I. Hermes. Even Hermes himself saith, I have not in a very long Age, ceased to try Experiments, nor have I spared any Labour of mind: But I obtained the knowledge of this Art, by the Inspiration of the Living God only, who esteeming me his Servant worthy, did reveal and open the Secret to me.

Salmon: There are three things which are certainly most necessary to the attainment of this knowledge. 1. An Unwearied Study. 2. A Continued Experience. 3. And the Devine Blessing going along with all. Without these, it is not probable any Man can attain the knowledge of this Secret. There must be a diligent Study, and a ferious Meditation in the Soul, concerning this thing: Then these things thus meditated on, must, by experience, be brought to ocular demonstration; nor, if you miss many times, must you be weary with trying. Lastly, you must all along attend the Blessing of God for his assistance: ‘Tis that Eternal Spirit of God which goes through, and pierces all things, which generates, and preserves that which is generated: His Spirit of heat decocts, and


coagulates that which is thin. and raises up to life that which has been dead and buried. that Adam before the Fall was adorned with the fulness of light and knowledge above all other Creatures. by one Eternal Sacrifice. 2 . not forsaking any. Man is put into a possibility of attaining a measure of the true and perfect knowledge and understanding even in this life. that prime perfection was much eclipsed. and remission of his Transgression. Salmon. III. II. the power and faculties of truly judging and determining. Hermes. or bestowed upon rational Creatures. as the Father of the Just has liberally bestowed it upon me. I had never discovered any thing of this matter. into a Wilderness among the Beasts which perish. and he was drove out of the Garden. Who has given to. so as to give them an occasion to sease searching after the Truth. through the diffluence and power of Whole Spirit. shining like Sol among the Stars. had not the fear of the Judgments of God. rarifies that which is too thick. It is a debt I am willing to pay to the Just. ‘Tis true. but after his Fall. Hermes. warms the cold. nor revealed it to any one. or the hazard of the Damnation of my Soul for such a Concealment prevailed with me. yet not without a promise of Restauration. For my part.

as a Traytor to the Majesty of God. and Scoffers: For the Oracle of Truth himself has long since told us. yea. which is the Law of God. and thou dost justly conceal those things. revealed them so as that the Sons of Art might understand them. 3 . These can never come to sit at the Table. Hermes. otherwise thou shalt be condemned in the Great day. nor Imprudently sought into: Which are through patience to be attained. and feed of the Divine repast. which deserves the Divine Vengeance for a punishment: And such indeed is the revealing of forbidden Secrets to such to whom they do not belong. was not Corporally. Greedy Dogs. according to their kind. Some Men the Scriptures of Truth have compared to Dogs.Salmon. And saith Raimand Lully. It is not fit to give the Childrens Bread to Dogs. Wolves. that the knowledge of the four Elements of the Ancient Philosophers. unless first the various Colours are throughly accomplished. 0 ye Children of Wisdom. nor shall thy Treason be forgiven thee. because it cannot be perfected. which through their own operation are hidden or obscured. That is. ‘Tis a Transgression against the Law of Nature. IV. Thou shalt reserve and keep that Secret. which is proper only to God to reveal. except the matter be compounded. Now understand. though they may eat of the Crumbs which fall from the Masters Table. You can do nothing. whose revelation belongs to his Honour. not to the Profane and Unworthy. Foxes.

They are not’ to be understood Corporaliter. Spirit. labours in vain. as Hermes indigitates. and the end of the Work. Sulphur. which the same Hermes interprets in another place. Sulphur and Mercury: Others but one only. whoever labours. but our Hermes saith. The Aqua Philosophica. Air. Water. and yet it will do nothing without it be compounded. Thus the Principles of Art are said to be four Elements. There are many other Names by which this Matter is called. cannot be united in their most minute parts. because it cannot be perfected without its colours are throughly accomplished: The Body and the Soul. and which Paracelsus calls Salt. Fire. Hermes now begins to give a description of the Great Work. and Body. but the Subject. which he calls the knowledge of the Elements. Spiritualiter Sapienter. but what these are in a Spiritual sense. the middle. viz. without the help of the Spirit which is Mercury. or Prima materia. as it were. Masculine and Feminine. and without which. is one only: because it is. but not of those Elements which are foolishly discoursed of in the Schools of the Peripateticks: They speak of an Element to be Corpus Simplex. or the Salt and the Sulphur.Salmon. the Soul. Others make but two. which is the beginning. and Mercury. the Peripatelick knows not. Earth. Luna and Sol cannot procreate without the 4 . that is. Spiritually and Wisely. the Cardinal hinge upon which the Philosophers explicate to be their Mercury. as the Agent and Patient.

is the same with the four Elements before spoken of. and three to one. viz. from whence arises seven parts: He divides the differences of the Colors into two threes. as its proper Vessel. of Mercury. or converts it into four other substances. which extracts. the coagulating humour or moisture. a fourth part. Hermes. or has tincture. digests and perfects it. an ounce and half. is that which separates it. The one part into two. but the second and third Waters are the Weights of the Wise. V. and in the center of the Earth. viz. and three White. Therefore Mercury does nothing of its self. to wit. This Water to be divided. Hermes. one into two. which three Spirits have their rise from the one Aqua Philosophica. VI. into three Red Spirits. Anima Solis. viz. i. adding three parts to one. that is. Know then. the third part of which is color.e. The Aqua Philosophica: This must be divided into four parts. of the Southern Redness. that the Division which was made upon the water by the Ancient Philosophers. except something be added to it by which it may be mortified. the Semen from both the Bodies. of the Citrine Seyre in 5 . half an ounce. Take of the humidity or moisture. and are resolved into the same again.

there is added three parts. 6 . to each of them. Salmon. Auripigment. but the Wine thereof is not perfected till at length thirty be compleated. that is three ounces: Now understand that the Vine of the Wise Men. VII. but that the Aqua Mercurii should be seven times distilled. is converted into Ashes. The Deco— ction doth diminish the matter. under various Names. which are eight. Anima solis. called by Hermes. or Tree of the Philosophers is extracted or drawn forth in three. and their Wine. but the Tincture does augment it: Because Luna in 15 days is diminished (in the Heaven) and in the third operation (viz. the Weights of the Wise. the Vine of the Philosophers. Seyre Citrinum. and the end. Hermes. the one part is divided into two. the Southern Redness. He Essays to explicate the proportions of the Philosophick Ingredients. Understand then the manner half an ounce: of Auripigment half an ounce. which by reason of its purity and perfection resists the fire: neither wonder that eight parts and three ounces are equivalent. by the force of the fire. or a most subtil pouder. which are the true and Philosophick Proportions. have no other signification. This is then the beginning. for by the former Section. which after the eighth Distillation. after the Conjunction with Sol) it is augmented. for that which he calls the Humidity. the Compositum.

the first Birth. by which it must arise and yeild its Hundred Fold Increase: the first Life. dissolves it. and so it is. brought to its highest perfection. then follows the latter part of the Operation. Some divide the Operation of the Stone into two parts. the first Body. which does diminish the matter. are comprehended the whole Work. as it were destroys it. The former Hermes explicates by the notion of Decoction. the former and the latter. and in them it is plainly laid open from the beginning to the end. by means of which the Virtue and Power of the Stone is made wonderful. and multiplied (as it were) in infinitum. before it can be possest of a new Life. the Mineral Process in this Philosophick Work. it is like the Husbandman Sowing his Seed in the Ground. In a word. 7 . exactly answering to that Parallel in Heaven. This done. be Corrupted and Putrefied. Here Hermes eludicates the Philosophick Work by a most familiar Example of the Phases of Luna. viz.Salmon. it is through Regeneration (by the Medium of perfection) restored again. and give place to the second. In these few words of Hermes. but being thus Dissolved and Corrupted. must Die. which must first Die.

in 8 . that the Regenerating Spirit is within the matter. and the series of the Operation demonstrate. and Opening the Terra Philosophica.CHAPTER II THE FIRST EXPOSITION OF THE MATTERI I. II. brings forth the c2ld bearing Vine of the Philosophers. it is not manifest. except they be reduced into their first Essential Nature or Being. it is Sown in Dishonour. it is Sown in Corruption. The Sea is the Aqua Philosophica. which entring into. Behold. is quickly taken out. which is prepared in the innermost Chamber of the Bridegroom. and is Permanent or fixt. In Elementary and Gross Bodies. and you may have it either in the Earth. but adhears to it invisibly. commends itself to its Children. Hermes. This secret Work. and the work is both with you and for you: that which is within. Keep therefore your Argent Vive. it is Raised in GLory. it Rises in Incorruption. That which is Sown is not quickned except it Die. the Heaven of the Philosophers. is brought forth to View. Hermes. or in the Sea. Salmon. out shining the Glory of the Stars. I have Exposed to you that which was hidden. for so this Spirit of Regeneration which is the Seed of the Promise.

Fiery. Running. for that is Dead. making Hard Soft. which is spoken of the remaining Earth. the residence of the Philosophick Earth. which is rightly Prepared by Art for the perfection of Nature. 9 . Argent Vive is indeed. and the Soft Hard. you have an incompatable Treasure. This is that which Generarates the Stone. but (say the Philosophers) beware that you use not the Vulgar Argent Vive. putting Tincture and Fixity upon them. it is the whole Secret. and it is Born of it. or Quick-Silver. there they must be found: If you have found this Argent Vive. which may be mixed with all the other Metals. and unfit for Our Work. for it is worthy: If you have brought your Argent Vive to Ashes. Our Silver is not Vulgar. Salmon. for if you do. there it is Coagulated: Now. keep it safely. where Metals grow. Vital. Our Mercury is Philosophick. the Prima Materia of the Philosophick Work. for that is the Argent Vive it self. It is prepared in the innermost Chamber. which Converts all other Metalline Bodies into Sol and Luna. and separated again from them.which it is Coagulated. a thing much more Pretious than Gold. you must have that which is Living. you will be deceived. or Burnt it by the Power of the Fire.

IV. as the Wise Man affirms. 10 . even the Intellectual knowledg. the matter is to be enquired after. but to give to every good Man a Reward. not is it fit that all things should be revealed to every Body. He therefore that now hears my Words. I am the White of the Black. relating to this Science. but has left the Mystery to be unfolded by the Sons of Wisdom. and inquire. and the Yellow of the White. yet he has not spoken so plainly as that every profane and unworthy Person may understand it. nor dwells in a Body subject to sin.III. cries out with a great Voice. and diligently Searcht into. it is not for the justification of the Work of any Evil Doer. saying. Salmon. and the Citrine of the Yellow. Know therefore ye Children of Wisdom. but Wisdom enters not into profane Souls. and Disclosed and made Plain and Open to you the greatest of Secrets. Hermes. from them. and ye seekers after the Fame thereof. that I have laid Open or Discovered all things which were bid. without Labour and Pains. nothing is to be obtained. And altho’ Hermes has spoken in this Book many things concerning this most noble Arcanum. Hermes. and has over past nothing. let him search into. that the Vulture standing upon the Mountain. The Philosophers ever Discourse in Parables and Figures. and behold I speak the very Truth.

These things being rightly given. left the unworthy should Ascend to the height theirof. is a fit Vessel placed in a well Built Fornace. that we may obtain this so desirable Treasure is the Work of the Philosopher. which in the Blackness of the Night. White which is the middle. a Sulphur of Mars extracted with Sol. From the bitterness existing in 11 . The Mountain upon which the Vulture stands. 2. bic Labor . Hoc opus. Now the chief principle of Art is the Crow. and Ascended the Mountain. and Clearness of the Day. Black which is the beginning of the Art. Third. unless the Dragon be laid a Sleep. who is full of Eyes. at the foot of which Mountain is a watchful Dragon.Salmon. 3. encompassed with a Wall of Fire. The water of the Philosophers. that Night and Day you may continually have Egress and Regress. 1. Three things are commended for this purpose. and Gilded with Gold. who is Vigilant and Careful in keeping the Entrance or Passage into the Mountain. how this Beast is to be circumvented. Hermes. and can see before him and behind him. flys without Wings. Second. the Vulture or Crow will shew you the way where the Colors appear. V. first Crude Argent Vive made into Pills. will so lay him a Sleep. Red which is the end of the whole Work. Being once entred. where is hid the Secret Stone of the Philosophers: It is unpossible for any to enter here. to find out the means how this is to be done.

by a Simple Imbibition. splendid in 13 . made of the Philosophers Argent Vive. it is the Vulture while it is Active and devouring.the Throat. for ever. its Resurrection into a State of Purity. which radically dissolves all Metals. but in differing States. and the Crow when it lies in a more passive Nature. and a meer Water is taken from its back parts. This hidden Secret which is the Venerable Stone. and reduces them into their first Ens or Water. are both but one thing. Understand and accept of this gift of God. which is hidden from Ignorant and Foolish Men. which is the Red and Living Tincture taken from the Body: And the Water is the Viscous Humidity. and the clearness of the Day. The Vulture is the Mercury of the Philosophers prepared by the help of Vulgar Argent Vive: And the Crow is the Infancy of the Work. and also reduces common Quick—Silver into the fame. It flies without Wings. Salmon. Hermes. wherein the said Philosophick Mercury is United with its Solar Ferment. and the bitterness in the Throat. is the Death of the first Life. VI. the Tincture or Tinging matter is taken: But the Red goes forth of its Body. The blackness of the Night is the Putrefaction thereof. being Born or carried by the fixt Nature. whence is Educed the Soul. The Vulture and the Crow.

a sublime Spirit. And to make the matter the more sensible to your understanding. who teaches you this knowledge. an Open Sea. that is. he will return you the Tribute of your Love. yet says. and give thanks to the Almighty God. Fools. for all matter is Dead. Such as are unacquainted with the gift of God. the most that they can do is but to touch one another in their Superficies.Color. but only (at most) lie side by side with it. Salmon. 14 . is hid in the Caverns of the Metals: Behold I have exposed it to you. it could not Penetrate and Tinge other Bodies by an absolute Unity and Conjunction: Bodies and Matter cannot do this. or as the Salt Body thereof is joyned with its Aqueous parts. for was it not a Spirit. you stumble at the Threshold. which is a measure of his Holy Spirit. He calls it a Stone. It is hidden in the Caverns of the Metals. for that this Spirit peirces Bodies. he compares it to an open Sea. and unlearned. and is joyned to them. and no Dead thing can penetrate into the property of another. If you be grateful. if you seek for it in any thing that is not Metalline. are excluded from the knowledge of this Mystery. viz. it is a Spirit. even as Water is joyned to Water.

You must put the matter into a moist fire. Salmon. till only about a third remains. Internal to perfect. is the Cause of Generation and without that. that Hermes speaks of is the question. The first. An external Fiery heat in Humido. An external heat in Sicco. In my Opinion both are to be admitted. 2. The first is an external Fiery Heat.VII. continue Boiling till the Radix may appear then Extract the Redness and the light parts. which you must use. and is called Elixation. 1. External to excite. both which ought to be made in humido: for all Generation is naturally made in Calido Humido. The latter an Internal Natural Heat. Hermes. viz. i. called by the Greeks. which Augments the Heat of the Humour or Matter. the External Heat can do nothing: Hence we conclude the Heat to be two—fold. or the Ripening and perfecting heat. He seems to make his Coction 15 . which Hermes calls Ignem Humiduin: as if he should say the Fire is two-fold. and destroys the Dryness of the incombustible Sulphur. Now which of these it is. 1. External and Internal. in a moist Heat. which is called Assation. Maturity. An internal natural heat in Humido. 2. 3. and the third differ in this. and make it to Boil. There are said to be three Species of Decoction.e. The Natural Heat Internal.

VIII. viz. never backware till she comes to perfection. she takes in Generating Metals. In the time of Augmentation. in which all the Metals are resolved into their first principles. and so long this Fire is to be continued. the Vitious. which is the first Matter living in Metals: and from thence Nature evergoes forward. not for that they Grudged the thing to the honest or just Man. 2. into their Seeds. They all err who think to reduce Metals only into Crude Mercury. In the Ultimate perfection or Maturity. whose Seed is extracted by the help of Art. as Hermes speaks. which Seed is only and truly the Philosophers Mercury. i. For this Cause-sake. The same method that Nature takes in Generating Herbs and Plants. It appears that neither Hermes. Evil Men are not worthy of this Wisdom. Hermes.double. the Dishonest: lest evil Persons should be made powerful to perpetrate sinful things: for such a fault the Philosophers must render an account to God. Salmon. and not into their Radix. to the Religious or Wise. till the Radix does appear. the Seed of Metals. or to the Legitimate Sons of Art? but to the Ignorant.e. 1. and in which is imprest the Character or Power of Transmutation. the Philosophers are said to be Envions or Obscure. nor any of the other Philosophers did Envy or Grutch the true knowledge 16 .

but only to the Profane and Wicked. but the manner and way of working it. through all its various Operations. they always keep the Prima Materia Secret. 17 . and good Man. for which Cause-sake.of the matter to the Pious. or Tittle. Just. and lest it as a Legacy to the Legitimate Sons of Art. they did not think it fit to give the Childrens Bread to Dogs. they have faithfully and plainly declared to the least Iota.

which is the Stone of the Wise. Marcury. Eyes of Fishes. Plessilunam. the Incombustible Ashes. Jupiter. all signifie but one thing. Water. Masculine. honesty. Urin. a Woman. Gold. Sharp Wine. 18 . Fruitful Thee. Now this Matter I call by the Name of the Stone. White Lead. Principium Mundi. Incanbustible Sulphur. First Matter. and goodness: which notwithstanding they signified it to the Wise and Prudent by one only Name. the White Spittle. Lime. There are various Names. by which the Philosophers call it. Aqua Mundi. Elixir. the Feminine of the Magnesia. Red fixed Sulphur. Magnesia. Azot. Brass of the Philosophers. burnt Brass. Vermilion. So also. Light of Lights. so that is might be hidden from the simple and unwise. the Hen. the Volatile Milk. the Water of Sulphur. Aqua Vitae. Venan. Feminine. and therefore Argent Vive. Redness. White Sulphur. Iron. Hermes.CHAPTER III THE NAMES AND FIRST OPERATION EXPLICATED I. Our Stone. Azot. Whiteness. Kibrick. who want understanding. a Vile thing. Fixt Argent Vive. Spittle of thna Shadow of the Sun. Everlasting Water. Father of Minerals. Living Spirit. Red Earth. the Crow. Red Lead. or Froth. Silver. the Greenness. White Earth. clear Ferment. Sulphur. Green Vitriol. or the Philosophers Stone. Man. Hypostasis. the pare Body. the Rubin. Salmon. noist strange Vinegar. as Sol. White Gun. Masculine. but in diver times and degrees of Operation.

but in a humid matter. a Dragon. Quintessence. Arsenick. Hermes. nor yeild to the heavenly Influences. or wish a Curse from our Benefactor. He teaches here. 19 . Auripigmentum. for that no Generation can be made in a dry. that in the matter of the Stone. Microcosmus. A Seal puts not its Print upon a hard Stone. Conserve therefore in this the Sea. Radical Humidity. Virgins Milk. Hair. for that hard things or Bodies. is to be Conserved the Sea. is understood the Humidity of the Mercury. do all signifie but one and the same thing. by the Sea. to whom it shall please God to give of the Bountifulness of his Goodness. Sal ArmoniacJc. But I deprecate. or divulge the Name and Power thereof. Green-Lyon. and the Heavenly Bird.Ethel. Unctuous Moisture. II. the Fire. the Fire. Sperm. Red-Lyon. receive not the Heavenly Virtue. but without its Putrefaction. the great and Living God. Chaos. Salmon. if they shall undervalue. so any Foolish or Ignorant Person. Camelion. and the heavenly Bird. citra tamen sui Corrup— tionem. Cinnaber. to the Perfection or Consummation of the Word. Antimony. even to the last moment of its Exit. Therefore Mercury is to be Conserved in a Liquid form. Urine. or any Man unfit for the knowledge of this Secret. Serpent. a Bird. even to all the Sons of the Philosophers. Salt. Philosophers Lead. as Raymund Lully saith. Toad.

