What's new in 1.

35: ------------------* New games supported : - The King of Fighters 2000 - Ganryu (decrypted C) - Nightmare in the Dark (decrypted C) - Strikers 1945+ (decrypted C) - Prehistoric Isle 2 (decrypted C) The "(decrypted C)" games load faster, require less RAM than their coun ter part, and are gameplay wise identical. See the following feature for how to obtain theyr decrypted roms : * Added feature to save decrypted Cs from encrypted games. Enable "Enable save decrypted Cs after loading" in the Tools menu before loading an encrypted NeoGeo game. * Support for the new WinJammer S1 rom * Rewrote audit. It's now a lot more accurate It can now detect roms with a bad name, a bad crc, or that are missing; a nd reports correct rom sizes * Rewrote Romcenter dat generator. Should be 100% perfect now :) * New ClrMAMEPro dat generator. * Changed it so the Load dialog box filters don't act on Audit or DAT gener ation anymore * Changed 'Use HotRod configuration' map things more cleverly for NeoGeo ga mes * Tidied the menus a bit :) 1.34 * New games supported : - Ganryu - Nightmare in the Dark - Strikers 1945+ - Prehistoric Isle 2 Kudos to Nicola Salmoria for breaking the encryption. Impressive job. * Alpha Mission 2 romset has changed to match the latest MAME * Changed The King of Fighters '99: Millennium Battle so it uses the real e ncrypted gfx roms. This is the standard MAME set, with encrypted roms, encrypted Ps, no S1, the standard Vs This has the inconvenient of making load times a LOT longer for people wh o have 128mb of RAM or less, so I added a new subset of kof99: "The King of Fighters '99: Millennium Battle (full decrypted)" (kof99nd .zip) which is exactly the same game, but uses different roms, requires signifi cantly less ram, and loads really faster. It uses : - kf99p_c*.rom from the prototype (this makes NO difference game wise compared to using the real encrypted roms) - kf99_s1d.rom which was released some time ago - kof99_v*.rom and kof99_m1.rom from kof99.zip - kf99n_p1.rom and kf99n_p2.rom from the new kof99n.zip from MAME 0.56 That gives a simple standard NeoGeo set, gamewise identical to the big en crypted one, that could even run in NeoRAGE X :)

* Fixed a bug where tick marks in the menus where cleared by changing the v ideo memory settings from the menu or on the first launch 1.33 * Driver for Vampire Savior 2: The Lord of Vampire (Japan 970913) * Added region switches and automatic macro reverse in MSHVSFJ and MSHVSFJ1 (totally forgot about these in 1.32...) * Added Paths configuration dialog box (in File menu) * Changed The King of Fighters '99: Millennium Battle to support MrLee/Bill yJr's new dumps. No need for kf99_s1d.rom anymore. * Added All/Only available/Only missing filters for Load game dialog box. * Changed the save state format for the better: Kawaks can still read all the old saves, but new savestates are about 7 t imes smaller ! * Command line support. You can start a game from command line, now. Type WinKawaks.exe -help at command prompt for more info Example: WinKawaks.exe ffight -fullscreen * Added some new tracklists, courtesy of DarkCloud * Added video memory allocation control in the Video menu * Added autodetection of the best video memory allocation on first time run * Added PNG screenshot functions. - Screenshot (unfiltered) saves a screenshot without edge enhangement o r scanline effects - Screenshot (filtered) saves exactly what you see on screen 1.32 * Drivers for - Armored Warriors (Euro 941011) - Marvel Super Heroes Vs. Street Fighter (US 970625) - Marvel Super Heroes Vs. Street Fighter (Japan 970707) - Marvel Super Heroes Vs. Street Fighter (Japan 970702) - Vampire Savior: The Lord of Vampire (US 970519) * Fixed the driver for Street Fighter Alpha: Warriors' Dreams (US 950627) ( SFAU.ZIP) The correct roms for SFAU.ZIP are - sfzu.03a - sfzux.03a - sfz.04a * King of Fighter 99 now uses the MAME CPU roms: - kof99_p1.rom (4mb, CRC32 006e4532) - kof99_p2.rom (4mb, CRC32 90175f15) - the older kf99_p1d.rom (1mb, CRC32 909b18c4) is *still needed* - the older kf99_p2d.rom and kf99_p2x.rom aren't needed anymore. * Various other CPS2 romset changes to accommodate the new games, and the l atest MAME conventions. PLEASE READ SET_CHANGES.TXT FOR MORE INFORMATION * Louder (better) QSound and YM2151/OKI (CPS2 and CPS1 games) * Added option to control QSound amplification in WinKawaks.ini and Sound m enu * NeoGeo sound interpolation (Thanks ElSemi :)) * Fix in NeoGeo savestates (still compatible with old ones) * Corrected NeoGeo Y zoom to use the real hardware method. Needs NG-LO.ROM. * Finally added an "Auto start game" option :) * Added individual saving for 68000 overclocking (saves setting in the game 's ini) * Fixed protection for RealBout Fatal Fury 2 * Added protection for Fatal Fury 2 * New, much improved Redefine Keys dialog box

