Member Julie Cowan not in attendance due to conflict with District Facilities
Master Plan meetings. No report.

District Reports:

PE and Health: Friday is Wear Red for Heard day. There is hands only CPR training taking place
tomorrow, All playground training for recess is going on.

Food Service: Ryan Cengel, AISD dietician, reported that currently AISD is serving 79,266 meals/day,
compared to 75,000 this time last year. 5 more campuses have breakfast in the classroom. There were
articles on AISD foodservice in both the Statesman and Edible Austin this month. Food Services is
receiving a grant from Dairy Max to support Breakfast in the Classroom. Share tables have been started
to minimize fruit and milk waste. There is now a menu app for information on school lunches, including
allergen info. YumYummi Digital School Menus -

SEL: looking to redesign SEL, 3900 parents have been trained in SEL, parent book study is Brainstorms:
Power and Purpose of the Teenage Brain

Student Health Services: Sally Freeman reported flu is in the air, about 20,000 students immunized in
the fall. Sports health clinic planning underway. Nurses are doing an acuity survey to help determine
how RN and nurse assistant hours are needed at each school, and there is a principal survey as well.
Reminder that April 8th is Dell Family Fun day.

Employee Wellness: Melody Carlton got SHAC to sign on to It’s Time Texas challenge.

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