IV. even in this Friendship and Unity consists the chief matter of this Operation. Salmon. Salmon. Hermes. By the many Colors. i. Hermes. and Red. This is the concealed Stone of many Colors. by being made soft and Rarif led. which the parts Composing this Magistery have one to another. of which we have spoken before: 20 . By the Fire and the Heavenly Bird.e. here is understood the Black. but also the relation. for saith he. Whatever any Man has given to me. the External and the Internal. even in this Friendship and Unity consists the chief matter of this Operation. This not only demonstrates the Generous and Noble Spirit of our great Hermes. with both which it is to be conserved and nourished to the end of the Work. which is Born and brought forth in one Color only: Understand this and conceal it.but upon soft wax: so our matter. III. is understood the twofold Fire. I have returned it again. nor have I been behind hand with any. or desisted to return an equal kindness. White. is made fit to receive the influx of the superior Bodies. of Sol and Luna. and is made to obey the Government of the Sun.

It is Nectar and Ambrosia. of which. a true Son of Art. and hurtful thing may be Evaded: and through the help thereof. This Our Tincture. Evil. but removes Poverty and Want. of what Nature and quality soever. through the Efficacy of which. yet those three are the chief. Nature is made able to contend.and tho’ there may appear many other Colors in the course of the Operation. By means of it. and the attendant Evils of a narrow and pinching Fortune. this. Salmon. the one Color which for ever remains. but all the cureable Diseases in Humane Bodies: It gives also. and overcome all her adversaries. to all the Vital Powers. if thou attainest to be an Adept. and every Sorrow. be sure to hide and conceal it. than which. you may come from Darkness to Light. from a Desert or Wilderness to a Habitation or Home. Our Elixir. (through the permission of the Omnipotent) the greatest Disease is Cured. It is indeed the great preservative against all the Afflictions. to a large and ample Fortune. is the Never-fading Red. Distress. V. as here thou art admonished. nothing can be more noble or perfect. and from straightness and necessities. 21 . Cures not only all the Diseases of Metals. resist. Hermes. not only Health and long Life. Sorrows and Miseries of Humane kind.

Hermes. above all things to fear God. was to be acquainted with that Spirit which knew all things. Now my Son. Salmon. and reason about it in your mind: I advise not them who are 22 . or Design for this purpose. and fill you even as the Soul is filled with Life. the true understanding will grow up in you. and being Ingrafted into that Root. and the Uniting and disposing of every thing which you Segregate. that the only way to attain to the Mystery. put together. that Spirit which is the Fountain of all Knowledge and Wisdom: For being United with that. I adrninish thee to fear God. Hermes. consider it. you are Centred into the very Root from whence all Wisdom and Knowledg spring. I. before all things. for so says the Holy Spirit it self. in whom is the Blessing of this undertaking.CHAPTER IV A CONTINUATION OF THE EXPLICATION OF THE FIRST OPERATION. This great Philosopher well knew. and joyned to. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of Wisdom. He shall not Err. and the Knowledg of the Holy is understanding: And therefore our Hermes advises us. yea the deep things of God. in whom is the Blessing of your undertakings. and to be acquainted with that Spirit. was to fear God. who becomes acquainted with. II. Whatever I speak or write.

and shew you as in a Glass the whole work. which pierces through and dwells in that Central Root. and reveal to you the most abscondite Mysteries. carry you into the same Root. Sect. lest he should be securely deceived. as he himself has instructed. and Meditate upon them and so fit your Mind and Understanding (to conceive what I say. and by entering into that. like as a Vehicle. and all the Operations of Nature. or Insipid of Judgment.depraved in their Reason and Understanding. aforegoing:) nor to the Insipid of Judgment. (who has not Pondered nor Meditated upon these things. which is the Spirit of the Living God. if it shall be made cold. 1. where all things are hidden. not to be depraved in their understandings. it shall do no hurt or injury to it.) as if you your self were the Author of these things I write. (as all Profane and Wicked Men are) nor the Ignorant (who are unacquainted with the true Fountain of knowledge. For to what Nature is hot. and there behold how all things are begun. which is the Former of all things. and perfected. the Door of Ignorance. 1. Chap. continued. 23 . Hermes. so in like manner.) You must Enter with your Spirit and Soul into the Center of Nature. Salmon. does shut against hImself. He here speaks to such as fear God. he to whom Reason is become a guide. Lay hold of my instructions. III. it will. nor the Ignorant. but you must first enter into that Universal Spirit.

Salmon. But in the very beginning 24 . and will remain for ever in the Fire. not by Flying in the Regions above. and the Nature of the thing. is made the true and Philosophical sublimation and fixation. then divide. and which are the subject of our Stone. if the Spirit and Soul. open to himself the Door of knowledge. leading into the Mysteries of this Our Philosophick Work. this is done by frequent Reiterations. That is. by a Conjunction with the cold Body. He to whom (saith he) Reason i. viz. or hot Mercury and Sulphur be made more cold. from the Conjunction of which often repeated. and Sulphur. till a Calx of perpetual duration is produced. Take (my Son) the Flying Bird. or cleanse it from its Filth. the one is Volatile and Superior. that it may be made Living. IV. but truly by forbearing to Flie.e. the other fixt and below. and Dround it Flying. i.e. separate. does shut from himself the Door of Ignorance. and put it away from it. expel it. of which. and answer thee. but proceed rightly on in the Work: and this you must apprehend by your Reason. which keeps it in Death. Hermes. And that is the fixation when the Body receives the Tinging Spirit. In this our Art are two Principles which spring from one Root. you shall not do a miss. Salmon. the Spirit of knowledge is become a guide. Argent Vive. and takes from it its Volatility.

made all things in Number. till the Volatile is made fixed with it: But this is not to be done hastily. God himself. or Rust. and such like. as Sea Water. according to the number of days I shall note to you. Hermes. the fixed Body is to be lifted up by sublimation. and by it. That is. which in metals is a most certain sign of Imperfection. If you proceed wisely in this Case. which in it self is most fixed. V. or Straights then afterwards you shall Order and Govern it. in due and just proportion. that is. and then it shall be a Companion to thee. Salmon. or Cage. is to be made Volatile. as well in respect of Time as Matter. you will receive the fulness of your expectations. according to Reason. and Measure. and by degrees. 25 . or all at once. acetum radicatum. Weight.of this work the substance of the Stone. If therefore you shall deliver it out of its Imprisonment. Lest by too great a haste you break the Vessel. thou shalt be made great and powerful. And by this means it will be more fit to be cleansed of its Filth. or come to some other hurt. and to be so often repeated. by a Spirit not fixed or Volatile. but by little and little.

Extract from the Sun Beams the Shadow. Coagulated. That is Our Magnesia. Sublimated. and the sordid Matter. the Body must be opened. by whose Power it is brought to a Caix. This Magnesia. and Tinged. walking in the Sun. or Redness is thus made pure by 26 . made thin. and dissolved. which are the Agent. and the Corruptible part is Burnt up and destroyed. by the Spirit or Sun-Beams. The shadow always goes along with the Body. Hermes. Now that a clearer Light may appear through the Body. which is the Patient. viz. Salmon.VI. which is sown in our Phil— osophick Earth. holding the Fire as in a live Coal) from it: As often as you take this Redness Corrupted in Water. away from it. or Redness it is Burned. because by its Torture and Red Fiery Heat. without any shadow. Incerated. or made fit to be separated. by that which makes the Clouds hang over it. and keeps it from the Light. then will it Associate it self. Hermes. VII. is to be Corrupted or Putrefied. and Fixed. in which station it will rest for ever. so often you have the Redness Purified. Take this Redness Corrupted with the Water (which resembles the Matter. and then to be Digested. become fixed. the living Fire. Salmon. and Corrupts it.

it is Fire that excites or stirs up up the Life. Tinges of its own Color. Hermes. Coagulated. in the thirty days I note to thee. the Essence of Life is nothing else than Pure.separation. the Redness is the Soul or Tincture. dry. being extinct in its life. The Life of the Coal is Fire. Digested. being first lift up into the highest Heavens. so will you have a Crowned King. Return the Coal. but drawing it from the Auripigment. and Tinged. to the Water. the Soul conjoyned. fixed. resting upon the Fountain or Well. VIII. and in the same have a Habitation. is like a Dead Body. whether it is White or Red. and wanting the Humour or Moisture: Now have I made the Hearts of the attentive. that therewith it may arise. comforts it. which being removed from it. nor in a Coal only. glad. and then Buried again in the deepest Earth. Sublimed. who hope in thee. and the Earth is the Body. and be fixt for ever. and containing both the Spirit and the Soul. The Water is the Spirit. as the Body is the Clothing or Habitation thereof: so that the Body is a substance. and their Eyes beholding thee. and conserves it: Yea. in the hope of that which thou possessest? Salmon. Now the Spirit is the Life of the Soul. and then it becomes Dissolved. the Body fixes the Spirit. Unmixed Fire: not that which is Corrupting and Elementary but that 27 . but in all other things. Incerated and Fixed. The Spirit Penetrates the Body. Naked.

The Earth which is Cold and Dry. or Running—Water. and in this the Earth is to be raised up in the space of 30 days. afterwards to be Dissolved in a Moist place into a Ponderous Water: This 28 . through its own meanders or passages. Hermes. The Well is the Fountain of the Philosophers. Convert the Elements. and Sulphurea. The Air which is Hot and Moist. Now the Water was first in the Air. to the superior places. because of its Driness. participates with the Fire which is Hot and dry. is meant the perfection of the Tincture. agrees with the Water in one quality. which is cold. and you shall have what you seek. and Rarified . and (not foolishly or indiscreetly) change or alter it: and then to the former Spirit gathered in its Redness. The Earth is the only true and first Element of the Stone. This in Metals is the Aqua Philosophica. Oleaginosa. IX. you must carefully and leisurly joyn it.which is Subtil. which is for so long time to be Digested and Boiled with Fires. but wanting indeed its moisture. Coelestial. then in the Earth: restore thou it then. and Generating all things. which is a certain Number for an uncertain: By the Crowned King. inexhaustible. which by a Philosophical Calcination is to be Burnt up. and consequently the Earth with the Fire. out of which it draws the Auripigment or eternal Tincture. Salmon.

and then you will not longer from the Truth. Now nothing is joyned together with it. 29 . not with Hands done. but Sublimation is made more subtil and converted into Fire. or a Red Rubicund Earth. which you ought well to know. but that which before was separated from it. Thus the Dragon devours his own Tail. but the work of the Metalline Archeus or Spirit. This Oyl by a most strong Fire into Ashes. nourishes her Young ones. and the Pelican with her own Blood. The Blood of the Pelican is this Red Spirit. This Mixtion of the Elements is not Corporeal.

and more ripe or perfectly digested. Of the same kind also is the Cats or Lyons Claw. to call it by these Names. and retained by the Bodies. Suiphurs. But the most Acute Ripley saith. in which there is a difference of diversity. than 30 . also generous. and the Fat of the two Oriental Argent Vives. which Suiphurs are caught hold of. but not the Vulgar. and under which they Cloud it. and such like. some are more vile or mean than others. Our Hermes has not done absurdly. to wit. Of this kind also is the Fat of Glewy substances. All these are only Various Names. I. Salmon. it is Argent Vive. If therefore. by which the Philosophers call the one thing. Oyl of Peter and the Brain or Marrow. that Sulphur is Auripigment. or Colcothar. there be nothing under the Sun. Siretz. Nails. which is Sirezt: The Fat of the White Bodies. that without which nothing that exists. Hoofs. of Hair. that which is more pure. is able to be.CHAPTER V A DIALOGUE BETWEEN HERMES AND HIS SON. which may contain more of it. and Sulphur it self. which is Auripigment. Hermes. tho’ possibly there may be some one thing. in which this Argent Vive is not. that the fat of our Earth is Sulphur. Know thou my Son. of which Auripig-ment.

volve and revolve. in the Body which is contained. It behoves you therefore. And this is to be Communicated only to the Faithful Disciples of this Science. before you attempt any thing in this Art. He distinguisheth here between the true and d Philosophick Tincture. Authors say. The Vulgar is 31 . I say more. it is needful therefore. Fats also Tinge. which is a Conjunction of Fugitives only with Suiphurs and Aluminous Bodies. and through the Divine Assistance.all the other things besides. which also contain and hold the Fugitive Matter. the Bodies are rendered fixt and Incombustible: for every Transmutationjg made subject to the nature of the thing Transmuting. and the Fictitious or Sophisticate. meditate and reason with your self concerning it. which Roots are in the Air. ruminate. and is contained and held by the Conjunctions of the Tinctures. that this Sulphur does Tinge and Fix. consider. Hermes. it is chiefly found in the Roots of Metals. think. II. to have a perfect and solid knowledge of this Argent Vive. Salmon. but withal they fly away. and the Tops of the Mountains. The true is made of a Fixt and Incombustible Sulphur. that you make choice of the best Sulphur for this Work. and not of the thing to be Transmuted. Be diligent with your whole mind. for which Cause also. you will certainly attain to the knowledge thereof.

management and disposition of the Matter sought after by the Philosophers. and so firmly adheres to it. viz. so that any Body whatsoever being melted with the Fire. But the Sophisticate Tincture which is made from the middle Minerals. having also a double superfluity. method. is in no wise to be found. is but one. down below. In Sol indeed is the highest of Perfection. upon which they are projected. it Tinges.Foreign. But left so much of the Divine Wisdom. when therefore. as is seen 32 . nor yet their own proper substance from the violence of Fire. in the Bottom of Obscurity. except in the Bodies of Sol and Luna. Now this in the Hens Egg. III. and to perfect them with the ultimate maturity. because it is more digested and decocted. and Living. which is a simple Fire. and an Earthy Faeculency. Arsenical. Such a Sulphur saith Avicenna is not to be found upon Earth. and such like. Therefore you must find out another. an Inflamable sub— itance. from burning Sulphur. to bring them to the highest perfection. Aluminous. which the greatest splendor of spirituality. are not able to defend either Bodies. and by the force of Fire Vanish into Air. in Our Egg. and Corrupts. Hermes. Blackens. and is able to Revivisie Dead Bodies. for that it is deficient. The order. it is carried Gradatim up for the highest Glory. that it cannot for ever be any more separated therefrom. the Tincture is prepared with this Sulphur. but together with the Bodies they f lie away.

3. the Firmament. the Mercury. but to speak plainly. Now in a Hens Egg. The Description of the Philosophick Egg is various. Vitellus. Salt. the White. Mercury. the Sulphur. Soul. 33 . the Skin. Fixity. Albumen. 2. that is. Yolk. the Salt. according to the number of the four Elements. to the three pure principles. Vitellus. and joyning together of the Elements. the Shell which they make the Earth. Putamen. wherein the Skin. and Mercury. we make in imitation thereof. the White. and Body. and Subsistence. which is Air. Yolk. 1. IV. should be a Hens Egg. joyntly fitted and compacted together. for herein is a nearness of the Matters in their Natures. Albumen. a spirituality. Sol. Hermes. or Spirit. which is Water. and the Yolk. Putamen. and gathering. and the White. Or rather the Tread. Salmon. and the Earth which is Gold in its Nature. Some make only three parts thereof. Water and Earth. which is Fire. Saturn. or Combustible Ashes. and Venus. 3. there is the greatest help that may be. the. Jupiter. Shell represents the Philosophick Glass. Tincture. Sulphur. Air. the. 1. Some again will have the Yolk to signifie Mars. which the Philosophers divide into four parts. Pellicula. and Earth. and Luna: and the Shell. 4. a Compositum from the four Elements. 2. and White. answer to the four Elements: Fire. the Tread.

that they are not of one or the same kind. who is Feminine. where is 1. for that the Earth is made Water. are they Coelestial or Terrestial. For Sol is a Body Masculine. exalting her to his own Glory and Splendor. Hermes makes answer to his Son. Heavenly or Earthly? To whom Hermes answers: some of them are Heavenly. Hermes. and by the Earthly. A gathering together of the Elements. and Mercury. A Propinquity of Natures. White. Volatile. and incombustible. Sulphur. hot. The Son saith to him. the hidden Work-Master which brings the Stone to perfection. which perfects Luna. The Ovum Philosophorum. 2. This is a short Dialogue between the Father and the Son. red. V.Salmon. but that some are of a Heavenly. 34 . which Earth is Gold in its inward principle or Nature. or our Mercury has in it self whatever is necessary thereto: We call it Our Mercury because it is reduced into one pure Homogene Body. and Air. Cold. yet he confesses both to be Sulphurs: by the Heavenly is meant the Solar Sulphur. Water. or Salt. fixt. Air. as Earth. 3. which is the formative faculty. Salmon. and they are made Earth again. and Combustible. A Spirituality. and Fire. the Sulphur of Luna. and Fire. the Sulphurs which are convenient or fit for Our Work. and some are from the Earth. concerning the Sulphurs. and some are of an Earthly Nature. by Sublimation.

but a Medium is proposed by precepts. and Mercury which is the Magical Earth. the Earth. But if thou shalt say. or Feminine principle receiving the Seed. which of these is more worthy. one than another. viz. to this Hermes: The indifferent or ordinary things are better with them. and Flesh.VI. because every. To whom Hermes saith: It is no so. and Earth is the Feminine of the Heaven: Heaven or Sol which is pure. The Heaven is the Masculine of the Earth. and incombustible Sulphur. that Wisdom or the Wise Man does Rule or Command among all Mankind. that equal things are joyned together. We find even in Wisdom it self. Hermes. The Son saith. is the generating Seed. digested and brought to the Birth or Perfection: Even that in which it obtains. is the Womb. and Substance. Father. the Masculine truly is the Heaven of the Feminine: and the Feminine the Earth of the Masculine. VII. Tincture. Salmon. I think the Heart in the Superiors to prenote Heaven. Nature delights. Blood. fixt. Fixity. The Earth or Mercury is the subject or receptacle of all the Coelestia]. whether is the Heaven or the Earth? The Father answers: Both want the help of one another. nourished. Hermes. 35 . Spirit. in which the Seed is keept. Radiations. The Son saith. Father. or desires to be joyned in Society with its own kind. in the Inferiors.

the profitable and necessary Water. for as the Earth cannot Generate without the Heavens. by multiplying their Tincture a thousand times more than what they had Originally by Nature. himself in perfection. their Seed. or Earth. saith Hermes. for Water joyned with Water cannot be separated. or Gold with Gold. If by a Magical Matrimony. which remains below. Hermes. there are three things from two. the Heavens and the Earth are Conjoyned. that is. 36 . Secondly. 1. you must be sure to joyn Metalline Bodies only with Metalline Principles. Thirdly. The Beginning. which Sol himself cannot do. neither seems to be more worthy. so neither can the Heavenly Influences multiply themselves without the Earth: But there is a mean proposed.Salmon. viz. 3. The Middle. by Art. viz. The End. no more can Silver being joyned with Silver. which is the making the one equal with the other. because it is more than perfect. a new Off-spring out of both. The Son saith. the Fat or Oyl. And since every Nature. and able to make the imperfect Bodies or Metals perfect. which he explicates in the following Paragraph. that is to say. and is also able to make the most imperfect Bodies more than perfect. which shall excede So]. VIII. 2. But what is the mean among them? To whom Hermes answers: To every thing in Nature. by bringing forth. Firstly. Delights to be joyned with its own kind. the Faces. which is performed by Precepts.

these are the three things from the two Principles. Sulphur and Mercury: Or possibly by the three things from the two. which are the Operations of the Work from the Beginning to the End: the End. are United into one Body. and make the Foeces or Earth. by the Fat or Oyl. whether Natural or Supernatural. Sulphur and Mercury. and Substance. has explicated them himself. i. which is the Perfection or consummation of the matter. which cannot be Conjoyned in one Body without the Spirit to Unite them. for the Prima Materia must be prepared and made fit for the Operation: the Middle. the Spirit being Latent in them both.e. (which is the Air) no otherwise than Soul and Body.Salmon. is meant the Mercury. the Sulphur. the profitable Water. By the Beginning. Soul. viz. our Hermes lest he should not be understood. i. Tincture. By the Water. which cannot be Conjoyned without a Medium. The Spirit then is the Legitimate Mediator of the true and perfect Conjunction. the two Principles. By the Heaven is understood the Soul: By the Earth the Body: By the Spirit the Uniting Principles. But however. he may mean the Spirit. by the two things he means Heaven and Earth. these indeed are the three things from the two. Fixity. the Fat Oyl. and Mercury. the Faeces or Earth.e. being in Conjunction: Other Interpret it thus. from the two Principles. 37 . and Body. Sulphur. which by the Mediation of the Internal or Latent Spirit. he means the Deundation of the first Principles.

the very Agent which Ties the Particles of all Matter and Bodies together. But the Dragon dwells in. you shall possess a Tryumphant Gift. even the smallest of Atoms: And this Spirit is that which moves and fills all things. even that in and by which the Possessors Live. We have spoken now concerning the Heavens and the Earth. by a Medium. Take but away the Fume or Vapor from the Water. and by them be Ascends into the Air (from his rising) which is their Heaven: But while the Fume or Vapour remains in them. and Death from the Foeces: and by Dissolution. and become nothing but Dust and Ashes. from whence it is said to have its House in Darkness and Blackness. so that like the most Poisonous Dragon or Serpent. it destroys all things it touches. and to possess Blackness. and the blackness from the Fat or Sulphur. is wonderfully defiled. running through. for the Water is nothing but the Air Coagulated. and defilements. Salmon. Permanent. giving Life and Consistency to everything. remaining or fixt. and peircing all beings.IX. and the Air is the Vital Spirit. and Clouds. or Inhabits in all these things. viz. and Metal would fall to pieces. the Air or Water. And his Houses are the darkness and blackness in them. they are not perpetual. which in its prime Resolution or putrefaction. which we also call the Spirit. and without which every Body. Hermes. It is the Philosophick Heaven. and their Matrimonial Conjunction. and Death it self: So 38 .