* Changed the Joypad code. Hopefully, this should solve the problems some p eople have had with their pads. * Added support for screenshots for Load game dialog box. Shots should be i n BMP format and stored in your screenshot directory (subdirectory SSHOTS by default) * Somewhat Skin support :) Just put a SKIN.BMP in your Kawaks directory to change the background image 1.31 * Corrected the NeoGeo zoom system. Now uses the true original zoom pattern s, verified on the real system * Support for the new kf99_s1d.rom in the KOF99 romset * Many CPS1 fixes: - Captain Commando set to 4 player for netplay - Player 4 mapped in Captain Commando - Player 3 mapped in Cadillacs and Dinosaurs and Warriors of Fate - Test menu for all CPS1 games (press F11 or whatever you redefined it to access it) - EEPROM no longer saved for EEPROMless games - Timing fixes (fixes Mercs splash screen, Pang 3 bottom of screen...) - Sprite/bg sync fix * Added language switch for Dungeons & Dragons (uses Region switch) * Drivers for - Dungeons & Dragons: Shadow over Mystara (Euro 960209) - Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors (US 940818) - Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors (US 940705) - Street Fighter Alpha: Warriors' Dreams (Euro 950727) - Street Fighter Alpha: Warriors' Dreams (Euro 950605) * Various romset changes to accommodate the above new games, and the latest MAME conventions PLEASE READ NEW_SETS.TXT FOR MORE INFORMATION 1.30 * NeoGeo emulation ! - Support for 136 games - Runs the new King of Fighters 99 dump ! (see FAQ for details) - Excellent compatibility: runs all games with sound - Works with macros, netplay, sprite table, etc - Specific settings in the INI for the fullscreen resolution - Please read the FAQ for eventual troubleshooting * New enhanced Load game dialog box * CPS2 timing fixes * defaultkeys.ini becomes - defaultkeysCPS.ini for CPS1/2 games - defaultkeysMVS.ini for NeoGeo games So, rename your defaultkeys.ini to defaultkeysCPS.ini and create a new one for NeoGeo games named defaultkeysMVS.ini 1.20 * New drivers Battle Circuit (Japan 970319) Eco Fighters (World 931203) Vampire: The Night Warriors (Japan 940630) Street Fighter Alpha 3 (US 980904) Street Fighter Alpha 3 (US 980629) Street Fighter Zero 3 (Japan 980727) Saturday Night Slam Masters (World)

