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Gord's Items:

Gord's black Elven Chainmail +1. Blackened or painted mithril or

made of Black Mithril. [Gord the Rogue Books]

Gord's Short Sword. +4 H&D. Elven made. Faint runes are on blade
with a bluish cast to the metal, as it is made with adamantite
and can cut through metal armor. Treat all non-magical armor
(save stone) as AC:10. Has powers of: alert to danger, dispel
illusion, grants Darkvision (low light vision) and infravision,
awake owner to danger with shock, keeps owners hand on handle,
helps dispel illusion in others 5' radius. [Gord the Rogue Books]

Gord's Amulet of Non-Detection pink quartz dove with wings folded

forward. [Gord the Rogue Books]

Thieves' Suit, Early. The suit, was designed for any thief or
assassin (mountebank, acrobat, cutpurse, assassin, spy, or
ninja). It consists of eight pieces: gloves, boots, a jerkin,
pants, a belt, and a hooded mantle. It its neutral state all
parts are dull black. All parts present allow:
full Elven camouflage cloak silent movement boots
It is form fitting. The cape clings to the body when
The suit casts no shadows.
The suit casts no reflections.
The suit cannot get wet. It will not drip after being wet.
The boots are elven boots that permit the silent movement. They
also add +5% to rope walking. The gloves are gripping and add
+5% to climbing ability. The suit has a dagger which is a
longtooth. It can extend from a dagger to a short sword, cut
steel or stone as green wood, is unbreakable, and it can be
thrown and return. It is +2H&D. It does not clang against metal
but hits with a dull thud. Plus the dagger will never glow
except upon command providing only directional illumination 20'
foot cone range but is normally dull black. It will also
lengthen to short sword length for any user, not merely

Some have a have a black over shoulder pouch that is of holding

16 cubic feet, will not empty when overturned and contents will
not get wet if the pouch is submerged in water. The pouch is
black suede and without clasp. The mouth is 12" in diameter,
with a 2'X2'X4' interior. The pouch is of the "handy" sort,
bringing up top that which is saught. Often four rings are in
the pouch. Invisibility 10 uses, gaseous form 10 uses, ether
form 10 uses, and feather fall 10 uses. Sometimes these are
permanent rings with 3/day limits. [Fred Haskell]

The Thieve's Suit dagger is exactly like the one below with
blood groove etc., only all in darkened steel with no reflective
surfaces. The blade is almost Parkerized and made of meteoric
iron. The belt, sheath, tongue, frog (sheath loop), hilt,
handle, pommel, and blade are all darkened steel. It is about
18" long with a 12" blade and 6" handle et al. Ignore the
sheaths in the photo.


Gord's Longtooth Dagger:

and extended to short sword:
Gord's Longtooth Dagger, +1 H&D, can elongate to short sword size
when in the hands of a Halfling. Only glows in the presence of
enemies in the hands of a Halfling or an Elf. Balanced for
throwing. [Gord the Rogue Books]

Gord's Mystic Dagger:

Gord's Mystic Dagger, never glows, darkened metal may be part
adamantite. Incised with runes. Cuts through wood as normal but
through stone and metal as green wood. Dark metal blade with
faint glowing runes. Well balanced for throwing. +3 H&D. [Gord the
Rogue Books]

Gord's Cat's Eye Ring:

Gord's Ring of the Lord of Cats gold ring set with a cabochon
cat's-eye chrysoberyl that is light green. [Gord the Rogue Books]
Throwing Knife made for forests, not blocked by leaves, no
penalties, able to curve around trees. Throwing and returning if
it misses. +1 H&D. in Left boot. 7" long, 4" blade, all silvered
steel alloy effecting creatures hurt by silver.
In right boot +1 H&D boot knife. 4" blade total from handle.
Made from Damascus steel.

A trench knife 10.8" knife, 4.75" handle, 6.05" blade. Made all
of unknown non-rusting steel. Saves at +5 vs. Rust Monster.

Straight knife 11.5" with 4.5" handle, 7" blade. All steel,
including handle et al.
Drizzt's Items:

Twinkle +5 defending scimitar. It was Drizzt Do'Urden's left-

handed defensive scimitar forged by the elves of old. Like all
magical weapons, this +5 defending scimitar had an enchantment
that made the blade sharper and the weapon more likely to strike
true. This enchantment could be diverted in order to make the
wielder better at parrying an opponent's blow. Twinkle had a
star-cut azure sapphire on its pommel and when it detected
danger nearby it softly glowed blue. It was partially empathic
and could impart weak, base emotions upon its wielder. [Drizzt Books]

Icingdeath +3 frost and frostbrand scimitar. It had a gem-

encrusted pommel, its black adamantite hilt masterfully sculpted
into the likeness of the toothed maw of a hunting cat. The blade
was made of silver with a diamond edge. It was Drizzt Do'Urden's
main right-hand scimitar. As a frost weapon it could freeze and
coat itself with ice. It was also a frostbrand weapon. The
weapon absorbed fire and heat, protecting its wielder against
fire. It also had the ability to extinguish magical fire.
However, it could also be set on fire in order to harm trolls,
though this was only when the magic of the blade was being
repressed. [Drizzt Books]

Original swords:

Original Drow Swords: all black adamantine blades, +3 H&D.

New Swords:

Chain mail:
Drizzt Drow Chain Mail: Drow chain mail is a finely-crafted,
satiny black metal mesh that does not encumber its wearer in the
least. It is similar, but not identical to, the magical elven
chain mail. Drizzt's is a tunics. It is made of adamantine steel
which is normally blue but Drow adamantine is black. Drow mail
is one better than normal steel mail, being AC:4. However,
Drizzt's mail is +2 enchanted so is AC:2. [Drizzt Books]

Leather Armor:

Drizzt Drow Armor: A form fitting leather armor granting AC:8. It

is, however, almost silent as it is so well fitted that is flows
with the form of the wearer. It adds +1 to the chain mail Drizzt
wears. [Drizzt Books]

Drizzt Drow Piwafwi: A black Drow magical hooded garment (like a

hooded cape or mantle) with +4 fire resistance, +4 AC, acts as
Eleven Cloak of Camouflage blending to surroundings, blocks heat
emanations for infrared invisibility, and has Noble Drow
markings. [Drizzt Books]
Drizzt House Seal Coin: A coin normally carried in the neck pocket
of a piwafwi, that allows Drow nobles the levitate multiple
times a day rather than just 3 times. Drizzt's is set with
Tumkeoite crystal and enchanted. It protects the Drow artifacts
from sunlight disintegration on the surface world and from loss
of their magical properties due to separation from the Drow
homeland. Only Drizzt's piwafwi and chain mail require this
protection (and any Drow blades). [Drizzt Books]


Drizzt Black Boots: Drizzt's boots and soft and form fitting. They
allow for totally silent movement even through dry leaves. [Drizzt

Drow gloves: Leather, +10% to grip. [Drizzt Books]

Drow Dagger:
Drow black adamantine blade, +3 H&D. [Drizzt Books]

Drow Knife carries one in each boot (ordinary small knife, 9"
overall) +1 H&D: [Drizzt Books]
Right or left Ithilid twist knives: 12" long, tomkeoite set in
hilt. Made of black adamantine and other alloys. Used for skull
punching by mind flayers. Hidden compartment in handles. Round
sheaths. +3 H&D, treat all metal as AC 10.