39 . by Reason of its thick glutinous and Ponderous Body.long therefore as the Heaven shall be thus infected. which is difficulty done. it is impossible for it to return to its Pristine Nature. which is the thing sought after. Simplicity. unless it be first resolved by Force and Power of the Fire in a Philosophick Glass into an Aereal and Vaporous substance: being thus Dissolved by a frequent Ventilation of the Air or Spirit. By the Dragon then is signified this Black Matter Ascending into Air. it will be perfectly purged. and Permanency. which would not tend upwards. Purity. and recover its Primaeval Nature of Heaven. Fixity.

AND VARIOUS MATTERS OF. which are inseparable. for between Fire. between the Foeces and the Water. and Oyl or Sulphur.CHAPTER VI THE SEVERAL OPERATIONS BY. and the through Searcher of the Water: The Fats are called Sulphurs. that of Sulphurs. Oyl. But this is to be understood. that there is a propinquity. in the Principles and Essential. Now the temperate Fat or Sulphur which is the Fire. WHICH THE STONE IS COMPOSED. which disposes the Particles of it to their Change: But the difference between this Fire. Salmon. Hermes. so that the Internal Fire may properly be called the Spirit of the Matter. it is the through Searcher of the Water. so also does the Sulphur. I. that is the Stirer up of Internal Life and Efficacy. such only are to be chosen. because as the Fire does Burn. the Sulphurs of Minerals are to be taken. is the Medium or Middle Nature. there is so little difference. or Spirit. 40 . or nearness. but it is like the Spirit to the Soul. is so little. that we want fit Words to express it. which Fire we have before declared to be both Internal and External: The first is Innate. and Sulphur. He here makes the Fire to be the Medium between the Sulphur and the Mercury. the latter Elemental and Accidental. which are the more near in their principles.

and difficulty. II. All the Wisdom of the World is comprehended within this. 41 .not those of Vegetables or Animals: and of Minerals. And of these. and to himself a Faithful Keeper of the Arcanums. And tho’ they might serve the end. this is the Internal Fire of the Mineral Sulphur. because it is more at Liberty and free to Act. or thickness. the Sulphur of Mercury is yet said to be the most noble. breadth. which is to be Purified and exalted by some Power or Principle. that which is drawn from Mercury or Quick-Silver. which is without length. and ready at Hand to help Mankind of a Serene and pleasing Countenance. to quit himself from the Usurpation of Vice. trouble. viz. yet comprehending under its formless being. being once revealed to him. Incorporeal. which it does obtain. Hermes. of a profound Reason. which are Fixt and bound up in a Dead or Lif e— less Body: The Sulphur of all the other Metals are yet more remote. yet it is with more labour. finish or compleat. Courteous in his Conversation to others. and yet comprehends all those properties in it: without form or shape. the highest and most exact of Beauties. than the Sulphurs either of Sol or Luna. Learning the Art is placed in these wonful hidden Elements. It behoves him therefore. Gold and Silver. to be Just and Good. who would be introduced into this our hidden Wisdom.

The knowledge of this nearest Sulphur. Subtil. and introduce Light. else you will never be able to hold the Matter. a new Body. is the Surnm of the hole Art. yet such a one as is Spiritual. and able to penetrate into the most inward recesses of the most solid and compact Bodies. before you can Operate rightly. it begins.Salmon. compleats. and finishes the whole thing. few Authors have yet taught. to Operate upon it. gives to the new generation. and Legitimate Digestion. how things fight and contend one with another. to wit. with and in the Mercury of the Philosophers. you must endeavour to give it again a new Life. full of Life and Power. you know nothing. The Volatile must be first fixed. And this know. being once Slain. with a thousand fold a greater Treasure than he contained before. 42 . Hermes. and how to prepare and use it in this work. like as from Blackness and Darkness. which by a Conjunction. that except you know how to Mortisie and induce Generation. enriching even Vulgar Sol himself. nor can you perform any thing. by raising it up into a new form. are made Colorless and freed from their defedations. III. the Dragon must be then Mastered and overcome. and restoring to it a new Volatility. to Cleanse. to Vivifie the Spirit. But how this Sulphur is educed out of a determined Matter. the Life of Sol and Luna. and the Wild Tamed. or Spots and Foulness.

Hermes. that even Kings themselves shall Venerate it. and Cleanse by first defiling or bringing to Putrefaction. and bring forth Light by first introducing Darkness. and a Fatal War must be begun and carried on to the Destruction of the first form and Life. that it may be able to receive the true Color. In Order to this. But this you may know. without which you can do nothing. that the sublimed Matter may receive its determination. There must be a most close Conjunction or Matrimony. To mortifie is to Dissolve any thing into the principles of which it is Compounded: Therefore saith Senior. is intended of the first Life and form. and Tincture. The two contrary Principles must first fight and contend one with another. You must make Alive by Killing. there is no Generation without Corruption. before the second form and Life can appear. that this great Arcanum is a Matter of so great Worth. it behoves us to keep close. between the Superiors and Inferiors. This Mortification. between the Spirit and the Body. 43 . through the Power of the Invisible Life. then Dissolution. and in this Putrefaction is the beginning of our Secret. the Philosophical Calcination is the beginning of the Work.Salmon. which is made by Ascention and Descention. in order to Generation. IV. and to hide them from every profane and worthless Person. which none but the initiated Sons of Doctrine and Philosophy do rightly understand. and the Matter must be first made Colorless. the which Secrets.

Soul and Spirit. The Various things are Salt. Efficacy and Virtue in this our Philosophick Tincture. V. and Composed of many things. Ploughed up. Mars. Sulphur. that is it which ties the Particles and Atoms of every thing 44 . which Transmutes. That is. Sulphur and Spirit: The Salt of that Mercury is the Philosophick Earth. In Mercury it self there is a Salt.Salmon. and not only all simple Quick-Silver. and of Four Elements. there is such a Vital Power. which is to be Dryed or Drained. of Various Colours. Hermes. that it is able to transmute all the Mercury in the World into fine Gold. and the Sulphur thereof is the Internal Tincture. and to Disjoynt them. and Luna. and partly to Mortificie the Nature in the same. and to exalt it to a thousand Degrees above what Nature has determined it to be. and Mercury. the Body. but is also able to transmute the whole Body of Gold into pure Tincture. but also the Mercury of all other Bodies as of Saturn. which Power it exerts not only in those Inferiour Bodies. Understand also that our Stone is Conjoyned with. Salmon. Jupiter. Manured and Cultivated. and without which all Bodies whatsoever would fall to Dust and Ashes. but it is the Spirit or living Principle which gives the Permanency or Fixity. Strength. which it behoves us to Divide and Cut in Pieces. which Spirit is that which joyns the Soul and Body together. which is in it. Venus.

in which Salt lies the depth of the whole Secret. All these must be Cut in Pieces. And also to keep safe the Water and the Fire dwelling therein. which is done by joyning of the three together. which are without Parts. This Salt is Vegetable. according to that Ternary of Generations.together. but separate. there is a Volatile Body. VI. this is a Mystery which only the true Philosophers and Sons of Doctrine can understand. In this Salt there is a Corporeity joyned with a Soul and a Spirit. in the beginning of the Work. because the Soul will joyn with Soul. that their Stone was Threefold. which are the Chains which tie all the Particles of the Body together. from whence the Philosophers were wont to say. breadth. yet the Soul of the one will not joyn with the Body of the other. and Conjoyned to the Mercury of the Philosophers by the Medium of Salt. and a Rubine Soul which tinges: This Body in the Putrefaction is cast away. by which means you will make the separation. which does contain its own Water. You must joyn Body to Body. This is not 45 . drawn from the Four Elements and their Waters. and only the Spirit and Soul. In Sulphur. separated and divided. but a Fixing Spirit. without substance or corporeity are retained. without length. or thickness. Hermes. that is with a Sulphur and Mercury spiritual. Mineral and Animal. Soul to Soul and Spirit to Spirit. or Proportion.

with this watery Soul. being often iterated. but Sulphur. 0 Blessed Water in the form of Sea. or Tincture. by this means. That is the Mercury and Sulphur dwelling in the Salt.Water in its form. which is our Stone. containing the Clouds.) the Spirit enters into. Salmon. lest they should flie away in sublimation from the Bodies. for by this means are they made Tinging. and peirces and penetrates the Body. the Sulphur contains the Mercury drawn from its Original Fountains. the Ascending Waters. and Permanent. 46 . Nor is it Quick-Silver in form. it is yet better. Now it behoves us. at least three times. nor Spirit in form but Oyl. to possess a Suiphurous Form. VII. or the Spirit and the Soul dwelling in the Body. Hermes. containing in a strong and pure Vessel. sticking to the sides of the Glass. in Order to its Fixation: which at length is perfected which the highest Fixation and Tincture by the Fixing Oyl or Sulphur. which are of a dry consistency or Body. (but if it be six or seven times. and to mix or joyn the same with our Vinegar. or Fixed. The Fire (saith he) contains its own Water drawn from the Four Elements: That is. and Ascending Waters. lest the Spirits should flie away from the Bodies. but Fire. This is not Water in Form but Fire. which Element thou dissolvest.

Salmon. Great is the Virtue and Power which dwells in the Aqua Philosophica, from whence it is called Blessed. For as common Water, washes away the Filth from things, and cleanses them outwardly; so this our Elementated Water, not only Dissolves Bodies, but also Washes away and Cleanses them inwardly from all manner of Defilemens and Impurities; and being joyned with the Philosophick Vinegar, brings forth from them their incombustible Sulphur, which by projection, tinges and transmutes all imperfect Metals into most pure finish Gold and Silver. This Water is the Key of the Art by which the Bodies are oftentimes to be opened, that is, they are to be Dissolved, and by the same to be again Coagulated, to be made more noble, pure, and perfect. So that no Foot-steps of Death, Blackness, Corruption, or Imperfection may any more remain in them. The preparation of this Water is known but to a few, nor do many attain to it, because the Well is Deep out of which it is drawn, nor do the Vulgar Chymists understand it. But whatever you do, you can do no great Matter without the help of Nature: and tho’ Aqua Fortis and Aqua Regis and such—like, are usefull in their places, to dissolve and Tear Bodies into Atoms, yet are they Alien, and far from the true Aqua Philosophica, which has the Power to enter into the insides of Metals, whereas they, only divide them into many Superficies. And therefore say the Philosophers, the preparation of this Water is not to be Learned of Masters, but it must be taught by the Dictates of Nature her self.


VIII. Hermes. For when by the Power of the Water, the Compositum also is Dissolved, you have the Key of the Restauration, then Death and Blackness flie away, and Wisdom proceeds on to the Finishing of the Work.

Salmon. This Water does not Tear or Gnaw Bodies into Pieces and Bits, but it Radically Dissolves them, and reduces them intQ their Prima Materia, as they were in their Original Generation. Of this Nature are those Fountains & Springs in Hungaria, which have a Faculty of Transmuting what Iron soever is cast into them in to good Coper; and those other Fountains, into which if any Wood be cast, so as it remains but some certain time, by the Lapidescent Virtue of the Water; it is transmuted; through its whole substance into Stone; which Memorable and well known Powers and Operations of Nature in these particular things, are in part a demonstration, or at least an Argument to persuade one to the belief of other Operations and Transmutations in the Netalline Kingdom. Ignis & Azoth say the Philosophers are enough for the whole Work: Learn therefore from Nature, the preparation of this Azoth, or Water of the Philosophers; which Water being prepared, does with a simple Operation, through the help of Nature, gently boyling in a soft Fire, bring the work to a conclusion, and perfect the same. This Operation indeed, or simple Coction, is that which opens the Door into the


Chambers of Life, making Putrefaction and Death, and blackness, and darkness to vanish and f lie away. This Water and this Fire, tho’ simple, and simple in their Operation, yet are they hid; and known but to a few, for that they lead into the most recluse and abscondite recesses of Nature.


and dwell therein. Hermes. must first be purified and washed with Azoth and Ignis: for the washing is that which puts an end to the blackness. and till the red is made perfectly red. when they make it to contend with the fire: because the Spirits in the masked Bodies. it immediately coinmixes with them. the Spirit out of a natural propension is drawn to the Bodies. and they are conjoyned. or band. and to rejoyce there. or contain them.CHAPTER VII THE OPERATIONS OF NATURE IN THE AQUA PHILOSOPHICA AS IN A SEED. Salmon. The Bodies before than can be perfectly united with the Spirit. 50 . and the purification is made and continued till the White Elixir is made perfectly white. desire to dwell therein. Now know my Son. that the Philosophers chain up (the Matter) with a strong chain. nor from them can they ever be separated. in which being ardently inflamed. but from the meer affinity which is between the Bodies and Spirit. Now this conjunction is not made by chance. with an indissoluble conjunction. they vivifie themselves. I. and joyned one to another in a strong Confederation. and the Bodies hold. under the Chains of which they remain inseparable for ever. In these habitations. being thus cleansed and purified.

and Purified.for they both proceed from one fountain and principle. hitherto lying Dormant. are the Domicils of their Spirits. by reason it vivifies. unless the Bodies be first Dissolved. the more excellent. is excited and stirred up. by their abundant Virtue. and most powerful Agent. and by their Vivifying Power the Life and Fire. and the Compositum. 51 . is much the more noble. but the Inhabitants in them are alive. their terrestrial substance is by little and little made them. and at length to perfection. or shew it self. which when they are received by the Bodies. they communicate their tinging property to the other imperfect Bodies. the spirit. extended. is laid as it were asleep. II. Exalted. Salmon. For the Life which dwells in the Metals. Then the dead Elements are revived. and by wonderful operations.) being brought to this Degree of purity and spirituality. Now the Bodies of the Metals. or compounded Bodies are tinged and altered. (for that the Spirit does only Vivifie. they are made permanent. and holds the Particles of the Bodies together. This is the property of our Medicine. nor can it exert its Power. though of the two. and turned into Spirit. Hermes. or fixed. The Domicils of themselves remain dead. as the Philosopher saith. and Transmute them into a fixed and permanent Substance.

one part thereof will tinge ten parts of an imperfect body. 0 Beautiful and Permanent. III. it is as clear as Silver. Here is a Celestial and Divine Fountain set Open. or Fixed Water. the Formator of the Royal Elements. which whoso is ignorant of. Crescite & Multiplicamini. and of a Celestial Color. knows nothing of the principles of this Science. He does not call the Matter of the Stone simply Water. then ten thousand. This Fountain (saith Bernard Trevisan) is a wonderful Fountain of Virtue. By which the Efficacy of the Creators Word is most apparently Evident. nor can it be wholly exhausted. who having obtained (with the Brethren joyned with a moderate Government) the Tincture. by so much the more it encreases in Virtue and Power. that at first. but a fixed Watery form. Hermes. should the World endure to External Generations. that is 52 . above all other Fountains in the whole World. hast found a place of rest. after a thousand. encrease and multiply. would remain in its simple or single State of perfection.into which the Bodies are reduced. And by how much the of tner the Medicine is dissolved. It is the Formator of the Royal Elements. which otherwise without any more solutions. then an hundred. which no Man is able to draw dry. and so infinitely on. Salmon.

Hermes. Tincture and Fixation. in the midst of Corruption and defilements. by which is prefigured. but cast forth upon a Dunghil. Salmon. in the Dunghil. It is most dear and Valuable. it brings forth splendid.e. as being found amongst the most Vile things. yet cast forth upon the Dunghil. Our Stone is a most pretious thing. Prize. they being first Purified in the same Fountain. in the High way.(as Bernard explicates it) it draws to it self the King. 53 . found among the most Vile things. the Argent Vive of Auripigment and the Oriental Argent Vive of Magnesia. in Mountains and in Vallies. shining. and so tho’ it be most dear being perfected.) Because it behoves us to kill two Argent Vives together. and freed from all their Internal Leprofie and Impurities: By this he means. and Crowned with a Royal Diadem. Our Stone is Composed of a double Argent Vive: The first of which Argent Vive’s is Vile and Abject. which is filthy and stinks like a Dunghil. It is the most pretious. and found in all places. and a Stable Place of Rest. yet it is most Vile. who after 130 days. who afterwards Adorns his Brethren. because it is the Fountain of all Treasures. and yet to Value. yet Vile and the most Vile: (i. IV. in Plains. because it is found in the Putrefaction of the Matters. Concord and Peace is produced. and Esteem them viz.

is transmuted into the best and most perfect of Metals. This is that which without doubt our Author as under a Veil. even Herbs. he means the humidity of the Mixture. viz. but not the Vulgar Salt. it is not Gold nor Silver. nor Gems. And this is enough to be said concerning this Argent Vive. from which this Humidity is 54 . that it is Vile and most Vile. but such whom Experience and true Philosophy has taught. these are things of great Price. But the other which he calls Oriental Argent Vive of Magnesia. of the Rock I say. But by this Argent Vive. and the Flint into the most hard Adamant: but few will believe this. altho’ that has one of the Qualities of this our Stone. nor pretious Stones. with which Food is Drest. is not able to live one Moment of an hour. By Magnesia. calls Auripigment. But would you know what it is. and therefore not to be enumerated among those things. it preserves all things from Corruption. that of Dissolving. is most Valuable and Pretious. What is it then? It is Salt. which are Vile and Mean. and by what Artifice it may be extracted out of them. nor of the Vulgar Magnesia. this is no spoke of Vulgar Argent Vive. he understands the Total Mixion. or Compositum. by which running Mercury. and every Mineral without exception. for it enlivens all things. which is the Radical Humidity of our Stone. both Animals and Vegetables. Salt of the Rock.and without which Man. Plants and Trees stand in need thereof. but it is Sal Petrae. how it is found in all things.

which mekest. And the greater part of this Secret Arcanum lies rather in this pretious Magnesia. which Humidity does indeed run in the Fire and in the same does dissolve the whole Compositum. Salmon. V. and great Architect of the whole World. is the Creator of Nature. and which Moisture is called our Argent Vive. the greatest. the Creator of Natures. and then it Generates or brings forth the Black Clouds or Darkness which is the Mother of all things. This Magnesia is the Power and Virtue of our Stone. Universal Nature is but one thing.extracted. 0 Nature. But God Almighty is the Supream Work Master. that according to 55 . makes it grow Black. and also congeal it. we have here said enough. containest. Hermes. and possess it. and in the end compleatly perfects it. being a most pretious Treasure to such as know it. or the producer of all things. and it is that which does all in all. makes it grow White. as Hermes saith. and separatest Natures in a middle principles Our Stone comes with Light. and with Light it is Generated. than in the former Vile Argent Vive: of which. which like an Universal Magnet draws all things to their Center. and also makes it grow Red. which is the very principle of Motion and Rest. whether in the superior or inferior Worlds. and which. tho’ the Philosophers have variously hid it under Clouds and Veils. who created and brought forth this Universal Nature.

which is that of Generation. the Seed must Die. and Grow.his Determination it might bring forth all other things in a middle principle. so if the Seed of Gold which is Light. God Almighty by his Instrument. the inward and latent Life. which is the Mother and the Generatrix of our whole Work. and will bring forth a faith- 56 . in which all things are produced. and makes it bring forth Gold again. Corrpution must prevail. Hermes. nothing else is understood but the Magnesia of Saturn. not yet too great or hurtful. Wheat and not Barly. VI. 10. now Saturn by the Greeks is called Chronos. and Darkness must Over-spread the Face of the Earth: By which say some Philosophers. be Sown in a proper and sit Earth. by a proper and specifick Power. or a 1000. viz. specificates that production. But when we Conjoyn the Crowned King to our Red Daughter. Rye. and energetick Spirit which specificates it to its own right & particular form. and in a Gentle Fire. Oats or Pease. So if Grain be cast into the Ground. according to the goodness of the Earth in which it is Sown: But before it is brought to perfection. bringing forth from Wheat. causes it to be Spring. that is Time. Nature. Meliorated and made fit for the prupose. and the Magnesia it self. she does Conceive. but this Education is in the middle principle. fold. lodged in the Seed of Gold. 100. the Light must be Eclipsed. Nature by Virtue of the energetick Spirit or Light.

