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List of Application Deadlines

Duration without Application Deadlines

Development-Related Postgraduate Courses German for Intake 2019/20
Institution Language Degree language DAAD Self-
course Scholarship financing
* Intake every two years - next intake 2019
Economic Sciences/Business Administration/Political Economics
Master's Programme in International and Development Economics - MIDE HTW Berlin English MA 18 months 30.09.2018 see website

U Göttingen English MA 24 months 01.10.-15.11.2018 01.10.-15.11.2018

(summer term)
Development Economics (winter term 2019)
Small Enterprise Promotion and Training - SEPT U Leipzig English MBA 22 months 01.10.2018 15.03.2019

Development Co-operation
Development Management* RU Bochum English MA 18 months 30.09.2019 see website
Bonn International Graduate School for Development Research – BIGS-DR U Bonn English PhD 38 months 31.08.2018 throughout
the year
(formerly ZEF Doctoral Studies Program)

Sustainable Development Management HS Rhein-Waal English MA 18 months 01.10.2018 15.01.2019 (summer

(winter term)

Engineering and Related Sciences

Tropical Hydrogeology and Environmental Engineering - TropHEE TU Darmstadt English MSc 24 months 15.10.2018 15.07.2019
Hydro Science and Engineering TU Dresden English MSc 24 months 15.10.2018 see website
Textile and Ready-Made Clothing Technology TU Dresden German MSc 24 months 03.10.2018 see website
Energy and Environmental Management in Developing U Flensburg English MEng 18 months see website see website
Countries (formerly SESAM)
Water Resources and Environmental Management - WATENV U Hannover English MSc 24 months 30.09.2018 15.01.2019
Postgraduate Programme Renewable Energy - PPRE U Oldenburg English MSc 24 months 15.10.2018 15.01.2019
Photogrammetry and Geoinformatics HfT Stuttgart English MSc 18 months 15.10.2018 see website
Master's Programme Infrastructure Planning U Stuttgart English MSc 24 months 01.08.-30.09.2018 01.08.18-15.02.2019
Natural Hazards and Risks in Structural Engineering - NHRE BHU Weimar English MSc 24 months 15.10.2018 see website

PhD Programme Mathematics in Industry and Commerce - MIC TU Kaiserslautern English PhD 36 months 15.01.2019 see website
Regional and Urban Planning
Urban Management - UM TU Berlin English MSc 18 months 31.08.2018 30.04.2019
SPRING - Regional Development Planning and Management TU Dortmund English MSc 24 months 30.10.2018 15.07.2019
Regional Science/Spatial Planning KIT Karlsruhe German MSc 24 months 30.10.2017 15.07.2018
Integrated Urbanism and Sustainable Design – IUSD U Stuttgart English MSc 24 months 15.02.2019 see website
Agricultural and Forest Sciences
Agricultural Sciences and Resource Management in the Tropics and U Bonn English MSc 24 months 15.09.2018 15.03.2019 (if visa
Subtropics - ARTS
30.06.2019 (if visa not
Tropical Forestry TU Dresden English MSc 24 months 30.10.2018 30.05.2019 (Non EU)/
15.07.2018 (EU)

Agricultural Economics, Bioeconomy and Rural Development (Gießen) U Giessen/ English PhD 38 months 30.11.2018 see website
U Hohenheim

Agricultural Economics, Bioeconomy and Rural Development (Hohenheim)

Agricultural Economics - AgEcon U Hohenheim English MSc 24 months 01.12.2018 15.03.2019 (Non-EU)/
15.07.2019 (EU)

International Agribusiness and Rural Development - IARD U Göttingen/ English/ possibly MSc 24 months 01.04.2019 see website
University of Bogor Bahasa Indonesia

Tropical and International Forestry U Göttingen English MSc 24 months 15.10.2018 15.03.2019 (Non-EU)

International Horticulture U Hannover English MSc 24 months 01.10.2018 31.05.2019

Natural and Environmental Sciences

Geography of Environmental Risks and Human Security U Bonn/United English MSc 24 months 15.01.2019 see website
Nations University
International Studies in Aquatic Tropical Ecology - ISATEC U Bremen English MSc 24 months 15.10.2018 30.04.2019

Environmental Governance - MEG U Freiburg English MSc 24 months 15.10.2018 see website

Landscape Ecology and Nature Conservation - LENC U Greifswald English MSc 24 months 15.12.2018 01.04.2019
Natural Resources Management and Development (NRM)/ TH Köln English MSc 24 months 30.09.2018 31.03.2019
Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM)/
Renewable Energy Management (REM)

Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) TH Köln/ English MSc 24 months 31.01.2019 10.06.2019 (Germans)
German Jordanian 31.03.2019
University (Foreigners)

Environment and Resources Management (ENREM) TH Köln/ English/Spanish MSc 24 months 31.01.2019 31.01.2019
Universidad de
– Focus Latin America
San Luis Potosi
Medicine/Public Health
Charité Berlin/ English MSc 12 months 15.10.2018 31.03.2019
FU Berlin/
International Health (Berlin) HU Berlin
International Health (Heidelberg) U Heidelberg English MSc 12 months 15.05.2018- 30.04.2019

Social Sciences, Education and Law

Vocational Education and Personnel Capacity Building TU Dresden German MA 24 months 30.09.2018 see website
International Education Management – INEMA PH Ludwigsburg / English MA 24 months 31.05.2019 31.05.2019
Helwan University
Master of Laws in Intellectual Property and Competition Law Munich Intellectual English LL.M. 12 months 15.10.2018 30.04.2019
Property Law Center
Media Studies
International Media Studies HS Bonn-Rhein- English (70%)/ MA 24 months 31.03.2019 31.03.2019
Sieg/DW German (30%)
Akademie/U Bonn