- Saturday Night Slam Masters (US) - Muscle Bomber - The Body Explosion (Japan) - Muscle Bomber Duo - Ultimate Team Battle (World) - Muscle Bomber Duo - Heat Up Warriors (Japan) - Three Wonders (US) - Pang! 3 (Japan) * Kaillera support ! (That's netplay) - Allows D&DSOM 4 players, AVSP 3 players and BatCirc 4 players - Capcom Sport Club extra chars cheat is performed automatically in net play too - Net chat macros. You can define 5 chat keys for each game. To each ke y corresponds a sentence you define in the game's ini. Taunts at your fingertips :) - Net chat key. Hit backspace in netplay to chat :) Please read the FAQ for more info * Better speed - Changed the 68000 CPU core (now A68K. Faster and more accurate) - Optimised Rowscroll - Optimised sprites - Optimised Z80 handling * Better compatibility - Fixed just every known CPS1 bug ! - Added P3 and P4 to CPS1 games - Added P3 for Armored Warriors and its clones - Fixed missing rowscroll on Vampire "VS" screen - Modification in the sprite banking system. Makes Vampire and SSF2T a l ot smoother. - Various glitches thanks to new 68000 core. CPS2 games run at 11.8MHz too, now (that's the true hardware speed) * Better macros New '+' token. If you use '+' in a macro, this macro will allow input from the player during its execution. Ex: Macro1A=123+ Will allow you to press one direction while executing the 3 punch macro. (SFA3 projections...) * Better savestates. Because of new core, savestate format had to be updated. Most savestates from anterior versions are accepted by this version, bu t savestates generated with this version can't be used on older Kawaks. New saves are a lot smaller, because they are now RLE compressed. * Dipswitches for CPS1 games. They are saved to each game's ini. * New font for on screen display and added settings in the INI to control i ts color. * Fixed the glitch in the last line in fullscreen 2xSai and spin-off engine s * Fixed a border blinking bug with some gfx cards in full screen * New "Mono sound" option. My mono headphones likes that. * Added option to log sound to HD (16Bits Stereo RAW format, any sound editor can read that...) * New options to disable individually the 4 OKI channels (CPS1 sound effect s) Handy to rip those SF2 musics :D * Fixed some editing errors in the Kawaks mascots :) * The stuff I eventually forgot to write down ... 1.14 * New drivers & region switch for : - Super Muscle Bomber: The International Blowout (Japan 940831) - Super Muscle Bomber: The International Blowout (Japan 940808) - Marvel Super Heroes (Japan 951024)

* Some ZIP change names to fit the latest MAME specifications : - DDSOMJ.ZIP becomes DDSOMJR1.ZIP - SLAM2E.ZIP becomes RINGDEST.ZIP - sfzu.03a, sfz.04a and sfzux.03a from SFA.ZIP form a new clone: SFAU.ZIP * Totally new macro system. You can now create your own complex macros. You can assign a special move, or a combo to a simple key ! See the included FAQ for more info. * Hopefully fixed CPS2 savestates bugs (still compatible with old saves) * Implemented savestates for CPS1 * Fixed flickering issues at the bottom of the screen when in fullscreen. * Fixed some CPS1 BgHi issues (Sodom stage in Final Fight...) * Fixed some CPS1 sprite/background sync issues (Ghouls and Ghosts...) * Fixed sound for Pang and maybe some others * Fixed Dai Makai-Mura (Ghouls and Ghosts Japan) * Fixed Street Fighter II - The World Warrior (Japan 910214) * Fixed Carrier Air Wing's helicopters and destroyed buildings bugs * Fixed MMX blitters which crashed for some people. * Replaced Super2xSai blitter by ASM counterpart, which requires MMX but is over twice as fast. * Replaced scanlined 2xSai by an ASM 75% scanlines 2xSai which looks damn good :) * Super Street Fighter 2 Tournament Battle will now display Terminal Check unless you enable normal play in the Test menu. This is the correct behaviour. * Hopefully fixed bug in the Redefine Keys dialog box that caused the key redefinitions to loop sometimes. * Various optimisations