The Queen or the Red Daughter of the Philosophers is Luna. This is wonderful. and she brings forth a Son. even so many times till it neither Hungers nor Thirsts any more. But when you send forth the Fire upon the Leaves or enfoldings of the Sulphur. and his Tincture by the help of the Fire remains Red as Flesh. and nourishes the permanent or fixed Matter. which does feed with a little Heat. to wit. and his Putrefied and stinking Matter is extracted. are now by the same Nursed and Fed. our Crowned King. And it is fed 10 or 12 times with its proper Food and Drink. by being Conjoyned to our Sol. but it is so in this Our Work. increases. that the Parents who before were the Nurses and Feeders. the Metalick or Philosophick Luna. and is brought to perfection.ful and excellent Son. which now puts on the Masculine Nature. Hermes. (not in the Vulgar way of Decocting) answerable to that of the Heavenly Fire or Sun. which is the Mercurial Bread and Water. by which it grows. 57 . the Boundary of Hearts does enter in above it. then he is altered or changed. Salmon. then it is Tinged and Fixed for ever. VII. which the Philosophers call their Mercury. It is nourished with a gentle Heat. This Son ought indeed to be fed to Satiety. is washed in the same. making it to abide even the greatest Fire. resplendent in Glory like the most sparkling Fire.

or Blood yet flowing and moist. which the Philosophers speak of. not for any external Green Color. But Our Son the begotten King.Salmon. Life made manifest begins to live. till (being separated) there appears at length in the Foeces a most pure and Rubicund Tincture of the Color of Flesh newly Killed and Bloody: This is the Blood of the Green Lyon. The Tincture: is like Bloody Flesh new Killed. lives by Virtue of its inward Fire or Heat. and the Sea. vastly repleat with a Gountain of Vital Spirits. Hermes. now exists and is made manifest. not only to Vivifie. and Darkness fly away from him. 58 . and it is said to be Green. doth take his Tincture from the Fire. but from its Viridity or strength of Life. and Sulphur contains within it a hidden Fire. abounding with a ful vigorous and perfect Spirit. but also to Depurate. VIII. And as Flesh is nothing but Blood Coagulated. and that which before was hid in the Sulphur. it is the business of the Fire. which then is said to have attained the Degree of perfection. so also Our Tincture is nothing but the Coagulated Blood (which Blood is the boundary or satisfaction of Hearts) even the Blood of the Green or Virescent Lyon. And Death. Every thing which lives. which by the External Fire is excited and stirred up. and Segregate the things which are Heterogene.

the fire is that strong Fortitude. or invincible strength. And thus ourtone. IX. which before. that it is made and remains Red by the help of the Fire. assimulated to the Nature of the Fire. 59 . till by length of time it is coverted into a Quintessence the true Philo— sophick Tincture.Salmon. nothing can be right and perfect but what can endure the strongest Tryal of that Element. and therefore by consequence the Tincture is to be so long nourished by the Fire. in its beginning. Our Hermes here tells you very plainly. from whence plainly it is taken. Now if you know what this Tincture is. which brings forth this Tincture. becoming a Medicine for the Bodies both of Metals and Humane kind. where it dwells as in its proper Matrix or Element. Hermes. and so Triumphs over Death. doth take his Tincture from the fire. and was drowned in the Sea or Waters. The Dragon flies from the Beams of the Sun. lay in Death. the Sea. and at length wholly turned into Fire. and again. Whatsoever tincture flies away from the Fire is Immature and Imperfect. who observes the Holes or passages. which was the Corruption of the Matter. till it comes to the height of Perfection. is by the Power of the Fire. or true Viridity of the Lyon. and Darkness as having really Conquered them. viz. and surrounded with Darkness. where they enter in. Our Son the begotten King Sumit Tincturam exigne. and in the same only rejoyces and is delighted. with a gentle Coction.

which is Black. Salmon. with which the Son is Copiously Fed. Holes of Rocks. or other the like Heat. The Dragon here signifies the Earth. are put in the Heat of the Sun for other 40 days. the Spirit of the Fire. 60 . little and round. viz. but the Dragon by the same heat. and therefore they avoid the shining Sun. by the deadly stink of which the King’s Son happens also to be Killed: Both being therefore slain and put into another clean Glass. or space of 40 days. blacker than Black: Now Serpents and Dragons delight rather in places under Ground.and our Dead Son Lives. and rejoyces with his Wife. laying Open the hidden things. the parts being wholly Dissolved. and advanced to the height of its Glory. and close stopped up. than abroad in the Open Air and Light of the Sun. and Obscured Virgins Milk. and the hidden Tincture is brought to light. well defended and Luted. and in that space of time. being vehemently over-born is wholly Consumed and Reduced to nothing. The King comes from the Fire. Now the King seing the Heat of the Sun to be too weak to Work a Total deliverance from the Poyson of the Dragon. prepared a Bath for him self and His Son to wash in. This Dragon must be inclosed in a Vessel. and then exposed to the Heat of the Sun for one Philosophick Month. and obscure Dens. in which time it is destroyed. the Dead Son by little and little is revived and restored to life. in the mean time the Virgins Milk is brought to its Whiteness.

this Poysonous Serpent. the Tincture and Fixity of parts. Hermes. for the Son has got the Blessing. to its substance. Hermes. out of which the Golden Tree of the Philosophers is said to Spring and Grow. XI. the Prima Materia. Salmon. Come ye Sons of Wisdom. and by this new Generation is made patient and strong. he is invested with his Red Garment. able to endure the most vehement and lasting fire. having also the Root of the matter in him. And the Root of the Matter is in him. this Putrefaction. bringing forth much Fruit. The Father can never Desert the Son. this Malign and prof ligating Spirit. and rejoyce: be ye glad and exceeding joyful together. that is. this almost invincible Death. Salmon.X. without the least Diminution or hurt. that is. is made a Warior of the Fire. 61 . the Aurisick Seed. The Son has got the Blessing. and Darkness. or made to Live. this terrible Dragon. Now the Son Vivified. participating of his Life and substance: and is like unto him in all things. for the Son is of him and from him. Having Conquered and overcome this horrible Monster. Corruption. and superexcellent in his Tirjctures. for Death has received its Consummation. and the Son does Reign. and the Scarlet Color is put on.

a new Offspring to Life. and Perpetuity. or brought to an end. I say. even the highest Redness. full of Spirit and Power. enjoying a most fixt substance. and Trouble and Sorrow. making Rich with a Treasure that can never be Consumed. 62 . having done all this. Wasted. yea exceeding joyful. for this is the final end of Care. of Sulphur and Tincture. which is the Reign and Dominion of this new Birth. always encreasing ad infinitum. Glory. Clothed with his Red Garment of Scarlet Color.and brought forth. Hermes advises us to rejoyce and be glad.

Salmon. and Honour. Hermes. Tincture and Fixity. It ought to be nourished and brought to perfection with proper Food of its own Nature. and my good things are better than all other good things. exceeding every Light. and I will reward you. Now understand that this Stone cries out. that is with Fire and Azoth. and my Beams are most inward. II.CHAPTER VIII THE PHILOSOPHICK RIDDLE LAID DOWN AFTER A NEW MANNER. is my Light. and secretly in me: my own Luna also. Salmon. and I will bountifully recompence you. My Sol. that which is my own. which gives it substance. which for ever afterwards levens the whole Lump: if you do this. so that it seems to be hid from the 63 . you will reap the Recompence of reward. and the Virgins Milk: The true Aqua Philosophica. the Fruits of your Labour. give to me mine. I. Riches. and is like Leven made out of the same Paste. but it is most inward. nourish and perfect me. Hermes. That is. and every good thing. our Mercury contains inwardly within its own Bowels the Aurisick Seed. This is its own. and Glory. with Spirit. even Centeral.

and Glory. the good things of our Stone do proceed. with which all the worthy Searchers after this wonderfull Mystery are Blessed: the Rewards are Honour. This is a Prosopopoeia. the Aurora. or consumed. and to possess Divine things. shewing the liberality of the Donor. the Infinite and immense Treasures (as it may in a sense be said). which can be done no ways but by Putrefaction. this substance must be turned the inside outward. but remains as a fountain always running. 64 . I give largly and plentifully: I reward the understanding with Joy and Gladness. and undervalue all temporal things. nor spent. and despise their uncertain. as being the Seed from which the Philosophick Tree. Salmon. with Delight. III. Hermes. an Eternal Spring for ever. I give them opportunities to Know and Understand. untinged Gold. with Riches and Honour and Glory: And they that seek after me. infinitly exceeding that of Kings: The possessors of which flight. which is unripe. that the solar Sulphur may be made to appear. It contains also in it self Luna. and fading satisfactions for that this can never be lost. and Treasure. in comparison thereof. never be Exhausted. the Morning of the Glorious Day. yet it is said to be the Light.Vulgar Eye.

65 . tis probable he means the Spirit and the Soul. if you are willing. the one and the more excellent is Solar and Red. which is the same thing in Metals as in all other things. has lockt up the Great Mystery. Salmon. which follows the two. so that it is hard for any one positively to give a true interpretation. and in the following words. And by Sol following the Book (of Nature) is meant the natural Course of Generation. and the seven Metals answering to them) Hermes has hid the Secret. Mercury and Sulphur. to joyn the Son to the Daughter of the Water. or desire that he should have the Dominion you must watch the motions of Art. Hermes. out of which are made the different Ferments for the Elixirs White and Red. which is the Conjunction of Sol and Luna. follow the two: and Sol in like manner follows the Book (of Nature) notwithstanding. and Luna: in the Conjunction of which Mercury and Sulphur lies the whole Secret. Under the notion of seven Letters (signifying the seven Planets. Now know that which the Philosophers have hidden and obscured is written with seven Letters. By the Daughter of the Water or Jupiter is meant Mercury. as in an Aenigma. Alpha and Ida. which is Jupiter: This is a hidden secret. and by the Son. a Mercury and a Sulphur fixed and Incombustible. is Lunar.IV. and White. such as are Sol. Tho’ by Alpha and Yda. the other Inferior to it. These two when conjoyned are but one thing: but there are two several kinds of fixed Sulphurs. a Sulphur fixt and incombustible.

or akin to him. But who is it that understands the sincere investigation. and inquires into the Reason of this Matter? It is not made from Man. the thing is Neutral indeed which is brought forth. Hermes. what he has here most subtillly investigated.V. Salmon. If any living Creature con joyns with one of another Species. The whole manner I know to be but only one thing. you ought to consider with a profound contemplation: However. Hermes. and the attendant circumstances to the same. Auditor understand. Our Hermes has given us the sincere investigation of Matter. may easily be deceived. and therefore he advises us to use our Reason. the Power of the words. He which easily believes. the true and right reason of the Operation. nor from the Ox or Bullock. consentaneous to the Laws of Nature. but to consider the weight of the Matter. nor from any thing like. which is the Aqua Philosophica. at least to the 66 . and in the Contemplative part have demonstrated to you. not to take things according to the Naked found of the Letter. Salmon. let us then use our Reason: Consider what I have written with the most accurate Investigation. but in some things he has left us in the Dark. VI. the Root of the matter he positively and plainly tells you is but one thing.

Salmon. and unless my Metal be dryed all Bodies would cleave unto me. and so Hermes tells you. Where is Light there is Life. This is spoken Allegorically. Now Venus saith. VII.use and exercise of our Reason and Judgment. the Light being the Vehicle of the Life: There is nothing in Rerum Natura. the Ordination of God in the Creation of things remains inviolable. you cannot gather Grapes of Thorns. yet he plainly tells you what it is not taken from. and Beast. a contamination of both the Species follows. because I should make them Liquids: Also I Blot out. and I extract their substance: Nothing therefore is better than me and my Brother. is a Dictate from the Oracle of Truth. a Metalline Body and Substance cannot be taken from an nimal being: But Man brings forth Man. And tho’ he does not expressly say what the matter is taken from. Hermes. being Conjoyned. which is not brought forth by the help of 67 . Beasts. and if different Species of the same Genus mix together. I beget the Light. nor Figs of Thistles. or Wipe away their Rust and Filthiness. this is plain to the senses: the same thing happens also in Metals. nor is the Darkness of my Nature. because Venus as the Morning Star is the Harbinger or Forerunner of the Sun Rising.

as if it was a Fire of Coals. This is the pretious Stone. bring forth a Son more Noble and Excellent than the Parents. extracts and brings forth to light their Purity and incorruptible substance. and with a Fiery Virtue and Power. What is done then? Truly if Venus and her Brother copulate together. is endued with Lucidity and Splendor. and the Great Ones of the World seek after. but by melting them. she will be impregnated. but it is hid from their Eyes. which even the Kings and Princes of the Earth. but it melts or liquifies them not simply. the invaluable Treasure. by a Natural Generation: Metals are thus produced in their Mines: But this Light is not found in Metallick Bodies. because of their too great dryness and Terrestreity. This moist Metal Venus. by which is melts Bodies. a Pearl of great price. 68 . being only the proper Inheritance of the abject and humble in Spirit. and after a Revolution of ten Months.this Light. by the Craft of Vulcan. and therefore because of the moistness of Venus. which is neither Copper nor Brass. washes away their Rust and Corruptible matter. even their inward and hidden Tincture. and at length. viz. that is. they would gladly stick to her. who are the true Sons of Wisdom. are taken and held bound together (by some invisible Power or Spirit) in Chains.

the supream power of which resides in Sol alone. the other inferiour Metals. Hermes. for that he sustains himself in the fire without hurt. which all possess the Kingdom in common. II. and to rest within the Arms and Brest (i. even the red Tincture of the Stone. But the King. By the King is meant Gold.CHAPTER IX THE LAST ACT. and this by the help of our Mercury. and by his Brethren. By the Royal Diadem he means Fixity. is Generated by Us. I am cloathed with the Royal Garment. and by the Royal Garment Tincture. I am Crowned. Leavens all the inferior Metals.e. 69 . I made my substance to lay hold of. and transmutes them into its own Nature and Property. Salmon. which as Ferment or Leven. Hermes. And being overcome by Force. or Dominator. and to lay hold and fasten upon her Substance: making that which is Visible to be Invisible. and Adorned with a Royal Diadem. and I bring joy and gladness of Heart. and the hidden Matter to appear: for every thing which the Philosophers have Vailed or Obscured. OR CONCLUSION OF THE THEORY OF THE PHILOSOPHICK TINCTUREI I. the Body or Womb) of my Mother. and Lord. to the Witnesses his Brethren saith. even to the longest period of time.

its substance being attenuated. as tho’ the whole Mystery lay in these words: And truly not in Vain does he bid understand them. and that which was before hidden and invisible. it is dissolved and its Body Opened. With what Vehemency and Earnestness does Hermes here speak. that is. which by Virtue of the Ferment is put upon Mercury. and reject what is superfluous (to the Work). which is the Womb in which the solar Seed is Sown. III. keep them. is made to appear. and made to joyn and Unite with Mercury.Salmon. and converts it into its own Nature: Thus Sol which before was Visible. Upon these words Meditate. and to enquire after nothing else: 70 . fastens upon it. whole Bowels or inwards are Fleshy. Understand these words. and not from any thing else. keep them meditate upon them. which is the Mother thereof: in which Womb being digested and Ripened. it lays hold of the substance of Mercury. That which is thus overcome by Force is Sol. and a Spirit. and enquire after nothing else: Man in the beg-inning is Generated of Nature. Salmon. Hermes. that is. which is the Internal Soul and Spirit. which is the substance of our Stone. Tincture and Fixity. is made invisible. whereby a Door is Opened into the Chambers of infinite Treasures. Meditate upon them. whereby the Vailed or Obscured Matter is Generated.

the same also makes Red. IV. which is extracted out of the Red Root. Metals are only produced from Metalline Seeds or Roots. Encrease. By Botri he means the two Stones. the White. Hermes. the same also makes Alive: 71 . and a Beast a Beast. and the Yellow or Red. and from nothing else. That which Whitens. which are extracted out of the White and the Red Roots. All other things whatsoever are Vain and Fruitless. thou hast sought it at the Mouth of Wisdom. out of the Sulphur of Nature. viz. from the Yellow or Citrine. Salmon. From thence saith the Philosopher Botri is made. and Tree are produced from their proper Seed. or Circumscribed you under Darkness. and by which they Grow. and the same that Kills. and proceed on to Perfection. which is the Philosophick Mercury. it was not obtained by thy Care or Industry: You need not study to exalt or change it from the Redness: See I have not Limited you. I have made almost all things plain to you. so in the Metalline Kingdom.You cannot gather Grapes of Thorns. the Earth whence they draw their Nourishment. which if it shall be Citrine. nor Figs of Thistles: As a Man Begets or Generates a Man. and Plant. cast into a proper Womb. and as every Hearb.

he means the Philosophick and Volatile Mercury. as the Arabian Geber has at large and plainly taught us. 72 .) But this is true. by the means of that which flies not. Dye. you must have particular Ferments. By the Body of Laton or Brass. and Fusory. there is nothing beyond that. only of the great Work it self. which must be taken from Luna for the White. Hermes. which by a Sulphur fixed and incombustible (such as is taken from Luna and Sol) is to be fixed in the Fire. in particular Works and Operation. and that with Glory and Excellency. so as it may rest and remain therein tho’ most Vehement. and by that which is Fugitive. as much as you can with it. V. where you must take up your rest. or in the strongest reverberation. Nature does only and alone conjoyn and separate. in that is the Ultimate perfection. Burn the Body of Laton or Brass with a very great Fire. mecuin oritur. that it may not fly. but if you will be Wise above Nature. and Ting. or flying away. it will Stain. and not of any Branch thereof. and all its Operations are subtil and spiritual.(Qui mecum moritur. Salmon. and it will give you Gratis what you desire. you shall certainly Err and suffer an irreparable loss: And having once brought it to the fixed Redness. and from Sol for the Red. And see that you make that which is Fugitive and Volatile.

or Seed which must be sown in the Philosophick Earth or Mercury. brings over into its own property. and fixes. and held fast by the Power of the fixing Spirit. by the Power of the transmuting or Vegetating Spirit and Soul. Hermes. and convey the Spirit to the Mercury. and resume a new Body. is the Sulphur. in or by any other Vehicle. whose Seed will be and reamin in it self for ever. VI. bearing Golden Apples. which could not be brought to it. changes or transmutes. all the Heterogene or impure parts of the Mercury are destroyed. This tho’ a Spirit contains in it the highest fixity. By the Fire. the pure left behind. and bring forth a new to infinity of Generations: Its perpetual new Substance or Body being made out of the Substance of the Mercurial Earth. and its Body Being Opened. spring up and grow. which otherwise without the assistance and help of that Spirit would have vanished also: This Volatile substance it seizes upon. of the first Magnitude. a thousand fold more in quantity than its own Power of the Energetick Spirit will be made to live.without the least Diminution. And that which rests or remains upon a strong Fire (is fixed. (as we have often said) that it may there Die. that is.) and is also a strong Fire it self: and that which in the heat of a strong or 73 . to be a Tree. Detriment. not by its Corporeity. But the Mercury is fixed by the Spirit of the Sulphur. the Corporeal Particles only give form. or Corruption.

boyling Fire is corrupted, or destroyed, or made to fly, is Cambar.

