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2001: The Patriot 2013: NSA leaks.

March-April 2016: July 2016: November 8 2016:

Act sets the US on Major escalations in Cold NSA discovers FBI DNC Emails leak. Disaster!
course to become War 2 - The Maidan coup domestic spying. FBI, Mueller's Russian Trump won!
a police state in Ukraine and the CIA, and Democrats collusion frame-up
Magnitsky act. start Russiagate kicks off

2002-2013 September THE PAPADOPOULOS STING

U IT The classic con: Just before the sting, former
Q Trump campaign official Papadopoulos was made
Foreign "Offices for
rent" sign
department head despite his lack of qualifications
by a Mickey Mouse outfit called LCILP pretending to
Intelligence E D be a prestigious school/think tank but residing in
ED Surveillance ED F I R some dingy rental office space. Once the scandal

June 2013- May 2014 March 2016: Attorney General F IR Mid-October, DNI
F IR broke, no one answered the phones or the door.
1988: Mueller planted fake evidence and
coerced witnesses to frame Libya for the
Snowden's NSA leaks exposed Jeff Sessions, under threat of
prosecution by the FBI, Hillary's jihad-loving CIA
Court James Clapper Compromised by the GCHQ head Robert To increase the clout of the deep
An LCILP board adviser
since 6 months, Joseph
the Bush/Obama global Alerted in March 2016 to the asked Obama to fire FISC ruling on FBI Hannigan had Trump state, Obama signed a law days
bombing of PanAm 103 over Lockerbie surveillance network. surrendered his authority chief Brennan told his wiretapped in 2016, Mifsud approached
FBI's abuse of NSA data and NSA chief Rogers. surveillance abuses, Comey before leaving office that gave all
Top US dirty cop over the FBI's "Russiagate" "Gang of 8" 5eyes spy sent a bogus Papadopoulos there in
its highly illegal sharing with The request was was a lame duck after May 16 US intelligence agencies
Mueller is a master of investigation to his assistant chiefs to file reports that "collusion" report to March 2016. He may
coverups. In 2001, Bush Rod Rosenstein FusionGPS and Crowdstrike, denied. 2016 and was fired a year direct access to unfiltered NSA/
Trump was colluding Brennan. Resigned Jan have been the one who
put him at the head of NSA chief Adm. Mike Rogers However Clapper later by Trump. 5eyes global surveillance feeds,
with Russia. 2017. baited him with the job
the FBI to be the next reported it to the FISC, which When the NSA shut off its DID succeed in thereby guaranteeing that abuses
FBI Cointel agent offer. The media claimed he told Papadopoulos
J Edgar Hoover (the ordered the FBI to stop. contractor access to NSA getting Mike Flynn would become universal and
Peter Strzok that Russia had Hillary's emails. After being
man who covered up the intercepts, the FBI went fired on falsified secrecy impossible to maintain.
exchanged questioned by the FBI, Mifsud told the press he
mafia for 50 years). messages with October 26 into panic mode, realizing FBI testimony. had said no such thing. He could not have told the
October 26
his mistress 2016 that its illegal NSA queries 2016 FBI otherwise without being charged with perjury.
Instead of tracking down were being audited and Alexander Downer was on Stephen Halper, a longtime
the support network of
FBI attorney Hakluyt's board. He US and UK intelligence asset, The "OCONUS lure" failed to do his job.
Lisa Page in April 18, 2016 reported to the FISC On October 26,
9/11, Mueller turned the just as NSA chief approached Papadopoulos in baited Papadopoulos with
1995 Oklahoma City bombing. FBI into a STASI with a December 2015 George Papadopoulos was an
May 17: With Comey Rogers was May, two weeks after the $3000 for an "energy paper" in
A car bomb filled with 4800 lbs of furious warrantless wire- on the approval easy mark because he badly
compromised, Asst. going to the Mifsud contact, and got him September to get him to talk
fertilizer (ANFO) supposedly did this tapping regime against of an "OCONUS lure," i.e. a sting June-August 2016: needed money and a job. He was
AG Rosenstein FISA court to to repeat what Mifsud told about Russia and Hillary's
to a building, according to Mueller journalists, activists, and operative for an overseas operation. FBI Cointel chief baited several times and to his
appointed dirty cop blow the whistle him. He then reported it to emails. He also failed to make
and his "experts." Even the "experts" anyone else he didn't Approval was denied because FBI Mueller as Special Peter Strzok went to credit, didn't bite. What made
on the FBI's the Australian the "sting"
said 4000 lbs of TNT were needed to like that finally got him a 2012 policy requires an open Counsel. Mueller collect dirt on Trump him an easy mark also made him
criminal actions, embassy. even
take out just one column. ANFO is rebuke from the DOJ Obama/DNC hired investigation to run extraterritorial requisitioned dozens from Steele and an easy patsy for the FBI: He
68% less powerful than TNT. The FBI got a FISA surveillance warrant for Downer didn't though he
Inspector General in FusionGPS to dig dirt assets. "Crossfire Hurricane" was of Comey's agents, Downer in London. didn't have the means to fight the
July 31: Mueller secretly get anything tried to
2010. on a Romney donor still 6 months away. forming a "mini FBI" to Trump aide Carter Page who had - gasp - gone FBI's army of lawyers in court.
opened the "Crossfire "honeypot"
to Russia! the FBI could
take down Trump. Hurricane" investigation, use on Papado-
a reference to a bad The failed Papadopoulos sting left "Russian poulos with
Obama replaced Mueller movie about Whoopi Mueller with nothing but Steele's interference" a Turkish
Ace Russian rescuing a British agent either. woman.
hacker Dimitry with Comey, who October 15: FBI "dossier" to justify his
shared his taste for total surveillance. Between Director of behind KGB lines. investigation and the FISA warrant Former Mi6
founder of November 2015 and April 2016, Comey farmed out National Security director Sir
Crowdstrike, the entire NSA intercept feed to Crowdstrike and John Carlin, Richard
FusionGPS to have it harvested for dirt on whose depart- Dearlove
appears to
political opponents. E D supervised the
be behind
the forged April 28 F I R ment was
conducting the
Mueller sent two other agents besides Strzok
to meet with Steele in June and July 2016. HAKLUYT operations of
the illegal spying, two Mi6 fronts,
DNC hired Crowdstrike to fake
"Russian hack" of DNC servers, resigned. Hakluyt and
the "Russian hack attack"
from which data was proven to be Orbis, which
Hillary's team referrred Simpson to their long-time anti-Russian spied for
leaked by an insider to Wikileaks. propaganda source Christopher Steele of Mi6. Simspon hired private clients,
July 2001: Bush appointed Mueller head of Deputy AG Bruce Ohr's CIA wife Nellie to act as a liaison. using the income and intelligence for
the FBI to cover up the Saudi and other April 19, 2016
government connections to 9/11. Having lost the FBI data harvesting contract as well as the Singer their own political purposes.
Hillary's personal
account, Glenn Simpson's wife went to the White House. "intelligence Hillary's Libya Jihad comrade Mi6 spook Christopher NOTE
agent" Cody in arms Winer had been Steele penned the Trump Only major players are shown

