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Cynthia Vidal

Globalization Myths and Conspiracy Theories

Globalism or Globalization has been a hot topic within the last decade or so. While the

last 100 years have shown a rise in the unison of countries all over the world, the technology

boom has certainly sped up globalism like never before as we are able to connect, trade and learn

from one another’s cultures with the click of a mouse. It has had its advantages like being able to

create diplomacy through trade deals and help one another’s economies in ways. Cultures have

been able to merge and learn to live with one another as well. The world has never been as

connected and in communication as it is today and computers, the internet, smart phones and

technology in general has so much to do with this chamge.

While many see globalism as a huge benefit of having the world unite, others have taken

a step back to see it as problematic to the point where there are theories and underlying secrets

and destruction caused by globalization. “It is the realists who are now Europeans, the utopians

who dream nostalgically of a resurgent England or Germany, perhaps even a resurgent Wales or

Saxony” (Barber, 1992). Brexit and the election of Trump is a huge result of nationalists trying

to fight back against globalization. One talking head who has gained huge popularity within the

nationalist and conservative community has been Alex Jones of Infowars. Through podcasts and

news appearances, Jones warns of the globalist leaders of Europe and North America trying to

create one union that will lead to a socialist state that controls our money and monitors the

individual aspects of our lives.

During one of Alex Jones’ podcasts he brings up Mark Zuckerberg and how he

(Zuckerberg) has admitted that the government is watching us 24/7. He believes Zuckerberg is
working for the government and that he created the concept of Facebook as way to keep track of

our lives through the internet. Those who follow Alex Jones in forums on, 4chan and

even YouTube comments go as far as to believe that Mark Zuckerberg being Jewish is a part of a

Zionist plan in a global take over. An article titled “The Jewish hand behind Internet - Google,

Facebook, Wikipedia, Yahoo!, MySpace, eBay..” on (an American right wing

site) talks about how the creation and of Facebook and top internet sites have all been created by

Jews that have connections to top Zionists in Israel. This article was shared by 1.2k on Facebook

and liked by 15k. The alt-right has recently called out popular sites such as Facebook, Wikipedia

and Yahoo a part of Cultural Marxism which to them is the mainstream teachings in school, pop

culture and these internet sites. It is believed that the idea is led by communist Zionists that first

began their teachings at the Frankfort School in Germany.

While the theories on Cultural Marxism have gained popularity in recent years, there are

those who believe in deeper conspiracies such as reptilian humanoids that run the world. David

Icke who is a former soccer player from Britain thought up the myth of reptilians and has written

books that have become bestsellers while also maintaining a popular presence on YouTube. He

currently has almost 500,000 subscribers to his channel and many of his videos have over a

million views. The Paris Review’s 2016 article on reptilians sums up the theory pretty well:

“These Reptilians are not dull-witted things, like, say, pet-shop iguanas. These lizards are

brilliant. So brilliant, in fact, that they’ve shape-shifted into the bodies of all sorts of people you

may regard as revered and accomplished human beings. Among the lizard elite, Icke includes the

entire British monarchy, the Bush family, the Rothschilds, absolutely everyone invited to

Bohemian Grove, the Illuminati, Freemasons, most Jews, the Pope, Obama and his wife, and—

inexplicably—the country-western singer Boxcar Willie” (Stern, 2016).

According to Icke and many of his followers, the reptilians have perfected their ability to

shape shift and the moon is used as a way of controlling the human race. Other globalization

myths and issues seem small in comparison to the threat of reptilians, but in a way they are all

connected. The threat of reptilians, Zionist takeover, communism, white genocide are all part of

the fear of globalization and the fact that world has changed. “Major disturbances arise, rather,

from influences outside of the country. When Argentina suddenly faced high interest rates in

1998, it wasn’t because of what Argentina did but because of what happened in Russia.

Argentina cannot be blamed for Russia’s crisis” (Stiglitz,2002). The economic concerns seem to

center around markets being too influential from other countries causing homelands to be

threatened when another is doing poorly.

There could be some truth to that mind set when McDonald’s, Starbucks, and Subways

are open all over the world making it hard for countries that are not in the first world class to

develop their economy with their own businesses. The threat of immigration and open borders

causes the first world countries to worry about those within these poor economies to move their

countries and threaten the culture and face of what their customs have represented for centuries.

In other words, many feel that they have no control over their living environment or say within

their piece of land on the planet. The white genocide myth stems heavily from that fear as many

believe that it is white countries that are primarily the ones pressured to open its borders to

immigrants from countries whose population is not primarily white.

Tribalism and racism has come back into fashion in the mainstream because nationalists

think that history will erase their race and accomplishments. American White Nationalist

Richard Spencer has joined forces with other white nationalists from Sweden in investing in a

media platform with goals of exposing crimes against whites by other races, the threats of
globalism and promoting the idea of allowing predominantly white countries in keeping their

heritage true their European roots. To the followers of Spencer’s movement, the coming together

of the world is a threat that will cause chaos to “civilized” societies because they believe it

human nature to remain within your tribe.

The election of Donald Trump was a huge victory for Spencer and his followers and

other anti-globalization theorists. He is a nationalist that has fought to ban those from certain

Muslim countries from traveling to the United States, he ended the USA’s deal with Paris to help

fight global warming claiming it was not good for the USA, and he is a supporter of Brexit. All

of these qualities that keep his supporters loyal are a form of retaliation towards the world

becoming more connected and changing faster than many can keep up with.

While the United States worries about foreign cultures taking over, Arab and Islamic

countries fear the west in the same way. The pressures of western culture weighs heavy as it

spreads through pop culture and businesses around the world. The Middle East in particular view

the United States, Europe and other modernized nations as imperialistic and a threat to their

religion and customs. Islam is not just a religion for many Arabs since laws and social norms are

all based on Islamic beliefs. To them, the spread of Western secularism is considered a form of

foreign invasion. The government controls much of the Internet in Muslim countries because of

this. The openness in technology helps for many to discover the ideas of feminism, open

sexuality and questioning religion which could lead the nations to chaos in their view.

Many have embraced these ideas of globalism seeing it as a way of modernizing

countries that are steps back from technology and Western culture and spreading their businesses

to create jobs in places that need them. In America we love our tacos and Chinese take-out and in
France even the Louvre has its own McDonald’s in its building. So to those that see the positive

in the world coming closer together, all the conspiracies and myths whatever extreme they may

be are just excuses and fears in the heads of those who don’t want to embrace change and expect

the worst to come of it.

The more logical approach it seems when it comes to the bad side of globalization is the

economic impact. Countries with struggling economies should be able to run their own coffee

shop without Starbucks putting them out of business and contributing to empty capitalism. Nestle

shouldn’t be taking the only fresh water supply from a poor country to supply it to USA, Japan,

UK, etc just because they can. It is these problems that need to be addressed as a way to balance

out globalization because as technology grows it is inevitable and almost seems impossible that

suddenly these new movements will be able to disconnect us.

The believers in the reptilian race can continue to dissect images on the internet that show

the reptile scales underneath Obama or Queen Elizabeth’s skin. The anti-Semites can also

continue to blame the Jewish community for the all the problems and brainwashing the world has

subjected us to, but even with the rise of Donald Trump and nationalist ideals I don’t believe it is

a direct threat to globalism. I see it more as a retaliation. We have already come too far in

technology and spread of culture to go back.


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