1.13 * * * * * *

* * * * * * * *

New frameskip code. Should perform a LOT better for slower computers. Added Nebula cheat support. 100% compatible :) Added features to search for new cheats. Replaced 2xSai and SuperEagle blitters by ASM counterparts, which require MMX but are over twice as fast. Modified ADPCM so it's mono (the way it should be) and a bit softer to avoid static. Added new options for correct windowed aspect ratio and full screen aspect ratio. Note that using the "smaller display" setting for your full screen ratio will allow you to use 640x480 :). Read the INI for more info. Added option to save current key settings to defaultkeys.ini Suppressed the NoSound flag. Since 1.11, sound IS required for Kawaks to run. Added driver for Pang! 3 (Euro). Has lousy sound, however... Better sound for Final Fight and Strider Fixed Carrier Air Wing palette Fixed a sprite clipping issue in CPS1 games. Fixed HotRod Player 2 keys. Fixed Capcom Sports Club button 3

OTE ABOUT CHEATS : Since I was at it, I also enhanced the DAT format in the following way: You can now autoenable some cheats. For example : [1] Name=Infinite health P1 0=No,0,0 1=Yes,FF8450,90

Say you always want Infinite health enabled. Just put a Default=1 : [1] Name=Infinite health P1 Default=1 0=No,0,0 1=Yes,FF8450,90 The 1 in Default=1 refers to 1=Yes,FF8450,90 Adding Default entries should break nothing, your DAT should still work in Nebula. You don't have to add Default entries everywhere, they are optional. Use them just to autoenable some cheats Simple and convenient isn't it :) 1.12 * Sound REALLY fixed. I'm sorry for the inconvenience caused by 1.11 1.11 * That bad, naughty, evil, and overall not very nice sound issue should be fixed now :)) (Jesus, why did GetCurrentPosition have to report bytes instead of sample s ?) * Modified autoframeskip code to adapt to new timing system. Should be bett er too, now. * Added a system to autodetect for each frame wether sprite masking is need ed or not. Since it is not, most of the time, this speeds up things nicely in many g ames :) * Fixed Street Fighter Zero - CPS Changer (Japan 951020) backgrounds (broke n in 1.10) * Macros for Player 2, Player 3 and Player 4. Have a look at updated Defaul tkeys.ini * New blitter: Zoom 2x software. In other words, 200% without blur effect. If you like "correct ratio" and not blur, I'd suggest you give a try to t his blitter + stretch + eventually fullscreen. Keep in mind that this blitter is however significantly slower than Norma l, Alternate scanlines or even regular scanlines. * Fixed XMen Versus Street Fighters hanging when beginning fight against Ap ocalypse * Faster loading for Capcom Sports Club * Correct the CRCs for Capcom Sports Club XORs (didn't cause bugs, just rep orted XORs to be bad in audit) * New function to redraw the current frame without the on screen messages. Handy if you want to make a screenshot. * Added a few background colors in the menu * Added Zoom window 100%/200%/300% in the menu * Made the Reset key redefinable, since everyone seems to hate F10 :) * The usual batch of cosmetic changes :) 1.10 * Sound for Punisher, Cadillac & Dinosaurs, Warriors of fate works again (broken in 1.09) * Added BackgroundRed, BackgroundGreen, BackgroundBlue options in the INI. Those control the background color (default, black: 0 0 0) Added Pink and Black setting in the menu.

