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JMJ Marist Brothers

College of Nursing
Marist Avenue, General Santos City

Community Health Nursing BSN – IV A

Plan of Activities

Day 3

Clinical Instructor: Ms. Esperanza Ala an,RN

Group name: Villa Esperanza Date: Sept. 25,2010
Team leader: Gerald Larida Time: 6:30 am

Team members: 1. Dinna Boje 7. Francis Javier

2. Erika Burgos 8. Evony Delgado
3. Rachelle Bondad 9. Cinderlyn Gonzaga
4. Julie Condino 10. Mary Rose Josol
5. Jessie Concepcion 11. Liwayway Lozano
6. Louise Cabangal 12. Ma. Magdalene De Pedro


Within 8 hours of community exposure, the student nurses should be able


General Objectives:

To obtain further information for individual family case study, as

well as to check-up in the planted seeds. Moreover, to plan for the upcoming

Community Assembly and for collating data for Community diagnosis and Family

Case Study
Specific Objectives:

• Establish trust and rapport to the selected community specifically

the families

• Gather further information and validate it for the Community

Diagnosis and Individual Family Case Study;

• Facilitate and Aid in the Tree Planting Project;

• Organize and take measures for the forthcoming Community


• Spend time and listen actively to the family upon data gathering to

facilitate interaction;

• Utilize effective channel of communication (verbal and non verbal


• Tallying all the gathered data.

• Display positive attitude towards the families between group mates

and clinical instructor;

• Work in a harmonious relationship with respect towards the


• Develop camaraderie and harmonious relationship within the group.

Time Activities Person Resources Rationale Evaluation

Involved Needed
I. Pre conference
6:30am Assembly at - Group Pre-conference are
Notre Dame of and given to organize the
Dadiangas Clinical group. This activity is
University instructor important in order to
(Student Centre organize and delineate
1). tasks in the group, give
those important
reminders and run
through the important
details with regards to
the community
exposure. This is also
to facilitate
coordination and
efficiency of tasks in
the area.

• Morning - Group To ask for Almighty

Prayer and God’s guidance for the
Clinical day’s duty, as his
instructor instrument of healing
and loving touch and to
thank God for another
day of opportunity and
blessing. His presence
is needed for the group
to perform better and
to avoid committing
• Checking - group - attendance To check the presence
of and sheet of each member of the
Attendanc clinical group and brief them of
e instructor their duties and
responsibilities and
make sure that the
work are properly

• Checking - group - checklist The uniform is an

of for uniforms important symbol of
uniforms/ and the nursing profession.
paraphern paraphernali It signifies the person
alia, and a as a health care giver
materials and it should be check
by the clinical
instructor including the
uniform to be identified
and be respected by
clients and other health
care givers. Thus it
should be complete,
clean and tidy. Its
indicates preparedness
of the group member.

To check the
completeness of
nursing paraphernalia
so as to be used for
the continuity of
nursing care to the
patients. Ensuring
completeness of
materials, supplies and
things is needed to
carry out duty
effectively and to avoid
delay in carrying out
activities and task.

• Objective- - group Discussion of

setting and objectives/goals is
clinical necessary so that
instructor student nurses are
able to be guided
accordingly and would
serve as a basis for
evaluation of student’s

• Sp - group This is for the Clinical

ecial and Instructor to give
instructions clinical specific instructions to
instructor the student nurses
regarding the flow of
the activities and the
necessary precautions.
II. Working
7:30am Phase The student nurses
Departure from and clinical instructor
the assembly arrive in the area.

Arrival at the
8:00am - group - To obtain more
Resume in data questionnair information with
gathering on es regarding regards to each family
each respective family health and validate
chosen family for profile, information that was
individual family pencil and gathered from each
case study. paper household.

10:15am - group questionnair To prepare the data
Resume in data es regarding gathered for analysis
gathering in family health and for identification of
different profile, problems and
households and pencil, paper interventions, also to
check up on the and planted aid and check on the
tree planting seeds seeds for signs growth
activity. and development.
12:45pm - group questionnair Collation of gathered
Collating of es regarding data smoothen the
gathered family health task of the group.
information. profile,
pencil and

1:30pm - group Student nurses and

Meeting up with and Clinical Instructor will
the community clinical meet in one area of the
instructor community for
community assembly

Departure from
the community
Arrival at the

III. Post
Termination Phase

- group Summarization of the

• Su and activity in order to trace
mmary of the clinical the activities done to
activity instructor the community
- group To evaluate the
and activities done
• Sharing of clinical throughout the duty. To
learning instructor strengthen and
insights commend the strong
points, and improve
the weak points of the

To evaluate if
objectives within the
Evaluation of exposure has been
CI met.

3:00pm - group Thank God for his

and everlasting support,
Closing Prayer clinical guidance and
instructor protection throughout
the day.