Salmon. By Cambar also he means the self same thing, to wit, our Volatile Mercury, in its Corruptible State: or rather the Corruptible and impure part thereof, which must be corrupted, or destroyed, and made to fly away, that which is pure and will not fly, may appear and remain; but the purifying Fire must be known, in which the great Secret of the Operation lies; and without which nothing can be done, which Fire, as we have formerly said, is two fold, viz. Internal and External, the latter being used only to excite the former.

VII. Hermes. And know ye that Our Aes, Brass or Laton, is Gold, which is the Art of the permanent or fixed Water; and the Coloration of its Tincture and Blackness is then turned or changed into Redness.

Salmon. That is, Our Gold or Stone, or Tincture is the product of the permanent or fixed Water, by which he means the Philosophick Mercury impregnated with the Spirit of the fixed and incombustible Sulphur. And by this you may perceive he puts a difference between the Aes, Brass or Laton, which is made by this permanent Water, and the Corpus aris, or Body of common Brass. Now the Aqua permanens is that which contains in it


self the Tinctures of all Colors, Black only excepted, which is taken away from it, for that it is a sign of imperfection and impurity: By this Water alone Mercury is turned or changed into the true Red, that is, into the Tincture of Sol. But to take away its Corruption, and to reduce it into the incorruptible and fixt Nature of Sol, that must be done by Sol alone, and not by any corruptible and Forreign Matter or Substance, for that Sol contains in himself the Seeds of fixity and Tincture, which no other Body in the World does besides. But to make Sol do, or perform these things, its Body must be opened, prepared, and made fit for this purpose, by Virtue of the Aqua permanens, or Aqua Philosophica.

VIII. Hermes. I confess that through the help of God, I have spoken nothing but the Truth: That which is destroyed must be restored and renewed, and from thence Corruption is seen in the Matter to be Renovated, and from thence the Renovation appears: And on both or either side, it is the sign of Art.

Salmon. He has hitherto been teaching you the first part of the Work, which is the Destruction of the first Birth and Life; concerning which he assures us, he has spoken nothing but the truth: Our Mercury must be undone, and unmade, that is, corrupted and destroyed,


and brought through Putrefaction into a pure and Limpid Water, that it may be able to peirce the Metalline Bodies: from which State, by Conjunction with a pure, fixt, and incombustible Sulphur, and by Virtue of a subtle, living and fixing Spirit, invisible, without length, breadth, or thickness, (which Spirit is the Philosophick Fire,) it is to be renewed and regenerated; the Water is to be dryed up, the spiritual is to be made corporeal; the thin to be made thick, the Volatile to be made fixt; and the changeable Colors reduced to a Unity and Permanency, either White or Red, according to the Order and Root of the Operation; one and the same Mercury does corrupt and destroy the Bodies, and again exalt, perfect, and fix them; The Matter of Our Stone is but one, and therefore nothing can be more Alien from the Art, than to fetch it from many things; Nature is not mended or made better, but by a Nature of its own kind; as Vinegar makes Vinegar; so Our Art begins with Mercury, and with the same Mercury it is Finished. It is a kind of Proteus, which, creeping upon the Earth, assumes the Nature of a Serpent; but being Immersed in Water, it represents a Fish; presently taking to it self Wings, it ascends a loft, and flies like a Bird; yet notwithstanding it is but one and the same Mercury; with this the Artist does Work, and with it he transacts all the necessary Operations of our Stone, being fit and proper for them all, viz, for Putrefying, Distilling, Coagulating, Mortifying,


you have accomplished the first sign of the Art. without which seven Operations you labour wholly in vain. 77 . you have not made one step in the true way.Vivifying. but that being done. and Tinging. Till you have putrefied the Matter. as Hermes testifies. Subliming.

In the beginning when God Created the Heavens and the Earth.CHAPTER X THE PRACTICAL PART OF THE PHILOSOPHICK WORK I. for so it is said concerning the Creation of the great World. and altho’ it is commonly thought that the darkness or Dark principle is taken for the true Seed of things. and God said. My Son. or rather the Doinicil wherein the true Seeds of things dwell: Nor is the Spirit by it self the Seed of things. that Darkness was Prior to Light: and so it is in this our Philosophick Work. let there be Light and it was so: From whence we may gather. that the whole Corporeal form may be made spiritual. nor yet the Corporeal Particles by themselves. that which is born of the Crow is the beginning of this Art.e. but a certain portion of Spirit joyned with a fit proportion of Idoneous Matter conjoyned with an Eternal Soul. and made blackness and darkness. yet it is no such thing. and the Seed which before was Corporeal and Visible. from principles Invisible. Salmon. The Crow is the Blackness and Darkness of the Matter being Corrupted: Now nothing was ever Generated or brought to light. Hermes. the Earth was empty and void.which in the beginning of our Work is to be Putrefied. but only certain Rudiments. i. which had not its beginning from blackness and darkness. ex nocte Orphei. or a Spirit 78 . and darkness was upon the Face of the Deep.

is the beginning of this Art. which from the Name of Hermes. He tells us he has not nakedly demonstrated the whole thing to us. The Philosophers say. The first is Coruns the Crow or Raven. The third is the Eagle. Circumscribendo. by a kind of Circumlocution. This joyned. which is the Oleum sen Sulphur Philosophorum. may become wholly spiritual: From this third. See here. and Invisible Seed. and answers to 79 . 3. but he has Indigitated the Matter with what sincerity he could. Hermes. I have named to you. 2. they call Ayes Hermeticoe which fly by Night without Wings. Iminixt. which from its blackness is said to be the beginning of the Art. and I have deprived you of seeing the light (by giving you too much light:) And 1. Incorporeal. II. there are three several Birds. and is so called from the Whiteness in the middle. This nearest and longest. saith Our Hermes. in which the Swan is Conversant. the true Seed brought forth. Salmon. is our Stone. by a certain going about or Circumlocution. how I have obscured the matter spoken of to you. in the blackness and darkness of the Night. may at length happily find out. and is of the Nature of the Element of the Earth.joyned with a Soul and a Body. and answers to the Element of the Water. This dissolved. which the Sons of Art by thinking and Meditating upon. as from the Crow. which. Another is the Swan.

and to boil it in Horsedung. 14. Roast them therefore. ordering the matter (before demonstrated in divers manners) to be roasted. or rather to one only Spirit under that threefold appearance. or first Affation. for a certain number of days. like that of horsedung. and nearest to the Sun. or manifestation. for 7. and kill or destroy it self. and kill or destroy himself. then boyl them in that which proceeds from the Horse Belly. which is sufficient for the first degree of Digestion: This being done. Salmon. Hermes. Hitherto he has for the most part. the matter will begin in the Terra Philosophica. or Decoction. now he comes to the Practical part. that none of the Spirit may go forth: And observe. these Birds. which is the prime. the Dragon will eat his own Wings. and in the fire of a Fornace. But that you may not be deceived by Names.the Air. that the times of the Earth are in the Water. that it may eat its own Wings. with a fire weak and soft. delivered the Art Theorically. This done. III. to be 80 . There is a time of digestion. which let be as long as you put the same upon it. let it be put in Petta Panni. or 21 days. for that it flys longest in the Air. which diligently lute and take care of. that is. answer to so many Spirits.

one ounce. The matter then being melted or dissolved and burnt. and leave the dead Body: This may be done with Lutum Sapientiae. Crocus Martis. to the just consistency of Lute: with this the Mouths and junctures of the Vessels must be stopt and closed. Salmon. it does live in putrefaction. (which have a most vehement and penetrating fire) should transpire. which you may prepare after this manner. and the matter to be decocted in a Philosophick Fornace or A:banor. IV. Salt.dissolved and corrupted. and Whites of Eggs. take the brain thereof. let them be mixed with juice of Comfrey. and grind it in most sharp Vinegar. or Childrens Urine. or Caput mort. But the Vessel which must hold the matter. As 81 . or go forth. Sand. unless it be first melted or dissolved. of Vitriol. with a continual fire. Calx Vive. left the Mineral Spirits. Our Stone contains secretly or hiddenly in its self all the Colors of the World. so that the least Spirit or Vapour may not go forth. green Wood Ashes. ana one ounce. the heat of the fire is by little and little to be augmented. Take Glue dried into powder. Barly flower two ounces. Hermes. till it be obscured or hid: this done. which are not manifested. Then after the time of the solution is absolved or compleated. must be exactly sealed. all being in fine powder.

in an Animal. the cause of which is but one only. till all the colours are vanished. and the matter in which the said Spirit is hidden. which color must twice appear. and the whole matter is reduced to ashes: And in these Philosophick Ashes is the Phoenix hidden. and out of them will it arise with glory and splendour. and the first color of the operation appears. the second time it does putrefie. which is blackness. and most pretious Spirit of this whole greater World. and twice Red. or the most subtil 82 . or Metallick bodies: And by grinding the Ashes therewith. till it putrefies. he means the Spirit: But here he calls the Ashes the Brain. twice White. so these Ashes are the place of the most subtil Mineral. that is. even the most glorious Phoenix. By the Brain (as I have said) is understood the Spirit. By the Brain thereof. Metaphorically. for as the Brain is the Seat of the most pure and subtil Animal Spirit. or Spiritual juices of the Metals. he means dissolving them therein. at first weak like a Worm. so often a new color arises from it. By the most sharp Vinegar. being once corrupted and putrefied. The Stone must become Black twice. for that the putrefaction is twice repeated. he means the Acidity. even the most noble. or Metallick Spirit. which in success of time will become a Bird. which is the Philosophick way of speaking: And this dissolution must be so long.often therefore as it is melted in the fire. or Childrens Urine. and therefore it is said the second time to live in Putrefaction.

will arise. and then it does Live.) even in Putrefaction. viz. 83 . and this to be reiterated as I have described: Again let it be Killed as aforesaid. the Clouds like a Tempest. there is no other Aqua Vitae Metalica. Salmon. Aqua Lapidis. you know nothing of the true Philosophick Menstruum. till no more Clouds arise. This done he must be restored to Life again. These Clouds must revert again. That is to say. The Dark Clouds will be in it. Aqua Vitae Mercurialis. and then killed again. (as we have demonstrated in the Explication of the former Paragraph. as aforesaid. V. as is evident in all forts of Fermentations. while the Matter is in Dissolution and Putrefaction. let them be converted into its own Body. in Killing but not Killed. for that it contains in it self all things necessary for this Work. if you know not the preparation or rectification of this Radicated Vinegar. but this Acetum Radicatuin. and this Work must be so often reiterated.Mineral substance dissolved in the Radicated Vinegar of the Philosophers. from which it must at length (by the order and course of the Operations) be freed and brought to its Ultimate Perfection. and then it does live. till the Dragon is wholly Slain. and made to live. and be converted into their own Body. which is an effervescence caused from the contest of the contending principles. before it is Kill’d. or dissolvent. Hermes.

even that thing which does fix its Body. that as Death is induced by taking away the Spirit. because he uses Spirits in the Plural number: However this is certain. and is in the Highway to the greatest of Secrets. to be in the Spirits. or Mineral. so that being restored. That is. The Spirit is used both in Killing of it. and rejoyces therein. and to purify them. Hermes. and to tinge them into the highest perfection of Silver and Gold. But coming to this. whether Animal. and in the making of it Alive again: but this is by some doubtfully understood. ‘Tis this Spirit. joyned with its Philosophick Earth. ye shall see: I declare also to you the signs of joy and rejoycing. it is again made Alive. 84 . Salmon. that which ye seek by affirmation. so Life is retrieved. he declares the cause of life and death. which has power to fix both perfect and imperfect bodies. VII. Vegetable. to wit in the natural Spirits. Salmon. In the Life and Death thereof the Spirits Work: For as it is Killed by taking away of the Spirit.VI. Hermes. by restoring it again. whether it be meant of the innate or indwelling Spirit only. knows how to exert their powers. or of that Spirit joyned with another Metallick Spirit. which he calls the signs of joy and rejoycing. He who knows how to revive dead Minerals.

He declares. That he obtained the knowledge of this Art. 1. 1. yet I have also a little concealed the hidden Mystery. he declares. and Process of the Philosophick Tincture in Aenigma’s and Types & Shadows only. how they attained to the knowledge of this Secret. and made so plain. Ch. Hermes. Salmon. 85 . that the ancient Philosophers delivered the Matter. Now these things our Ancestors gave us only in Figures and Types. so much aimed at: I have opened the Book (of Secrets) to the Skilful and Learned. Sect. but yet he has made things so plain. This Secret he has opened in this Work. I have demonstrated the proposition so much desired. may at length haply find out the truth: notwithstanding what he has revealed. they left no footsteps of the true thing behind them. therefore from them our Hermes could receive nothing. he has not unfolded every particular. but behold. he has a little concealed the hidden Mistery. they are dead: I have now opened the Riddle. God it was who did reveal and open the Secret to him. that he who can read him with a Philosophick mind.VIII. and he professes. but what every one might think of at pleasure. that the skilful and learned may understand it: ‘Tis true. by the inspiration of the Living God only.

Then secondly. and unites them in a perpetual conjunction with a fixity. to wit. the various and divers figures and forms. viz. which will endure for ever. the pure from the inpure. I have kept the things (which out to be put a part) within their own bounds: I conjoyned the various and divers figures and forms (of its appearance in the operation) and I have consederated or joyned together (with them) the Spirit. he has joyned again what ought to be conjoyned. and the Spirit from the Body. the Spirit.IX. that he has first separated what out to be separated. 86 . that it may again be enformed with Tincture and Substance. that they can never be separated. and death. Thirdly. or joyned together with them. Receive you this as the gift of God. he has confederated. which ties the Particles of the Body and Tincture so firmly together. the Soul with the Body. corruption. Hermes. which is the first work in order to putrefaction. Salmon. The meaning of which is.

Salmon. It behoves you therefore to give thanks to God. to abase our selves before his Divine Majesty. how in the midst of such a fulness of Riches and Happiness he can humble himself. Salmon. For this inestimable Gift of God. that whilst I live. making you to despise the Glories of Crowns and Scepters as insignificant Baubles. who thus raises you out of the Dust to fit among Princes. 87 . who has largely given (of his bounty) to all the Wise. for that you carry within your Brests the true Treasure more valuable than all the whole World besides.CHAPTER XI THE PRACTICAL PART FARTHER EXPLICATED. II. it is but gratitude to return him the Tributes of Humility and Thanksgiving. When a Man becomes Master of his Arcanuxn. I. with all humbleness and submission. Hermes. with his probable miracles. who delivers us out of the Snares and Clutches of Misery and Poverty. so as I may attain him. Hermes. and I humbly pray God. and to rest with infinite content in the meanness of a despicable Cottage. I may pass the whole Course of my Life. he is then tried and proven indeed. I am proved and tried with the fulness of his Riches and Goddness.

and sink in to the deep Abyss of nothingness, abstracting himself from all the goodly things of this life; In this humble state God is only to be met with, (for the proud he beholds afar off) and in this abjection and self-denial, in this mortification of the first life and birth, a second is to be found, a being brought forth in the love of God, the birth of the new Man formed after the Image of the second Adam, a new Spirit, a new Life joyned and United to the Life of God, which can never Perish or Decay, a Fountain of Eternal Delights, an inexhaustible Treasure, infinitely exceeding that which we have all this while thus earnestly been seeking after, and pursuing.

III. Hermes. Take then from thence the Fats or Sulphur-our Matter, which we take from Suets, Grease, Hair, Verdigrease, Tragacanth, and Bones, which things are written in the Books of the Ancients.

Salmon. By the Fats or Sulphurous Matter understand, the Sulphurs of all kinds educed by the Aichymick Art, out of Natural things, of which Sulphurs, one only is fixed, and incombustible, and it is a thing which is both in the Earth and in the Heavens; it is in Act, Animal, Vegetable, and Mineral, found every where, known but by a few, and expressed by its proper Name by no Body, shadowed forth


under Various Figures and Aenigmaes. This fixed Sulphur, the Philosophers understand to be nothing else, but the true Balsam of Nature, with which the Dead Bodies of the Metals are imbibed, and as it were throughly moistned, to preserve them perpetually from Corruption. The more any thing abounds with this Balsam, the longer it lives, and is preserved from perishing. From things therefore abounding with a Balsam of this kind; is this Our Universal Medicine drawn; which (as well as for Metals) is made most effectual to conserve Humane Bodies in a State of Health, -and to root out all forts of Diseases, whether accidental after the Birth, or Hereditary by Propagation, restoring the Sick to their pristine Health and Integrity. This Sulphur is not taken from Snets, Grease, Hair, Verdigrease, Tragacanth, Bones, etc. But under these and other the like Names, our Hermes by a Philosophick Liberty, has vailed the Verity from impious and unworthy Men.

IV. Hermes. But the Fats which contain the Tinctures, which coagulate the Fugitive, and set forth, or adorn the Suiphurs, it behoves us to explicate their disposition (more fully hereafter.)

Salmon. Here, in more words, Hermes explicates the Condition, or Qualities, and Properties, of the true


Balsam of Nature, or Philosophick Sulphur. 1. He says it contains the Tinctures. 2. It Coagulates Fugitive Substances. 3. It exalts the Power of the Sulphurs, by f ixing the Volatile, and making Bright and Shining the things which were Dark and obscure. The Volatiles of this kind, are nothing else but all the inferior and imperfect Metals, which by this Balsam or Sulphur, are transmutted into the best and finest Silver and Gold. Now this hidden Sulphur dwells in the Bodies, just as Fire in a Coal, or Natural Heat in a Humane Body, or the Vegetative Life in the Spring time, in Herbs, Plants, and Trees, which in Process of time, makes them bring forth Buds, Leaves, Flowers, and at length perfect Ripe Fruits and Seeds. Or like Heat in the inward parts of the Earth, and Bowels of the Mountains, where the most simple Bodies of things, or Elements are first mixed, and produce Metals, Minerals, Stones, etc. according to their several varieties and kinds. So this our Sulphur of Nature contains in it self the true Tinctures, which by the revolution of time it explicates; making ripe the unripe, purifying the impure, fixing the Volatile and ennobling the Ignoble and Vile.