* Added option to disable individual sprite layers for CPS2 games. * Added Hotrod autoconfiguration in Game menu. * Added option to disable all keyboard shortcuts while playing (handy for H otrod users) * When menu is hidden after pressing TAB (windowed mode), pressing Alt won' t pause the game anymore (yet another handy thing for Hotrod users). * Unassigned keys 0 to 9, so now, you can redefine your Insert Coins and St art keys to them without having it switching save slot. * New Next save slot (F6) and Preceding save slot (F8) to compensate preced ing modification * Modified 68000 core, which allows new VRAM code. Fixes many issues introd uced in version 1.08, fixes additionnal gfx glitches and gives a speed boost. * Added sprite priorities and masking. Corrects SFA2 select char screen, SFA3 intro, VSav's intro, a Cyberbots l evel, etc... Since it is a slight performance hit, I also added an option to disable i t. * Suppressed the "Show only available sets" option, since it caused so many problems. I'll re-add it someday, when I'm sure it's 100% working... * Fixed the overclock functionnality (broken in 1.09) * New drivers : - Capcom Sports Club (Japan 970722) - Capcom Sports Club (Asia 970722) - Capcom World 2 (Japan) (CPS1) - Super Street Fighter 2: The Tournament Battle (ETC 931119) * Updated the FAQ 1.09 * 1.08 was a lot slower than previous releases due to the new VRAM lag code . I have now optimised that code, and also optimised various other things, so hopefully, 1.09 should be as fast as older Kawaks. Still, since VRAM can still be a slowdown factor, I have included an opti on to disable it. (enabling VRAM lag only fixes a few minor gfx glitches, so you slower PC uses may want to let it disabled. Try and see for yourself) * Optimised 2xSai, Super2xSai, SuperEagle blitters. * Added a scanlined 2xSai blitter (much faster than 2xSai, slower than scan lines) * 2xSai, SuperEable and Super2xSai should work on S3/S4 cards, and some oth er exotic ones, now (I'd like feedback on that...) * Added a DisableJoystick option, since joystick management is a performanc e hit. * Fixed "Show if available" crash * Fixes in the menu code (better "ticks" management) * Support for a default generic key setting : Put your usual key definitions in a file named defaultkeys.ini, which should be located in the same directory as WinKawaks.exe (not the INI dir ectory) A defaultkeys.ini is included in this zip, just modify it to suit your ne eds. (You can use the INI of one of your configured games to help you.) Note that a game's ini has the priority to defaultkeys.ini.

You may want to edit your defaultkeys.ini and delete all of your game's i nis to make sure they all use the new settings on they next launch. * Alt+A toggles Autoframeskip. Also shows a message on screen, now. 1.08 * Added option to display only romsets that are available in the load game dialog box. * Fixed Alien vs. Predator (Euro 940520) driver (sound bugs) * Fixed CPS1 sprite issues (Punisher bus wheels, Andor disappearing when he jumps, etc) * Fixed YM2152 (CPS1 music) tempo, but that causes new bugs: some sound cod es mysteriously vanish now. That means sometimes, no music will play, or som e sfx won't be played. * Much improved Z80/68000 synchronisation, which allows the following : * Fixed QSound tempo. Faster music, music synced to intro in VSav, etc etc * Overclocked CPS2 games to 12.8MHz (instead of theorical 11.8MHz) This fixes many glitches. It's likely the 11.8MHz errors are due to timin g errors in the 68000 core I use... * Now lagging not only palette but entire VRAM. Fixes some layer/palette er rors. * Various CPS1 fixes: - Mercs 'dirt on the sprites' should be fixed. - Carrier Air Wing won't freeze anymore (game still buggy however, weird palette issues) - The King of Dragons's in game backgrounds show. Fully playable now. - 1941 won't freeze anymore when game starts. * Added a setting in the INI to control sound emulation frequency (44100 de fault) * New option in the INI to control the sound playback. If sound is bad on y our system try playing with the SoundSegs and SoundSegLag settings. (6 and 5 are the default). For example, some older versions of Kawaks used 4 and 2. You may want to use them. (Note that SoundSegLag should be superior to 0 and inferior to SoundSegs) * Now compiled with Turbo68K Version 0.5 (The Cpu Core Formerly Known As Ge nital68K) * Redid the Kawaks splash screen code. Should display things correctly for vertical games and it looks better in fullscreen. * New Alternate scanlines blitter. If you have a slower PC and are using sc anlines, I recommend using those, since they should be quite faster. * New image enhancement blitters : 2xSai, Super2xSai, Eagle. They are quite slow for now because those versions are pure C, without MMX optimisations. If you have a S3 or S4 card, I'd like to know if those blitters work for you... * Changed the way the video blitters are handled (many internal changes to allow the future blitters). Now a unique Engine setting in the INI : 0 = Normal (default) 1 = Scanlines 2 = Scanlines 50% 3 = Alternate scanlines 4 = 2xSai

