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ARTEOR™ |riow oF enercies Pec In what way is the Arteor™ design innovative? Arteor" innovates through its bevelled profile. By a visual effect, the object appears to float in space, weightless, be unique elegance Moreover, its lines echo those of high-tech objects increasingly found in interiors: flat screens, digital “With Arteor™, wiring devices are perfectly in syne with new technologies.” ly in syne with J |b Why offer two versions: round and square shaped rocker plates? ‘We believe that the user needs to have this choice where the options may be freely combined. The two bas and pes — the circle and the square ensure the multiple functions of madern wiring device are harmoniously integrated. Furthermore, each version has its own advantages: Traditional square rocker plates offer better ergonomics : @ slightly concave surface facilitates 1 nce is also visually noticeable and creates harmonious variations on surface composition. “The round shape ensures the functions of modern wiring devices are harmoniously integrated. Pes e Sm ety Asteor™ offers a wide choice of ergonomics and finishes to satisfy the most demanding customers. All stand-alone control functions are available in two een ee ee Ty ee en rey ! NS Aue) rey ci aale Wite Eciton 1 Co on cy ow od Cars Psy Se erro roo STUY Tey er Saeco ec ore Cae os paid to the selection and quality of materials from the most refined to the most innovative. Among the es ne oc ee ad Red and Galuchat (shagreen or fish skin). Arteor™ offers the user diversity of choice and extensive ere UR een te Dea er ea and quality of materials.” UAL OTL) OTe rei Peon Sola ie 4 ° ere or peor er) DIMMER PE kee ae Deu kei Cerra) err el ean erro witout wee Pelt) Reena nd een Enables the eration of scenarios for Pune cee Pete te pecs bahar tener need mid D4 a fer} Pei tiesterkas erential Pea a pete Advanced Stand-alone Functions PERU ° Pee oor Reo Cae SS erry y Ett Aten CeO ee eee eee ee teers ee er et eas aed corer ARTEOR™ |Ftow oF eneraies Te NOR eg BOSE U Erm ete eRe ee Rea mec eee LA BOCs rx eo CG et ee ee eo ne