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[ Team Members - Kartekay Srivastava , Vivekananda , Varun Shankar , Zohra Salih]


Title - Dream Land.

The short film is a re-imagination of the characters of Shakespeare’s Mid-Summer Night’s

Dream.’ . ‘Reality is the dream which we choose to believe’. The short film is about a short film
production of the Mid-Summer’s Night dream as a final project for a course on Shakespeare by a
group of students working in Ashoka. The narration in the film is from the point of view of the
5th member of the team. The Short film attempts to bring forth the power relationship between
Oberon and Titania ; Oberon and Puck. The re-imagination is in a contemporary setting. The
students choose filmmaking as medium for their own re-imagination. As the team works on the
project and the production progresses, the boundaries of reality and the play get blur. It also
looks into the suppressed desires of the various characters in the play and how they work out in
reality. By the end, it becomes difficult to comprehend what is the truth and what is the illusion.

The Film project is an attempt to bring forth the elements of both metamorphoses and
anamorphoses as aptly portrayed through out the play, ‘A mid-summer’s night Dream’, that are
not only limited to theatre/screenplay but also are a very integral element of our day to day
lives. Through this project, we attempt to break the fourth boundary and make the audience
also an active participant in the process. Dreams are the central theme in the play, which is why
the film is also themed on our understanding of dream. We also try to incorporate the queer
angle and how it may or not maybe accepted by society.

The central point we are trying to drive home is the fact that as the play progresses, even the
audience goes through a process of Metamorphoses and Anamorphoses.

Team Roles :

Ideation and Story Board– Varun Shankar, Zohra Salih, Vivekananda , Kartekay Srivastava
Script Writer : Zohra Salih and Kartekay Srivastava
Director : Vivekananda and Zohra Salih
Costume and Set Design : Varun Shankar
Camera and editing : Vivekananda (Camera Man) , Video Edit – Kartekay Srivastava , Music and
Mixing- Varun Shankar
Actors: Oberon – Kartekay Srivastava , Titania – Zohra Salih, Puck – Varun Shankar , Gaiman
Baba – Vivekananda

Photographs -

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