THE ANGLO - Simpson then Shearer, whom she getting Ukraine and Russia "piss kompromat dossier," here. Those who were eliminated
contacted the DNC, even sent to Libya, material from Steele and fed it to the press, sold it to
Claimed variously to have passing it on to Victoria early in the game like Gen. Mike
been founded in 2009, Pro-Israel neocon which agreed to had assembled a the FBI as "evidence," and Flynn or Deputy FBI Director
US DEEP 2010, and 2011 by Glenn
Simpson and two other
billonaire Paul Singer
who backed Marco Rubio
pay FusionGPS $1
million for the "piss
salacious dossier
on Trump.
Nuland. He now began
receiving Steele's Trump
memos and passed on
ran GRU defector and
Novichok hoax victim
Andrew McCabe are left out.
paid FusionGPS to dig
STATE COUP  Wall Street Journal 2015 dossier" on Trump, authenticated by Mi6. Shearer's material to Steele. Sergey Skripal. GRU defector Skripal worked
dirt on Trump. He bailed Similarly, only issues central to the
reporters, FusionGPS got Obama chipped in another $1 million. for Mi6 and Orbis
in April 2016 when Trump attempted coup are reflected in the
its first real job in 2012
2013-2017 clinched the GOP Funding of FusionGPS anti-Trump chart. Hillary Clinton's exoneration
from Obama.
nomination. operations continued after the election from Emailgate doesn't seem to be
one of them for now.
DONALD Veselnitskaya
met FusionGPS's Glenn
June 2016: The central issue, which is the

TRUMP Simpson both before

and after the Trump
Tower meeting
Working in concert with Fusion
GPS, Veselnitskaya and
Akhmedshin entrapped Trump
struggle against the deep state's
total surveillance regime, has not
US crook
AND U.S. Former been covered by the media. The
William Browder Russian lawyer Jr., Kushner, and Manafort at
ripped off the Natalia GRU officer Trump Tower with false clashes between the NSA, FISC, and
Ex-FBI Daniel Jones, who worked as an
Russian treasury Veselnitskaya Rinat promises of compromising intel staffer for Sen. Feinstein, then set FBI have only been covered by
Senate Judiciary Committee
hired FusionGPS Akhmetshin material on Hillary. up Penn Quarter Group just in time to "George Soros and Silicon Valley billionaries" paid bloggers based on declassified
$230 million with ranking member Dianne
Daniel Jones's PQG $50 million more in 2017 to
fake VAT returns then got to fight Browder and the Magnitsky Act. worked for FusionGPS on the anti- fund the Fusion GPS piss dossier. Feinstein concealed her relation judicial and congressional
shore up the failing "Russia collusion" hoax.
INTELLIGENCE US Congress to vote Magnitsky
sanctions vs Russia with fake
Obama AG Jessica Lynch gave her
special permission to enter the US.
Magnitsky campaign. He was close
to Hillary Clinton's inner circle.
to Daniel Jones while
"investigating" the Trump piss
dossier that Jones paid for
documents. So don't expect many
MSM links.
documents and bribes