V. Hermes. And to unveil the figure or form, from all other Fats or Suiphurs (which is the Hidden and Buried Fat or Sulphur) which is seen in no disposition, but dwells in its own Body, as fire or heat in Trees and


) in which this Celestial and 91 . It unveils the Figure or Form. and so takes up its habitation and dwells in them. which if it be too great. Salmon. lest you err in the Degrees of the Fire. distinguishing it self from all other Fats. for in the Mercury it is yet Volatile. makes them bud. and is the Domicil. it must be exalted. when the External Heat of Sol. which by the most subtle Art and Ingenuity it behoves us to extract without Burning. till by it they are made pure and fixt. (which in this place we call the Matter it self. because they have not Bodies able to hold it. it is not perceptible in any of the imperfect Metals. and therefore by subliming of it more and more. because it is not Vulgarly known. but dwells in its own Body. or breaks our Body or Vessel. that is. and Mercury. or Sulphurs. and that to perfection. as a thing Buried in the bowels of the Earth: It is seen in no disposition. He calls it Hidden and Buried. it burns. but only to such as are Adepts: And Buried. as Heat does in Trees in the Spring time. Luna. stirring up their internal or Mercurial Heat latent within them. till at length it is fixt.Stones. because it lies Centrally in the Bodies of Sol. and bring forth Leaves. where-they may become as its own Body is. Balsams. Fruits. Flowers. This Sulphur (saith Hermes) it behoves us to extract without Burning. but with great care and industry. and Seeds.

3.Astral Spirit and Sulphur dwells. Heaven. only in respect to the Body which holds it: in SQl and Luna. but is only contained in a Volatile Body. but in Mercury this same Sulphur seems to be Volatile. by Virtue of this inherent Sulphur. 1. which is our prepared Gold. The Earth or Foeces. with an Idoneus or fit Heat for a certain Revolution of time. but of that which is Philosophick. Now it is said to be Volatile. 2. Hermes. and so makes it vanish and Fly away. The mean or Medium of Conjunction. which is our Aqua Philosophica. and cannot hold it: This Body therefore must be maturated and strengthened and made fixt. being digested and Decocted in it. Here he speaks of the Three parts of the Stone. VI. which is Immature and Weak. than the Heaven and the Water: But this is not spoken of Vulgar Gold. Salmon. And know that the Heaven is to be joyned in a mean with the Earth: But the Figure is to be in a middle Nature. it is absolutely fixt. not that it is Volatile in its own Nature. both perfect and imperfect. which thing is Our Water. between the Heaven and the Earth. which is Gold it self: Now wonder not that Gold is here converted into Foeces. seems to be a vile thing. 92 . now that it contains in it self all Bodies. and is esteemed more vile. which while it lies in Putrefaction.

Gold. yet it may be made much more Spiritual. which is Our Salt. and this by the help of a middle Nature. the most pure Gold. Salmon. and other properties. VII. is the Water. and is more worthy than either the Water or the Foeces. in a 93 . tho’ it may have the Color and Weight of Gold. is esteemed but as a little Sand. which is our Mercury. (which is not so Volatile as Mercury. or almost Gold. which is more noble than the Water and the Foeces. Plumbum Philosophicum. Plumbum Fixum Perfectum.) which middle principle is Our Water. that is. This Gold in a mean. Aurum Leprofun Imperfectum. which goes forth from this Our Stone: The second is Gold: But the third is Gold in a mean. exceeding the Virtues and Excellencies of the Vulgar or Common Gold. Now in the first place of all. The three parts of the Stone are here more plainly exprest.e. and Silver as Clay in respect thereof. or Philosophick Earth. i. 2. Hermes. nor so Dead as common Gold. which is Sulphur. and Efficacious. The mean. and made more than perfect.precious and vile. in comparison of which. Gold and Lead. 1. by which Vulgar Gold may by projection be tinged. The Water. but this said to be in a mean. 3. This is that pretious Stone. is Gold. and Excellent. almost infinitely. Gold it self.

that is. And thus by making a dissolution of the Metalline Principle. That is in one only Subject composed of three. now this third principle which he calls Gold in a mean. for except the Body be dissolved. The Caput mOrtuum must be dissolved. Hermes. Spirit. Blackness. these three Vapor.. is the very Soul it self. whose Superficies only touch one another. a more perfect mixtion is made as of Water with Water.And by means of this Solution. Soul. And in these three are the Vapors. induces and brings forth more pure and Noble Spirits. which cannot be separated. and Body. and Death are latent. not like that of Sand with Sand. VIII. Salmon. and making it become a Golden Tree of a vast and almost infinite magnitude. there can be no Coagulation of the Spirits: for the Solution of the impure and vaporous Body. that which is 94 . which three are also one. indued with a mighty Strength and Power. which is in the possibility of augmentation or encrease. Essential Gold in the Root of the Aurisick Agent. even as a very little Plant which becomes a great and mighty Tree. giving it form and Beauty. which makes this our Philosophick Plant to grow. which is indeed no true mixtion. and the Death. the Blackness.middle principle.

there can be no Coagulation of the Spirits. both which threes in their own principles. And except the Body is Dissolved. the Blackness. and this by Dissolution: By which means we attain to the knowledge of the greatest Philosophy. lie these other three. which is depurated and revived by Dissolution only. bringing forth the pure Philosophick White and Red 95 . from the Water. It behoves us therefore to chase or drive away. the Fume. or imperfect Body. and the Death. and of Fixity. Ix. nor will dissolve. delivered. In these three.) comes to be separated and removed. Hermes. Composed of the three. are also but one thing. the Blackness. And therefore if you would remove the Fumes. to wit. and the sublime Secret of all Secrets. The Fat or Sulphur is cleared from the blackness by manifold Sublimations. as we have said before. and the Death or Putrefaction. that is. Salmon. and set at Liberty.not Metalline. And the Death from the Foeces. whereby the Dead comes to Live. in the One. of Tincture. the Caput mortuum. that it may mix with the Ponderating Spirit. you must dissolve the Fumous. and that which was in Captivity and Chains comes to be made free. (as the Vapor. the want of Ponderosity. the Blackness from the Fat. that is. and expel the Super existent Fume or Vapor. nor mix with the dissolved Matter.

96 .Flowers. which gives the Eternal fixity. And the Death is expelled by the Mercurial or Metallick Spirit. which are the Tincture.

Copper.CHAPTER XII THE PRAXIS EXEMPLIFIED FROM THE NATURE OF LEVEN AND PASTE. the most perfect. which last is also among the number of Spirits. I. because its Complexion is Temperate. Salmon. or Dryness. nor bring it to his own perfection. and its Nature directs. therefore he is to be made more than perfect by Virtue of this Philosophick Tincture. of which. the King and the Head of them: which the Water cannot alter. and the most perfect of them: Now tho’ it be all that can be. the first of which is Gold. or is requisite to be in a Body truly perfect. Moisture. yet something more than perfect is designed by our Tincture. making him able to transmute other Bodies into his own form. For Sol of himself cannot tinge nor meliorate any other Body. Now there are seven Bodies. fixity. Tin. Cold. nor is anything that is in it Superfluous. nor Fire Devastate. and our Gold. the first is Gold. and likeness: The other fix Bodies are Silver. say 97 . which opening his Body. Hermes. Now there is a difference between the Common and Vulgar Gold. The seven Bodies are the seven Metals.nor the Earth Corrupt. or in a mean. shall exalt it a thousand fold beyond the degree of its perfection. in respect of Heat. Lead and Quick Silver. Iron.

of whom well Sung Palingenius. who by the Testimony of Hermes next after God. qui tempora mutas. both Animate and Inanimate. making those that are perfect. which eternally generates the multiplying Tincture.e. And as the Stars and all the other Planets receive their Light and Virtues from the Sun so also do all the other six Metals and Minerals receive theirs from Our Gold. according to this saying.the Philosophers. and Illuminates all things. and more Pretious than Vulgar Silver or Gold. Gold in a mean. sed non omne Aes est Aurum. This is the true Philosophick Gold (i. governs the World. quicquid generatur in Orbe. 98 . and perfecting all other bodies whether perfect or imperfect. Et cum temporibus. whose Composition. or Ferment of Our Stone. comprehends in it self all the Metals. the most depurated and digested Substance. ______ 0 Sol. the compleat Medicine. more than perfect. Our is the Aes. Imne Aurum est Aes. All that is perfect in Our Sol is its Viridity. This Aes or Aurum is rightly compared to Sol. more Noble. or Electrum Minerale. This is the Elixir saith the Rosary. and multiplying and fixing Spirit. which is indeed its tinging Sulphur. much more than perfect. or Gold after a manner) more worthy. almost in like manner by the Emission of its Rays or Beams.

and without which this Work can in no wise be performed. every Vegetable. Salmon. following the literal Discourse of the Philosophers. Light. And as by the Power of God. and Vulgar Gold among the other Vulgar Metals and Minerals. and (the Seed thereof) which contains all these seven Bodies. so also is our Gold (which is the true Philosophick Tincture) among the other Metals or Bodys reduced to a Spirituality and pure Tincture: And as Sol in the Heavens is the Medium that perfects all Sublunary or Inferior things by his Beams. the Gold. Many have sought this Aeris Viriditatem in Vitriol. II. and Copper or Vulgar Brass. makes them to spring to be ripened. Hermes. or Pretious Stone.or any Gem. and magnifie themselves in it. Therefore the Philosophers bear up. so by the same Power. most Light and Splendid. and brought to perfection. and all the Fruits of the Earth are perfected. and Heat: So also 99 . and Celestial Substance. saying that such Gold in Bodies is like the Sun among the Stars. As Sol is among the Stars and other Planets. but they erred and were deceived. and not their Sense: For they ought not to have contemplated the Metals as they are Bodies. but as they are reduced into a most Subtil. Spirituous.

making up the Earth with the Water. and Purifie them separating the filthiness and uncleanness from them. without the proper Ferment. And like as Paste or Dough is impossible to be Fermented. Tincture. Our Gold is not Corporeal. and without which they cannot be perfected. or Levened without Leven. or from the Foeces. that they thereby may perfect other quantities of their own kind. which he has in plain. yet lying in imperfection. wanting Purity. the true Tincture and Spirit.Our Sol. declared to be Gold: He now comes to demonstrate the necessity of Fermentation. (the true Seed of Gold. III. and brought to an Astral. setting some of its Operations in Order. viz. Salmon. open and manifest Words. The other Imperfect Bodies are the 100 . Our Hermes. so is it in this case. and the Seminal Power of the Aurisick Principle) is also the Medium which makes all the other seven Bodies not only perfect. or Fermentum. you must conjoyn and mix them together. Elixir. but more than perfect. but a depurated substance in the highest degree. Tincture and Fixation: All which is done by Virtue of its subtle Spirit. Hermes. or Heavenly Nature: This is the Ixir. you can do nothing: When you sublime the Bodies. Therefore say the Philosophers. and Fire. a little before has made mention of Ferment. tinging and fixing all other Bodies. and put in the Ferment.

is as the Soul to the Body. viz. without which the Mass could not be levened. then conjoyn and mix. does make or change it from its former Nature to another thing. Hermes. which is to Decoct or Digest. This is a high 101 . that is the Body with the Spirit. and unless they be Fermented with their proper Leven. Now he teaches us the Art of Levening. to be fit to be joyned with the Ferment. makes the alteration or change. purifie them. which is Gold. and the Bodies must be Dissolved. make a separation of the Foeces. they cannot be brought into the property of the Leven or Gold: but this Gold must be made spiritual and living. and see whether the Ferment to this Compositum. The Ferment to the prepared Body. like as Leven does in Paste. making up the Earth with the Water. till the Ferment makes an alteration or change. and spiritual. IV. you must sublime them. the Ferment. being made clean.Meal or Dough. this being done. Salmon. Sublimed. Consider also that there is no Leven or Ferment but from the Paste it self. or as Leaven to Paste. like as Leven does in Paste. before they can be mixed with the Ferment. and Putref led. Now to bring the Bodies into this State. all which are necessary in Order to this Fermentation. subtil. Meditate upon this. And you must Decoct and Digest till Ixir. the Ferment or prepared Gold is to be mixed therewith.

and tells you plainly. which is to produce or generate Gold. and therefore advises us to meditate upon it. it may purge out the Old Leven with all its effects. and therefore (as I said above) Gold must be your Ferment. and therefore Our Philosophick Gold. even a new substance or body. it 102 . that when it Works. even what the end of the intention is. therefore Hermes bids you consider it. or Ferment. want of Tincture. viz. This is a weighty thing. which are uncleanness. out of which the Paste is made. which is from Gold. the Ferment must be prepared from the Philosophick Mercury and Sulphur in a fit proportion. which is Ixir. which is from Silver. which is the prepared Body: And as Leven is made out of the same matter. and ought to be seriously considered. which is wholly purity in the height of Tincture and the strongest fixity. viz. which our prepared Bodies come from. except the Paste does receive the Virtues and Properties of the Leven into it self. Mercury and Sulphur. and worthy to be seriously considered of. Fermentum Lapidis Aurisici. As Leven is to Paste. so this Gold or Ferment is made out of the same principles. that there is no Leven. and want of fixity. and Ferxnentum Lapidis Argentifici. but from the Paste it self. so is this Gold or Ferment to Our Mercury.point of Art. Now this Fermentum is said sometimes to be two fold. but according to the Nature of the New. not according to the Old Leven. and so bring forth a regenerate matter.

Salmon. which is the Putrefaction of the Mercury. first Black. White. He says here. that the Ferment does Whiten the Confection or Compositum. or fixes the Tincture. which is also the transmutation of the White body. unless it be first Mercury: so that our Sol seems to appear with 3 Faces. and so fixes the Tincture that it cannot change.cannot be Levened: If it does. and to enter one into another. that the Ferment does Whiten the Confection. or Silver. and makes them mutually to joyn. and all other respects. Hermes. which is the change or transmutation of the black Mercury into a White body. Red. but also keeps it from Burning. so that it cannot fly away. by a sufficient Digestion. Our Gold is the Tincture. and rejoyces the Bodies. or Nourisher of the Work. It is also to be noted. concerning which Ferment a great doubt does arise. without which it can never be done: nor is it made Silver. or Soul. It is not Gold. except it be first Silver. holds. 103 . absolutely the same thing with the Leven. 2. but it is easily solved Philosophically thus. it becomes. 3. both in its substance and properties. or Silver into a Red Tincture or Gold: so that you may see that this Fermentum not only Whitens the Confection. V. and forbids or hinders the Burning: It contains.

the Ingression of the Ferment into them by Projection: but because the Ferment is not able to enter into Dead Bodies. And this is the Key of the Philosophers. to wit. he means a replenishing them with a fixed Tincture. fixt and subtil: but if for the Red a most pure Yellow or Citrine Caix of Gold. and the White Earth: And in every Fermentation you ought to take notice of the Weight of every thing. which makes also a Marriage or Conjunction between the said Ferment. therefore they must be removed. By rejoycing the Bodies. you Ferment must be so prepared. or fly away. and restored: and the Work of them (Deo annuente) is performed and perfected. that it may be made a White Caix. which dissolves. 104 . subtilizes and spiritualizes them. to the White Elixir. and a fixed substance. or Mediating Water. that it may be projected upon bodies diminished from perfection. and the end of all their Works: And by this Science the Bodies are meliorated. Hermes. you must take of the White or Foliated Earth three parts: Of the reserved Aqua Vitae two parts: Of the Ferment half part: Now if you work for the White. If therefore you would Ferment the White Foliated Earth. VI.vanish. which is the Aqua Philosophica. and made Alive by help of the Aqua Medians.

This Art of Levening or Fermentation is that which he calls the Key of the Philosophers. i.Salmon. the Bodies may be Renovated. and Exalted into a higher State of Perfection.e. middle and end of the Work. the Key which opens the Door into the Secrets and Mysteries of this whole Work: Of so great Virtue and Power is this Work of Fermenting. both for the White and the Red: so that by the Power and Efficacy thereof. that he is bold to call it even the Key of the Philosophers: that is the beginning. than what they are by Nature. 105 .

Hermes. as is seen in the Levening of Bread. or 106 . and be frustrate of your Expectations. or the Coagulum lies too short a time. for almost every Housewife can tell you how easie it is to ruin or spoil all. and with too Violent a Fire.) if you be unskilful in the Art: If the Milk be too hot. it will not be Levened: If it lies too long. The making of Cheese is Famous. if you be too hasty. you will hazard the breaking of your Vessel. so in our Work. and by an over Volatility. Salmon. or be ignorant of its Power. if you have a false conception thereof. and Musk among Aromaticks. I. as in a Mass of Levened Paste: Or Milk turned with Rennet for Cheese. it will be over done. or too cold. But by Negligence and an ill Opinion of the matter. (how good soever your Milk and Rennet may be. the Operations may be spoiled and destroyed. if you trouble the Mass of Meal and Water too soon. whereby you may miss the end. or the Rennet be too much or too little. you will perform nothing at all: If too long. Without doubt an error may easily be committed in the Work of Fermentation.CHAPTER XIII THE NATURE OF THE FERMENT FARTHER EXPLICATED. losing all your cost and time. frustrate the fixity of your Medicine.

from Gold and Silver. These Varieties of Colors are caused only by the Ferment in a proper and fit heat. that this Fermentuin is taken only from Sol and Luna. will never attain to this desired Ferment of Ferments. they are made alive and perfect. He who cannot taste the Sapor of Salt. so that together with this living and perfect Soul. but so that in the Course of the Fermentation. but not such a blackness. and in the White the Citrinity and wonderful deep Redness. and need no farther exposition. These are Familiar examples. but Heat working in the dryness. Now Heat working at the first in humidity brings forth the blackness. which therein you seek after. even before Fermentation. and this Soul gives to them Life and Per fection. your Magistery will be nothing worth: and know. the Mass of the Confection may pass through the mutation or changes of all the Colors. which is the Soul. you may spoil your Cheese. that is.too long. to make Ingression) because it is the Soul. and one perfect Body. causeth Whiteness. so that the Corruption of one is the Generation of another. and brought into a blackness by Death. and miss the Perfection. The Matter therefore is. and converts the other Bodies into its own Nature: Therefore it behoves you to know how to introduce this Ferment into Dead and imperfect Bodys (that is. or Goodness. as the Philosophers speak. If therefore this Ferment be not well prepared. out of which it cannot be recovered. first by our Ferment corrupted. 107 . and the Ferment becomes the Ferment of the Ferment.