5 = 6 = Modified In terms 5

Super2xSai SuperEagle the menu to reflect the changes. of speed, from fastest to slowest, the blitters are 0 3 1 2 6 4

* Added an extra set of resolutions in the INI to differenciate fullscreen resolution for normal blitter which needs a lower res from enhanced blitters (which need a twice bigger resolution) : * HorizontalFullScreenWidth Resolution for horizontal games with + HorizontalFullScreenHeight non Normal blitter (scanlines, 2 xSai, etc) * th + VerticalFullScreenHeight xSai, etc) * with + HorizontalFullScreenHeightNormal Normal blitter * th + VerticalFullScreenHeightNormal Normal blitter VerticalFullScreenWidthNormal Resolution for vertical games wi HorizontalFullScreenWidthNormal Resolution for horizontal games non Normal blitter (scanlines, 2 VerticalFullScreenWidth Resolution for vertical games wi

1.07 * Region switches for Street Fighter Zero CPS Changer and Pnickies * YM2151 logging. Logs to Callus style CYM file. Works better if enabled from the start of the game (before pressing Enter, after loading) * Changed the balance so OKI is louder compared to YM2151 (clearly, better CPS1 sound :P) * Cleaned the startup code. May fix some crashing issues... * New windowed mode features : - Tab shows/hides the menu bar - Ctrl+1, Ctrl+2, Ctrl+3 resize the window to 100%, 200%, 300% * Added a DirectX check. DirectX is needed for Kawaks to run. If you don't have DirectX, Kawaks will display an error and quit cleanly. (you can't imagin e all the "bug reports" I get from people who don't have DX installed...) * Alien vs. Predator (Euro 940520) * Street Fighter Zero 2 Alpha (Japan 960805) 1.06 * * * * Fix for Mercs' backgrounds. Added Forgotten Worlds (USA) Added Lost Worlds (Japan) Strider starts, now. Still will freeze after title screen, of after you try starting a new game. Odd, that game used to work in old versions... * Pixel format autodetection. No need to mess with INI anymore. * Kawaks will now refuse to run if you are not using a 16bits or 32bits des palette, since those are the only one supported at the moment. * Kawaks will now refuse to switch to fullscreen if the video mode specifie d in the ini is to small for the game screen to fit.


* Fixed another S3/S4, which affected Double mode, with no 50% scanlines. I expect diplay to be correct for everyone now. * New autoframeskip code. Should perform a lot better on slower machines * CPS1 sound ! Yup, that's right. But YM2151 (that's music) requires a good CPU. * Options to enable/disable OKIM6295 and/or YM2151 * Changed many things in the menus. "Emulation" menu was getting too crowde d. * Added a 4th rompath (requested by someone. Don't ask a 5th one however) * Changed the way the "This is a cps2 only feature" message is displayed when you try to save/load state with a CPS1 game: If you are playing, the message will appear in the game area instead of poping up that annoying message box * Enter/Enter Sound glitch should be VERY rare now. If you have a very slow PC and still experience choppyness, I included a setting to control the sound buffer size in the INI. You may want to fiddle with it. Slower PCs may have luck increasing it. 1.05 * Various emulation fixes : - In the sprite system. Fix for some PGear bugs. - In the layer system. Fix for Ring of Destructions backgrounds. Fix for a small XvSF attract demo glitch. - In the palette system. Fix for flash intros before fight in SFA2, and SSF2 attract demo. - General fixes in CPS1 driver. All SF2s should run like a charm now : ) * Added dummy driver for main parents of games that do not have their main set emulated (ex, sfa3 for sfz3). Generates better RomCenter DAT. * CPS1 games play with Allow Continue ON, Free Play ON and Demo Sounds ON. (Does not affect CPS1 games with EEPROM, like Punisher, WoF and Dino) * Sound in QSound CPS1 games (that's Warriors of Fate, Punisher and Cadillac & Dinosaurs), thanks to MZ80 hack by ElSemi. * Started work on "regular" CPS1 sound. CPS1 games now have their Z80 running (preliminary mapper). (No sound output yet, however) * Upgraded to Genital68k 0.40. Fixes DDSOM's continue countdown. * New drivers : Armoured Warriors (US 941024) Street Fighter Zero - CPS Changer (Japan 951020) Tenchi wo Kurau (Japan) (Dynasty Wars Japan, CPS1) * Sorted game list a tad :) * Sprites Table module works with CPS1 too, now. * Full support for CPS1's BgHi. This fixes all priority errors in CPS1 games :) * Those without a sound card should be able to use Kawaks now (if NoSound is set to 1 in INI, no DirectSound initialisation occurs) * Hopefully fixed bugs with S3/S4 video cards, and others that don't use a standard video pitch. Untested, since my own video cards act 'normally' If you still have problems, please report with: - If possible, a screenshot of the problem - Info about your desktop resolution and color depth - Info about your video card model - Info about what renderer caused the problem (Double mode ? Non doubl e mode ? - Scanlines 50% activated ? Was it a vertical or horizontal game ?) If your problem is fixed in this version, I'd like to hear about it too. * Joypad supported in Redefine keys dialog box. 1.04 * Fixed blinking issue when using a fixed frameskip of 1 3 5 7 9 in

