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Day Breakfast Lunch Dinner Snack(s) Total

Saturday Cinnamon Bagel (260) Chicken Strips (1013) Cool lime 1773
April 14 Cream Cheese (80) Fries (110) Refresher
Mango Smoothie (150) Fruit Punch (80) (80)

Sunday Hot Dog with Bun 1 Cup Rice(68) 898

April 15 (300) 2 Pork Ribs (345)
Gatorade (45) Sprite(140)

Monday Mango Peach Bowl Pork Ribs (345) 4 cups water 1015
April 16 (370) 1 cup rice (150)
Juice (150)

Tuesday Mango Smoothie (150) Fajitas (110) Meat (560) 3 cups of 1482
April 17 Fried Beans (145) Fried Beans(145) water
Lays (132) ½ avocado (100)
Tortilla chips(140)

Wednesday Coffee with creamer(88) Meat (560) Tendercrisp 2 cups of 1705

April 18 Small cookies (125) Fried Beans(145) Salad (450) water
Tortilla Chips (187) Blackberries
Green Tea Arizona (13)
(70) Greek
Yogurt (120)

Thursday Hazelnut Coffee Costilla de Res en Chicken Alfredo 3 cups of 1258

April 19 w/creamer (88) Salsa (374) (475) water
Black bean salad
1 cup rice (68)
Tortilla Chips (140)

Friday Hazelnut coffee Chicken Alfredo Boneless Wings 2 cups of 1211

April 20 w/reamer (88) (238) (528) water
Rice Cake (70) Green Tea Arizona Lemonade (180)
Strawberry (8) (70)
Nutela (100)
Saturday Pancakes (109) Soup (290) Grilled chicken 1352
April 21 Pancake Syrup (73) Doritos (140) Tenders (250)
Strawberry and banana Green Tea Arizona Green Tea
smoothie (350) (70) Arizona (70)

This project was something different that I have never done in my life. The first two days

were a challenge because I was never used to counting my calories. I would eat any food without

thinking of the calories or the nutrients it provide. This project was an eye opening and I realize

that fast food contain too many calories. By having dinner or even a lunch at restaurant that

dinner contains all your calories for the day in just one meal. I think this was one of the reasons

why I started to gain weight. I would eat throughout the day and by dinner I would go eat fast

food not realizing that I was providing my body with too many calories. I gained twenty five

pounds and I am overweight especially for my height. This project made me think twice before

eating a snack or even a meal. I tried to make sure that the meal would provide me with the right

nutrients and that would not contain too many calories. Especially when it I would eat a snack I

made sure it didn’t contain too much sugar or calories. The app that I downloaded on my phone

would let me know the percentage and show a chart of calories that I would eat throughout the

day. It would also set me goals on my nutrients making sure I wasn't below or over the number

they set for me. Another thing of course was that I need to make time to exercise even if it’s just

three times a week for an hour. I need to start drinking more water. Before I would bring a bottle

jug that was have a gallon and made sure I would finish it before I got out of work. I need to start

doing that again and set little goals to help me with my health. I will not delete this app on my
phone and I will try my best to keep counting the calories I consume daily. I will also try to

make sure that the food I eat have the proper nutrients my body needs so it can function properly.

A healthy meal would be for breakfast toast a whole wheat bread (78 calories), with egg

white fried (17 calories), ⅓ of an avocado, 1 cup homemade orange juice (112 calories) and

some Women Multivitamin Gummy (15 calories). For lunch a Turkey Taco Lunch bowl (387

calories) which includes ¼ of cooked brown rice, ½ corn kernels, ½ taco turkey meat, and ¼ of

salsa with With homemade Jamaica water sweeten (52 calories). For snack you can chop 1

cucumber (16 calories) and ½ cup of jicama (23 calories). For dinner ¼ of Pasto Grilled Chicken

Avocado Salad (346 calories). With homemade Jamaica water sweeten (52 calories). With at

least eight cups of water. This menu gives us a total of 1,179 calories.

One goal I can seat for myself is to drink coffee only three times a week which would be

(105 calories) instead of five days of week (245 calories). Another goal I can set would be to

start eating more vegetables either boiled or fried. I don’t eat vegetables often so that can be

added in my lunch or my dinner. My last goal would be to cut down the fast food and instead

make home meals or meal prep for the week.