And with the King’s Seal we have tinged the Clay. there-for of them we make Sericum. for which reason it is be some called 108 . or Tincture of Gold. Similitude. Character. yet afterwards he so explains himself that we may guess at it. that is. which augments the sight of them. (the Ferment:) and of them we make Enamel. Sericum. and a Secret drawn out of the Fountains of the Wise. Salmon. who can already in some measure see. he has been pleased to deliver himself through this whole Work. I suppose he uses the Similitude of Sweetness here in respect of Leven. (Sericon: See Ripley-Bosom Book-HWN) III. and in that we have put or placed the color of Heaven. the Mercurial Mass. By the King’s Seal is meant the Virtue. Power.II. which is Ixir. and that it is the Golden Ferment for the Red. Hermes. for that Leven is not Sweet. The certain Color of the Golden matter for the Red. which tinges Lutum the Clay. Salmon. Altho’ it does not here sufficiently appear what our Author means by Sweetness and. and truly by Figures. and the Nature thereof is not sweetness. Hermes. which is now but one thing. the adumbration whereof he gives us under the Mask of Encaustum or Enamel. and Tropical ways of speaking. or Earth. of which we have Written.

laid down below. that the Philosophick Gold. nor Earth. the Heavens and the Earth joyned together in one Globe or Mass. without blemish and incorruptible. nor Air. IV. the universal ferment. well— wrought Ale cannot change other Wort into Ale. that which was below raised up. or true Citrine colour. the light of Sol. Gold therefore is the most pretious Stone without Spots. the Superiors and Inferiors. and the inward parts turned outwards. also temperate. and that which was above. till they produce the heavenly color. Our Hermes here confesses plainly. and differs as much from vulgar Gold. Hermes. This is the thing which may have sought after in vain. which gives such as have Eyes to see. in a middle or temperate Composition. that is. is this most pretious Stone. and could never find. and Sigillum Mercurii. nor Levened Paste leven another Mass of Meal and Water. or Yest from the Ale or Beer which is made by it: For as clear. nor Water. rectifying all things. is able to corrupt or destroy. which neither Fire. the outward turned inward. an Eternal Spring. 109 . which is of a Yellow. the happiness of seeing a Fountain inexhaustible. and digested together in one. Salmon. the permanent and endless Treasure. as Leven does from the Paste.Sigillum Sapientum: Also Sigillum Hermetis.

which does dissolve the Gold conceived in its Belly. Tincture. V.(till it is brought to the perfection of Leven) so neither can vulgar Gold (which is the product of Mercury and Sulphur) transmute. The Gold of the Wise Men. is nothing else. the danger is wholly over. This Water is the Mother. at the end of which digestion. the Tincture arises) but not first nor quickly. Tincture. there is no more peril. not the body of vulgar Gold unprepared. Salmon. being digested and nourished there for forty Weeks. are in the Air: And the Gold is Spiritual Gold. This Aqua Ignea. No: This is only the work of our Stone. but this being past. In this point is all the hazard. and Fixity. better. drawn from its Mineral Root. the Soul (i. or more powerful than in Minerals and their Roots. boiled and well digested. Hermes. as much as you please with a fiery water. The Gold is to be exquisitely boiled.e. with a fiery Water makes Ixir. Elixir. which Roots the Philosophers say. or change any other body into its own Purity. 110 . and digested: This fire is found no where more perfect. but the Mercury of the Philosophers. like as in the hour of a mans Nativity. the true Philosophick Gold.

into which. the Off-spring of this great Work. is the ferment of Ixir: and contrariwise. Salmon. in which is the greatest assistance. By this is understood the Vital Roots of the Minerals. He here divides the great Work into two parts. and tinging the Mercury of all Bodies whatsoever. so that from the same you may have the true Tincture of the Philosophers. Hermes. Our Gold. Salmon. we make Sericum. and Intemperature: Our Infant is of a most strong and temperate Composition. because of its Weakness. in a distemperate (or undue) Composition. in a Hens Egg. Volatility. the distemperature. which in a Temperate (or due) composition. Hermes. which is a Philosophical fiction: But the true Work is but one. For the work is first made from the Vegetable: Secondly from the Animal. if the Bodies be reduced. which is our Ferment. For the Gold of the Wise Men is more weighty or heavy than Lead. or hurt of the whole Work or Matter. heaing the Infirmities of its proper Parents. into the best and most pure fine Gold. and the constancy of the Elements. or Ixir.VI. And Gold is our Earth. or fit for a new Regeneration. of all which. Vegetable and Animal. VII. they are made apt. is much heavier than Lead. viz. consisting of an 111 .

as Water with Water. makes it resist the Fire. makes it contain the Tincture. The Ferment. to a perfect fixity. or Leavens a great quantity of Paste. no Elixir can be made. and Form. Multiplies it. 2. Color. Sapor. For Luna. 2. The Ferment of Sol. Ferments. For it Whitens the Confection. the Seed of the Female: of these there must be made. A Conjunction. to enter one into another. making it from a perfect Body. but also Gold it self. no more than Paste or Dough can be Levened without Leven. which is two fold. For. 1. Without this Ferment. which cannot be separated. Elixir. opens the Bodies and makes them. (at least 250 times its quantity. For Sol.equal and temperate mixtion of the Elements. The Foundation of this Work. and to be perfectly conjoyned. saith Avicenna. that it shall not fly away. And this Elixir is the Ferment of Ferments and the Coagulum of the Co3gulum. A Generation. with it. much 112 . makes it Spiritual. is laid in the Earth of the Gold. and as a little Leaven. 1. Strengthens it. of which the Ixir.) so likewise a little Portion of this our Earth suffices to nourish and perfect the whole Stone. and is the end of the Work. or Ferment is made. By the Ferment of Sol is understood the Seed of the Male: and by that of Luna. reduces the Matter to its own Nature. it not only Ferments the Inferior and imperfect Bodies. as Leaven is made of the substance of the Bread. reducing Power into Act. is from Sol.

the Golden Mountain. It is the most faithful Mother. It is the only Key which opens and shuts the Gates leading to the Kingdom of the Mineral Treasure. where all the Trees perpetually bear Golden Fruit. by so much the more it conceives and brings forth. which by how much the of tener it is impregnated. the Gardens of the Hesperides.more than perfect. it is not possible for any Man to attain to the perfection of this Art. 113 . Without this Key. propagating its Off-Spring to an Infinity of Generations.

and the Waters below. that they may be united. This is true. and raises it up: The first must be dissolved. Hermes. That is to say. there is no Argument can stand against Experience. when the great Fountain of the deep is broken up. Salmon. are like to the Waters above. whatsoever is below. and yet these two parts agree in One. and that which is above. I. 114 . are like to the Waters below. and made Water. and Logomachia of the Schools. is like that which is below: By this are acquired and perfected the Miracles of the One Thing. and made Earth. The Waters of the Cataracts of Heaven above. we know it to be truth by very matter of Fact. the truth of this our Art is confirmed by Experience.CHAPTER XIV THE SMARAGDINE TABLE OF HERMES. and the Superior must be coagulated. is called the Soul or Life. and an Inferior part which remains beneath. There are two parts in our Stone. is like that which is above. is called the Body or Ferment. like the Superior. part or Spirit. The inferior Part or Earth. which quickens the Stone. and become the Miracle of the one Thing. and far distant from a Lie. The superior. and notwithstanding all the Sophisms. a Superior part that ascends up. like the Lower.

the Body or Substance of Luna is Graduated. Salmon. and Incorruptibility. Created by the determination of God. is like that which is above.then will it be evidently demonstrated. That is. Heaven or that which is above is Incorruptible. and contrarywise. Here Hermes 115 . where the pure Elements are made. from a Corruptible matter elevated or lifted up. Nor do they differ one from another but by Accident. which are as it were Dead. by the help of One: So all things are made from One thing by Conjunction. as all things were made from One. nor must it work as the Elements in Natural Bodies. Pure and Impure. by the help of One Omnipotent or Almighty God. etc. Heavy and Light. in the Concavity of which Firmament. in Activity. so Our Stone is born or brought fourth out of one Confused Mass. not Substances. Hence it is apparent that this our Medicine must resemble Heaven it self. as Corruptible and Incorruptible. II. Agent and Patient. by the help of one particular Matter or Thing. that whatsoever is below. which contains in it four Elements. Masculine and Feminine. and destitute of any Power or Action. all which are Accidents. as all things were made or came from One Confused Chaos. Hermes. Also. Penetrativeness. Clear and Opake.

Salmon. The Father thereof is the Sun. so Gold generates Gold by the Virtue of Our Stone. III. for its Seed or Tincture. should have a fit and agreeable Receptacle or Womb. than Light from the Sun. and the Nurse thereof is the Earth. there must be a fit and convenient receptacle. The Sun is its Father. and this is Our Philosophical or Living Silver. which is the 116 . with a certain likeness of kind to the Father. yet it can be no more separated from the Soul. Hermes. Our Philosophical or Living Gold. points forth this Our Natural Work. And as in every natural Generation. or Our Living Gold. As living Creatures beget their Like or Kind. i. as being that which makes the absolute and firm Conjunction.points forth the Universal Medicine in imitation of the Worlds Creation. Mercury. and the Mother thereof is the Moon: the Wind carries it in its Belly. It is the Opinion of many Philosophers that the Spirit of Natural things. it is requisite that the Sun. and so by a Supernatural Experiment. so likewise in this Our Artificial Generation.e. or the Spirit of Nature is the Medium between the Soul and the Body. that is. which is performed by one Universal Spirit. But the Opinion of some is though the Spirit may be said to be the more subtile Substance.

Life or Soul must carry the Stone. to live in some things. converted into a Volatility or Air. Inferior. and most pure and simple Air. bring forth Our Magistery: which being brought forth. raised from all the inferior Elements. by which the Universal. and the Life is the Soul. and joyned to the Universal Superior and Masculine Seed. the Air or is the Womb wherein the two Seeds are conjoyned. The Wind is the Air. as Paracelsus saith. as the Heaven from Fire and Air. The Wind Carries it in its Belly. and the Air is the Life. which is the Earth. viz.Mother thereof. for The Earth (saith Hermes) is its Nurse. What Sol and Luna are in the Heavens above. the Universal Seed of 117 . Air. it is necessary. ascending with Fire: and under the Name of Air the most pure Substance of Water. is comprehended the most pure substance of the Earth. which quickens the whole Stone. The Universal Masculine Seed is the Sulphur of Nature. in which is conceived by the help of Luna. The Air arises from Fire and Water. the Belly or Womb of Nature. and Feminine Seed is dilated through the Air. the first and most Potent cause of all Generation: And if Sol does Live. viz. Under the Appelation of Fire. the same are Our Gold and Silver in Our Heavens below. which contemperates the heat thereof by its Humidity. And therefore the Wind. it must be nourished by its Nurse. is a most pure Breath or Matter. in its own Radical Humidity.

IV. the Wind. which is also the Life. Salmon. As if he should say. as a Child to the Stature and Strength of a Man. if the Soul of the Stone (of which we have spoken before and which may be called the Wind or Air. if it be changed into Earth. Power and Spirit) be converted into Earth. by whose Breasts it is Nourished. The Earth is the Nurse of this Birth of the Air. viz. so that the whole Air.the Sun. the secret Treasure of the whole World. this Arcantum which I here shew you is the Original and Fountain of all Arcanums and Mysteries. specificated also by the other Lights or Stars. two under the Names of Sol and Luna. whence it Sucks the Mercurial Milk. This is the Mother or Fountain of all Perfection. the third under the Name of Ventus. 118 . (that is the more thick substance of the Inferior Water remaining yet in the Earth) by which it grows and increases to its Substance and Perfection. a fixt Substance or Matter. Hermes will have three Elements. But it is not brought to its Perfection till it is changed into Earth. then indeed is its Power perfect and intire: that is. the Virtue. which is its Nurse. and its Power is Perfect and Intire. Hermes. Spirit. Life and Soul of the Stone may be conjoyned to its Earth.

Separate the Earth from the Fire. Hetherto he has only discoursed the Theory. according to the Matter you work upon. Some things are remote from Perfection. then is the Work compleated. whilst other things are near to Perfection. Gentleness and Patience. may afterwards deplore his Error. a little Leaven Ferments and Transmutes. a great deal of Meal or Paste: so also must Our Stone be Fermented. he now comes to shew you the Practical part. You must 119 . but retaining the Spirits) till it becomes inspissated. and some things nearest of all.and be all turned into Ferment. and Wisdom. which is done by a long and Unwearied Decoction (not by evaporating. therefore you must attend it with Patience. and the Subtile and Thin from the Gross and Thick. shewing first the Purification of the Matter of the Stone. and others most remote. with very great loss. and in success of time is dryed into a Pouder or Earth. that it may become Ferment to the Eternal Multiplication thereof. others neerer. Hermes. other things more remote. That which the Wind does bear in its Belly must be converted into Earth. but prudently with long Sufferance. Salmon. and Judgment. As in making of Bread. V. He that knows not these things before he begins his Work. But the time will be long and tedious.

do it gently, by little and little, not Violently, but Prudently and Wisely, after a Philosophick manner: By Separating he means Dissolving: for Dissolution is the Separation of parts: Some will have it, that by the Earth here, he means the Lees or Dreggs of the Matter, which is to be Separated from the Fire, the Air, and the Water, and the whole Substance of the Stone, that it may become Pure, and free from any Putrefaction or Defiled Matter: and this Spagyrick Philosophers say is the first Operation or Preparation of the Matter or Parts of their Stone. But some understand hereby, the Separation of the four Elements, and this doubtless is the thing if it be spoken of a Spagyrick, and not Vulgar Separation. Under the Appellation of Fire, the two other are understood, viz. Air and Water; for the Fire cannot want to subsist without Air, nor is the Air without Water; for Air is made of Water by the Mediation of the Fire, by which it is forced to Ascend upwards. But as to the Earth, it partly Ascends and is made Volatile, and partly remains fixed below. By separating the Earth from the Fire, some will have it, that he would have the Thick to be separated from the Thin, not the Thin from the Thick, because the Earth is thicker than the Fire. But by separating the subtil from the gross, is to be understood, the subtilizing of the Thick Matter, and Spagyrically to reduce that subtilized Matter into


Aether or Spiritual Air. But this must prudently be done, with gentleness, long Suffering, Patience etc. that is according to the Laws of Art, but gently, even with a gentle Heat according to Natural Generation. The Instrument of Nature, and of the Spagyrists Fire, without which the Work cannot be done. This Fire is either Internal or External. The Internal is proper to the substance or Matter, and Naturally dwells within it, which you must prudently stir up and Excite. The External is either Violent, or Temperated in four several Degrees. The Violent is that with which some things are Calcined, other Sublimed, others (as Metalls) Liquified or Melted. The Temperate in its several Degrees, imitate or resemble Nature, and are used for Putrefaction, Digestion, and Congelation or Circulatorily to dissolve and fix. But Various are these kinds of Fire, which are to be applyed according as the Subject requires, and the Prudence of the Artist directs, being continual without interruption from beginning to the End.


Hermes. It Ascends from the Earth up to Heaven, and

Descends again from the Heaven to the Earth, and receives the Powers and Efficacy of the Superiors and Inferiors.


Salmon. Here is to be observed that though Our Stone be divided in the first Operation into four Parts, which are the four Eleements, yet as we have already said there is but two principal Parts of it; One which Ascends upwards and is Volatile, and another which remains below, and is fixed, which is called Earth, and ferment which Nourishes and Ferments the whole Stone. But of the unfixed or Volatile part we must have a great quantity, that it may Nourish the purified Matter of the Stone, till it be made to Ascend, is sublimed, and subtilized: then being thus subtilized and made Volatile, it must be incerated with the Oyl, extracted from it in the first Operation, which is called the Water of the Stone, and so often Boyled by Sublimation, till by Virtue of the Fermentation of the Earth exalted with it; the whole Stone again does descend, from the Heaven to the Earth, and remains fixed and flowing; (that is that the Corporeal be made Spiritual by Sublimation, and the Spiritual be made Corporeal by Descension: Here is a Circulatory Distillation admirable declared, and the Construction of a Spagyrical Vessel, to the Similitude of Nature. It Ascends from the Earth, i.e. from the inferior part of the vessel; to Heaven, i.e. the superiour part: The matter generated of Sol, and Luna ascends, i.e. the thick Terrean substance thereof is converted or resolved, into Heaven, viz, into a subtile


from every Sickness and Disease: 123 . standing there the determined time of its Maturity. then he teaches the Fixation. Salmon. after its substance is dissolved and made to Ascend under the Obedience of the Internal Celestial Virtues or Powers. VII. so that you may live free from Care and Trouble. It Descends again to the Earth. Possessing this Stone thus perfected. the Heavenly and Volatile Power. you possess all the Wealth and Treasures of the World. as if he should say. i. & totum Babebis Magisterium. and Fixity. And by this means it will obtain the Virtues of the Superiour and Inferiour Powers.substance like to Heaven: he demonstrates the Spagyrick solution. which was before a Body or made from a Body. it returns again. from Discontent and Fears. Spiritual. Corporeity. which is nothing but the Philosophick Riddle. Darnkess and Blindness. or descends. Hermes. Fac Fixum Volatile. grow. the Spirit is made Corporeal. In this Work. that is to say. you acquire to your self the Wealth and Glory of the whole World: Drive therefore from you all Cloudiness or Obscurity. by what Instrument and Artifice it is done. increase or multiply: and the Earthly Power to give Substance. to penetrate.e. & rurfus Volatile fixum.

this Treasure. for it is able to overcome and master all other Powers: it can convert common Quick Silver into a Congealed substance. For the Work increasing or going on in Strength. and under whose shadow the Beasts of the Field dwell. this Wealth. it is the compleat Virtue of total Nature. or thick and Solid Bodies. the Power. 124 . yet it grows to be the greatest of all Trees. and strike them with a never fading Tincture. forestalling and overtopping all other Fortitudes and Powers. so firm and fixt. which the Power and Strength of the Strongest and most Violent Fire can never conquer or overcome. VIII. in whose Branches the Birds of the Air make their Nests. to the Power of the Stone.It is a Remedy for all Diseases both of Body and Mind: It strikes at the root of Infirmities. There is no Comparison of the Powers of other Natural things. and Transmute it into fine Gold or Silver: and it can Penetrate and Peirce through all other hard solid or compact Bodies. though it be but like to a Grain of Mustardfeed. This is as much as if he should say. and is able to Subjugate and Conquer all things. This Stone. whether they be thin and Subtil. adds Strength to Strength. Salmon. Hermes. and destroyes that which would destroy or undermine the Health and Prosperity of the Humane Body.

In this manner was the World made. by which these Wonders are Effected. Saturn. expelling all the Malign and Dark Spirits possessing them and giving to them Tincture and Fixity. for as the World was Created. when in this way it is done. It overcomes or conquers all things. It makes every hard Metal whether Perfect or Imperfect (as Sol.Efficacy and Potency of all things. Power.e. or Exemplification of the Work of Our Philosophick Stone. i. or Spirit of the 125 . and hence are the wonderful Conjunctions or Joynings together of the Matter and Parts thereof. Mars and Venus) subtile and thin. Hermes. but afterwards by the Virtue Word. and the Marvellous Effects. Luna. so is Our Stone composed. The Creation of the World he brings as a Prior Example. so that it may not improperly be said to be a Work Metaphysical. Ix. by its Subtility and Spiritualty. Jupiter. and brings them to the greatest Perfection. As in the begining the whole World and all that is therein was a Chaos or confused Mass. for that it seems to act above or beyond Nature. Salmon. it makes all subtil and thin things (as QuickSilver) thick and coagulates them: and on the contrary it Penetrates all thick and solid things. that is. and even (as it were) above Nature.

Salmon. in which power is produced into Act. My Doctrine or Discourse. a Separation was made. which is the product of the prime matter. Vegetable. Weight and Measure. for that he had the knowledge of the three Principals of the Universe. and precipitations. whereby the perpetual and wonderful conjunction is made. which we divide and rectifie by many sublimations. Hermes Trismegistus signifies the Thrice greatest Hermes. for that I have the knowledge or understanding of the Philosophy of the three principles of the Universe. and the Universal World was produced and brought forth Beautiful and Perfect in Number. to make the fixt Volatile and the Volatile fixt. all which are contained in Our Philosophick Mercury which is the Womb in which Our Philosophick 126 . Salt. and conjoyn them again. and Animal. Hermes. the Elements were divided and rectified. which I have here delivered concerning this solar Work. of which he had the true Knowledge.Great Creator. and Mercury. answering to the Body. to take away Tinctures. Soul and Spirit. Mineral. and restore better again. So also in this our work. and the root of the Golden Kingdom. viz. depressions. he knew the way how to separate them. Sulphur. we separate the Elements. And for this Cause I am called Hermes Trismegistus. is compleat and perfect.

From its never fading Coler. Tincture and Fixation. Its never perishing Body. Volatilization.(which is the true) Gold is Generated. of the three Principles. it brings forth no Fruit. Black. Body. 2. he declares to be True and Compleat. Sulphur. F I N I S. the Philosophick Mercury) by a series of Natural Operations. passing through Death and Putrefaction or Dissolution. viz. of the three Subsistencies. viz. wanting nothing. and that the Stone thus Generated (existing and being in one only thing. What he has delivered concerning this Matter. it is infinitely profitable. and Mercury. which unless it Dies. and Red. Anihilation. It is resembled to a grain of Wheat. 127 . White. because 1. but if it Die. there by perfecting its Nature. It is said to be perfect. of the three Operations. and Perfection. to Life and Heaven. Salt. of the three Colers. Imperfection. Soul and Spirit. 3. of the three States. It contains all the Principles. LIBRI HERMETIS PRIMI. is Perfect and Intire. and is Putrefied.