fullscreen * Fixed mirrored menu ? * New feature: Use numpad + and - while playing. It changes the music beeing played :) * Corrected all remaning drivers errors. Does not affect emulation and gameplay but corrects some generated RomCenter DAT errors. Thanks a lot to Razoola and LogiqX. * Added 'cloneof' field to RomCenter DAT. Still have to add the last field ('merge')... * Street Fighter Zero 2 (Japan 960227) + Region switch * Street Fighter II' - Champion Edition (Rainbow set 2) * Street Fighter II - The World Warrior (Japan 910306) * Upgraded to the latest Genital68k. This fixes the Memory Test from the test menu in CPS2 games. 1.03 * Rom loading by CRC. First tries to locate a file that has a good CRC32. Then, if it fails it tries and load a file according to its name. This should get rid of the rom loading problems for those who don't want to fix their romsets... * Fixed some issues about RomCenter DAT generation. Still not 100% correct however. * Kileed DX 8 code. Kawaks runs with regular dinput.dll now. And DX7 or less maybe. * You can back out from fullscreen with ESCAPE. * Added OK/Cancel buttons to Load game dialog box. * Fixed CPS1 Z80 ROM sizes. Actually saves a little RAM for those games too. * Much improved sprites/background synchronisation. Remaining glitches are likely to be a CPU timing issue. * Fixed CPU timing for CPS1 games. They now run smoooooth :) * Joypad support ! Until I remake the Refine keys box, you'll have to configure your joypad yourself in the games' ini. Flame me. Here are the codes to use 256 = Pad 1 Up 257 = Pad 1 Down 258 = Pad 1 Left 259 = Pad 1 Right 260 = Pad 1 Button 1 261 = Pad 1 Button 2 262 = Pad 1 Button 3 ... 512 = Pad 2 Up 513 = Pad 2 Down 514 = Pad 2 Left 515 = Pad 2 Right 516 = Pad 2 Button 1 517 = Pad 2 Button 2 518 = Pad 2 Button 3 ... * Not using font from loaded game anymore for on screen display. This build uses a fixed XVSF font for every game. This fixes on screen display for CPS1 games, which don't have a fixed font like CPS2 games do. Also allowed to generate a much more readable palette. * Added 1 frame of sprite lag for CPS1 games. Sprites move in sync

1.02 * X-men COTA (Japan 941208 rent version) + Region switch 1.01 * The unwanted turbo effect should be fixed on most PCs. Well, I wish :) * Nothing more really :) I thought some would like that already...

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