(Mercury of Mercury. In like manner you must be careful of your Argent Vive. take the Water of the Water. in or by which the blackness is washed away. I. And the Work is to be performed by a Spiritual Water. you have perfected the Work. the Virgins Water. V. in which the Foundation of the Work is laid. in which the blackness is washed away. IV.) and Consume the remaining two thirds. and by that Instrument. and in that time and moment. III. In like manner. of the swift or Volatile Matter. BEGINNING WITH ARGENT VIVE. II. if you Conserve a third part of your Camels. in which the Clouds appear.CHAPTER XV THE ENTERANCE INTO THE WORK. for the black Matter does Whiten the Flesh. and the Work is perfected by the Fire of the Wise. or that which must bear the Burthen . 128 . (viz.) The thing which I tell you is sufficient for you to know. Now that Water. is the Sweat or Moisture of the Sun. and Childrens Urine.e. Hermes the Wise saith.) and with it cleanse and purifie the Wind. (i. you have attained to the thing desired.

and that which does Whiten. and Meditate upon them. that it is the Fire-Stone which Governs the Matter or Work. lest the Water should be separated from it. That also which Congeals. by the good pleasure of God: Boyl it therefore with a gentle Fire. VI. I have made plain to you the nearest way. and by the Permission of God you may find it out. does Dissolve. even till it becomes of a Golden Color: Understand well what I say. Understand what this signifies. It is also to be noted. then have respect to the White. Also in the same manner.Fume. and Abolish the blackness. so in like manner Gold: Meditate upon these Words. and you shall certainly attain to the perfection of the Work. so will you go through the thing desired. so is Gold among the other Metalline Bodies: For as the Light of the Sun. IX. 129 . is joyned to the Lights. and rejoyce therein. VIII. that you may be easie and satisfied: Understand therefore these things. It is also to be noted. that as Sol is among the Stars. or Vapor. and Conjoyn the Red. take the blackness and Conjoyn it. and come to the end of the Work. X. Night and Day. does in like manner make Red. VII. and contains the Fruit of this Operation.

it penetrates and sinks through it. V. so also does this Water upon the Philosophick Stone: Yea. Hermes Moreover saith. it makes him to Live and rejoyce. This indeed is seen in Sol. It is also called Divine. and is constant. so it is said to be the greatest Poyson: and it is preferred before all other things. by so much as that without it nothing of the Work can be done. and washes away their defoedations or defilements. fixed and perfect. And as for this cause sake. IV. II. it Kills him: but he that inwardly drinks it in. III. Understand what this means. for that it cannot be mixed or joyned with any filth or defiled thing: and this water of our Stone purifies and cleanses the Natures of the Metals. I. this Water is said to be Divine. he that outwardly takes in this Medicine. AND GOVERNMENT OF THE METALS. but it is to be understood that the Work may be made through all the seven 130 .CHAPTER XVI THE NATURE OF THE MEDICINE. And as Sol Acts upon Bodies.

This is the Dominion of Brass or Copper. or bring the Body to putrefaction. (or the making of the matter of a changeable Yellow. and lastly from Luna. which is done in the space of 40 days and nights. Mars. The second is the government of Jupiter. and make Hot. VII. VI. and in 12 days and nights to Imbue or moisten it. and is called the Dominion of Argent Vive. which is to grind or break the matter.planets: as first from Saturn. 131 . Venus. The third is the government of Mars. to cause Sol to putrefie. which is to joyn the moist to the dry. IX. Mercury. to wit. and is indeed to make it White. and the hot to the cold. which is called the Regiment of Tin. then from Jupiter. and to Unite them together in one. The first is the government of Saturn. which is to Work away the Blackness and Poyson. and so to perfect the matter. The seventh is the government of Luna. or to separate the Spirit from the Body.) The sixth is the government of Mercury. VIII. by which it is said to be changed. which is to burn. The fifth is the government of Venus. The fourth is the government of Sol. which is to Decoct or Boyl. which is to induce Death or blackness.

and this is the Dominion of Silver. See here. take heed therefore lest you err. 132 . I have gone with you through the whole Work.(with the fixed Citrine Tincture) in 25 days.

and its Ferment is that which you already know: Whiten therefore the Body. that the Stone sought after. and it doth Live and Rejoyce.CHAPTER XVII THE DIFFERENCE OF THE FERMENTS. it is made a Body dark and black. AND QUALITY OF THE SPIRIT. And know that the White Body is made with the Whiteness. and the substance thereof is Liquid as Water. and then it shall Live. and Live as it were for ever. but when it is altered or changed. who Kills and makes Alive. shall have Conquered Death. II. IV. Happy and Blessed therefore is he in whose Power the disposition of this Matter is. and is Omnipotent over all for ever. I. has not its like or equal in the whole Earth. and you shall see it overcome and Triumph: And that which was even now Dead. and arise from the Dead. But the Soul and the Spirit thereof is returned to it again. V. and its Light and Glory returns again. like burnt Coals. III. Also in like manner you are to note. Now the Color of the Spirit taken from it is White. but the Color of the Soul thereof is Red. 133 . It is both outwardly and inwardly of a Citrine Golden Color. and understand what I say.

and none understanding of their words. when it is only your Ignorance. So that thus mistaking in your Operation. XI. I therefore advise you. This then know and understand. that the Day. of his Light. you blame presently your instructors (the Philosophers) and think that they have erred. and is dilated or enlarged therewith: and by so much as she receives of the Light of the Sun. But Luna does receive her Light of the Sun by Combustion. not to do any thing in this work. or does contain in her. the Nativity or bringing forth of the Darkness. which God Created to govern the World. VIII. Luna is the light of the Night. by so much does the Nature of Sol bear Rule over the Nature of Luna. till you get an understanding thereof: For if you be Ignorant and void of true Knowledge. you will wholly Labour in Vain. VII.VI. IX. If therefore you contemplate what I say. X. or taught you wrong. and your Work will Perish. Sol also is the Light of the Day. but the Night. is the Nativity or bringing forth of the Light. you will find that I have spoken the 134 . and Meditate upon my Words. you will err in whatsoever you do.

and canst do whatever thou pleasest. within (as it were) its Marble House or Walls: Open therefore the Passages that the Dead Spirit may go out. and Root out the corrupt Principles which lodge therein. Know then. which is only a Work or undertaking of Wisdom. and be cast forth from our Bodies: then it will become beautiful.Truth. Thou art Omnipotent. O Lord God Almighty. and leads us in the way of thy Saints. and the demonstration of the whole Matter. XIII. that the Spirit. by which our Spirits and Souls may be Purified. XII. 135 . and you will understand the signification. Sow therefore (0 God) Thy Wisdom in our Hearts. is enfolded or circumscribed. of all that I have said.

I. that the Stone which I have described. For it is not Natural for any thing to tinge other substances. AND OF THE FIRE. or any other matter. maker of Heaven and Earth. And I testifie to you by the Living God. TINCTURE.CHAPTER XVIII OF ARGENT VIVE. after what manner Carmine. III. doth tinge or Dye Silk. but what is Consimilar to. to wit. Red Gold. There is nothing indeed does tinge any thing. Grana Nostra. many parts of which are lost because of its subtilty. not agreeable to their Natures: If therefore you put into your Composition. which is of a contrary Nature. the most passive Red will vanish or go forth. There is one thing which is to be wondered at. IV. viz. II. Also the Moun- 136 . you have permanent or fixed. to wit. and tinges not Live or growing things. nor are you kept from it by the Earth or the Sea. and tinges not a Dead thing: and after what manner Uzisur. or like it self. ORDER OF THE OPERATION. you shall find in the Tincture a pure and perfect Red: and if you put into it White Gold. Our Vermilion doth tinge Vestem which is of a contrary Nature. Keep then your congealed Quick—Silver.

I speak the Truth indeed. I am the Black of the White. from its Wings the liquid Water. VII. or Vapour thereof which is exalted (lifted up or sublimed) and the Sea eradicated. and a Light shining. you must add or diminish.drowning the Regions.tam in which is the Tabernacle which crys out. which flow from Bodies: if you put the Medicines (or Matters of the Medicine) in a just or true proportion. and from its Body the Redness. Understand the meaning of the words. you shall not fear to err. or drying of the Matter. and in the appearance of the Day: from the Throat the fixing Spirit: from its Gall the Coloring or Tinging Matter is taken. and I lye not. lest a Deluge should come and overflow all. the Head of the Crow flying without Wings. in the dark and black of the Night. V. that the Root of the Matter is. but if you mistake the proportion. Now know. and overturning the Trees by the Roots. 137 . and the Fume. VI. You are also to note what Alums and Salts are. from its Tail. for hereby is understood our venerable Stone. according as you see it tends to the emendation. or performing of the Work. the defication. and the White of the Black.

which is one kind of sweet Juice. prove inimical one to another.VIII. fight one against another. but if you interpose a medium. and strive to destroy one another. the effect will immediately follow. XI. till of two being left. XII. the splendor and glory of the Operation will not succeed. If you mix your Calx with Auripigment. or after what manner these two Colors are distinguished. you know not how to putrefie Ixir. and not in a mean or due proportion. or contend and fight with. Be careful also. how. or proceed on in the Work. it will be with a mighty impetus or force. And tho’ the Matter be unknown. or diversified. to devour one another. and into the sweetness of Honey. X. one. which is yet more intense or inward. 138 . yet consider these things. each in their turns. by their Vapours: look into the sweetness of Sugar. you shall never attain to the thing you seek after. And unless the Matter of the Stone. how you increase your Fire (tho it is not to be very small when you dry up the Water) and take heed that you burn not the Matter. because if the Vessel breaks. Except you make the Bodies spiritual and impalpable. and how they fail not. only remains. nor how the three Volatile Matters or Principles. IX.

you have operated rightly. Behold the Example and understand it. XIV. to wit. Now know.XIII. if you have once brought the Body into Ashes. 139 . that it is our Water. And the blood (which is in the Philosophick Water) of the animated Body. the permanent or enduring perfection. is the Earth of the Wise. which extracts the hidden Tincture.

and replenishes Nature with his Power. and that which is sick. Iron is our Gold. 140 . II. III. It is God himself who does create. and inspire or give life. Now it is that which is dead. and the Cold which is to be made hot. Tin is our Silver. and a Water subliming Water. I. which you ought to vivifie or makes alive. IV. that we should have a Body purifying Bodies. which ought to be cured: It is the White which is to be rubified. Blackness is our Whiteness. is made of Fire. the Black which is to be purified. and act as an Instrument subservient to him. From hence it appears necessary. and the Whiteness if our Redness. that it might follow and imitate his Wisdom. and Brass or Copper is our Tincture. Our Stone which is a Vessel of Fire. Argent Vive is our Glory. and is converted into the same again.CHAPTER XIX THAT THE BEGINNING OF THIS WORK IS IN THE BLACKNESS AND DARKNESS: AND OF CONJOYNING THE BODY WITH THE SOUL.

Light. wants Extention. and imbuing it with the 141 . you must persue it in the evident or visible Blackness: for (saith our Stone) it is that which is hidden within. beating and grinding it in the Sun. You are also to take notice.V. and as the Fire. Now know that this our Work. and to continue it as in the middle. makes me also Red. which is in thine Eye: I will not tell it plainly to thee thy self. but it has quantity. VI. made of pure or clean Rinds. to support and nourish it on every side. and the same thing which makes me White. which no Man understands. like as a word which is yet in thy Mouth. VIII. IX. or Sight. that the Fire-Stone of the Philosophers sought after. is made (or compounded) of two Figures (or Substances) the one of which wants the White Rust (Ceruse) and the other the Redish Rust (Crocus) Our Matters also are Searsed thro our Sieves or Searses. lest by thy words thou conveyest my Breath to another. which does make me white. and a most blessed Wood. You must also conjoyn the Body with the Soul. VII. Conceal this thing from Men. And if you would walk in the true way. It behoves you therefore. to thine own damage: This is the caution I give thee.

it will tinge nothing. which is the perfection of our Art. for it never tinges any thing Red. as we have already declared: and by this conjunction above. binding the Fugitive in Setters. and also whitens expelling the blackness from Bodies. also receiving the Tincture. and presently bring or reduce the same into a perfect Water. nor without Fire can it be perfected. but that which is White: and while the Work is now perfecting. XI. is posited in the Bowels of the Earth. that its habitation or dwelling place. 142 . Except you mix with the White the Red. for without Earth it cannot be perfected. Thus have you a dry Fire which does tinge: an Air or Vapour. let it be a gentle Fire for about seven hours space.Stone. I also tell you. X. which fixes and chains the Volatile Matter. so long till all its Stains and Defilements are taken away. its habitation is posited in the Bowels of the Fire. and it will be compleated Regimine Marino. and a fixed Earth. Again. Also. add them to the light of the Sun. thus will you get that which will make you to live. your Stone will attain to its Beauty and Glory. then puting it into the Fire. XII.

grind. II.e. Two Bodies equally taken from the Earth. you understand them now perfectly by their Expressions. through this whole Science. IV. till you have taken away from it all its Blackness. If you understand how a Resurrection is accomplished. i. How Manifest and Clear are the Words of the Wise. III. in which rejoyce. which you shall possess. yet so as the internal Life and Principal is still hidden. so will you accomplish your work to perfection. and therewith a long and enduring Life. which are freely bestowed upon you. Wash your Mercury with the Water of the Sea. and in the Milk of the White Volatile: Now mighty and wonderful are the powers and force of these Bodies. I.CHAPTER XX THE ORDER OF THE PRACTICAL PART OF THE OPERATION. you cannot be Ignorant how to compleat and perfect this Work. 143 . in the Oyl of the Decocted Matter. how the living (principle or Spirit) comes forth from the dead (Matter or Substance) how that is made apparent which was hidden. and how Strength is drawn forth through Weakness.

may fall upon it. that the Volatile Influences or Bird of Heaven. from thence Wisdom does arise. so will you accomplish the Life thereof sought after. and it will mortifie it (or bring it to putrefaction) but repleat your Earth.) VII. Germinate. Take by force the most Intense Wisdom. till it is made. and its dulness is vanished. grind it with White Water. VIII. govern it now with a gentle Fire. or Poyson to it. Take this Volatile Bird. and boil it upon Coals. then Strip it of its Feathers or Wings. IX. cut off its Head with a fiery Sword. so much as is enough to bury or cover it. Give therefore of this Life sufficiently to your Matter. till your Matter is mortified or putrefied. undo its Joynts. Then put the Venom. 144 . from whence you must draw forth the External (perpetual or fixed) Life of the Stone. Plant this Tree upon your Stone.V. its Branches may bring forth much Fruit. which done. till your Stone is congealed. and by virtue thereof. that it may not be in danger of the violence of Winds. Bud. and it shall make it to live (Spring. Grow. or becomes of one only Color. and manage it rightly. VI.

or Crucible (or Cupel) which we had by us. and kills the Living: It destroys and restores again. these we tinged.X. and elevates that which is abjected and cast down. XI. or the Malignity of Brass or Verdigrise. in the Arms of the Mountains. and Eggs or Silver Gobbets came out. with which we have been made Rich and our Treasures are multiplied. Male and Female. they shall be in no danger. and gives you a dominion over the Heavens of the Earth. for that it quickens and revives the Dead. By these being conjoyned and made complex (or perfectly united into one consimiliar substance) you will be made wiser (you will see the reason of the Operation. found in the Shores of the Rivers. 145 . XIII. which by instruction and prudent management may be brought forth. And whosoever you shall imbue or fill with the Powers thereof. it casts down that which is elevated and lift up. with our Saffron: of them we fold publickly two hundred times. should they be hurt with the Poyson of Vipers. Now you must note. that there are two Stones of the Wise. For we bought two Black ______ (Crows) and we put them into a Paropsidem. and in the back parts of the Kings House. in the Bowels of the Floods. White as Salt. XII.

the foot of which. he took him up and placed him in the Tabernacle. for thou canst not walk. leave there the burthen. Behold the Similitude. the other said. Then said he to me. he saw nothing. he was not able to touch: And waking from his Dream. whether you would think fit to do this thing. I know not. that the Kings Messenger came to a certain Podagrick. how great and how wonderful a thing is this. he saw nothing. if any one truly should sit down by the way. so shall I be presently freed or delivered from my Gout. thou art not able to touch the foot thereof: but going back. the Messenger said. to whom the Messenger answered. A certain Philosopher dreamed. then awaking. Thou knowest that in the Root of this Mountain. XVI. 146 .and the end of the Work) Blessed God. To whom the Podagrick answered. thar he should lie or generate with his Mother in the middle of the Earth. bearing me then thither. how canst thou go with me. and should ask you. Another also saw in a Dream. XV. XIV. since thou hast the Gout. and the Podagrick desired that he might go with him. there is a certain Tabernacle. would you do it? He answered. wherein it was said. XVII. Consider well this similitude.

But leading you to the knowledge of Phylosophy. extract the matter or thing it self. separate it. and turned into a black and 147 . Take also the fresh Bark or Rind. Bark. and put it into a Glass Vesica. V. and you will find it now dissolved. for Thirty One (or Forty) Daies.CHAPTER XXI THE RETIAINING OPERATIONS. This time being past. I. and melt or pour it forth upon another Cortex. in the same moment. or Superficies of the Sea. in which put so much of your Vinegar. we should make it the dirision and mockery of Women. their Salt. take the Vessel forth. and sublime it. in a Philosophick manner.e. Then take this Vinegar. II. as may over top it the heighth of Four Inches.) IV. and exposing the Demonstrations thereof. in the place where it is generated. for it is the Vinegar of the Philosophers. AND CONCLUSION OF THIS WHOLE WORK. and the play of Children. in which you shall after another manner. III. And that which is or shall be sublimed. and put it in to a Cucurbit. and their Sapience (i. this bury in warm Horsedung.

Then take the Foeces. for it is the Auripigment. put half way into lute. and put them in the Crucible or Test of Ethel. Understand now. And the Waters from the same first sublimed. and see that you govern your Work with Wisdom and Prudence. Dry then the same and grind them. drying them in a warm Sun. your dissolved black Water. VIII. keep it safely. as fine Salt. VI. which remain in the bottom of the Cucurbit. which you 148 . and put into the same. which diligently grind and dry. till all the moisture is consumed. and very gently elevate it in its tabernacle. Mercury. and add there to fresh or new Cortex of the Sea. and grind them together. for they are the crown (and rejoycing) of the Heart. VII. IX.stinking Water. Then take this very thing it self. and Sulphur and Magnesia of the Philosophers. that is say. and keep them. this sublimed Matter keep carefully for your use. sink down to the bottom. and sublime: and the Matter being sublimed purely White. Then take the Cucurbit. X. and make not too much haste. so as no more will ascend. more black and stinking than any thing in the whole World.

Then lastly. take away the Fire. XI. and nothing more will ascend. which the Philosophers call their Sal Virginis. as it were. that nothing can be seen by mankind. which 149 . which you sublimed from the Ethel two parts. called a Cucurbit. or let it go out. but with two Coals at first. and the next day (all things being cold) open the mouth of your Cucurbit. know that the Matter it self is now coagulated: make therefore a more intense and vehement Fire. and then adding two others: and look into it. XIII. to see how the Water ascends and descends. that this opened or decocted Auripigment. and made like to Water.have sublimed. of a more intense. making it. I say. close well the Joynts. XII. and of this whitned Auripigmentum. which put upon a gentle Fire. is immediately dissolved in the Water. nine parts. or Virgin Salt. fixt. for the space of three hours of the day. XIV. Put this into a little Vessel. and perfect Whiteness. nor any thing more beautiful to the Eye. of that which is elevated nor descend. that is to say. When you see the Vapour is consumed. and take forth the Matter.

This is your Substance sought after. for (God assisting) you may make of it what you please. white. sincere. and now you have come through to the end of your of a substance. FINIS 150 . XV. manage it according to your Reason and Prudence. and melted or dissolved.

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