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Control Unit
type VCU/Locomotives

MŽ 442 - Thyristorised Bo’Bo’

locomotive for Macedonian Railways

VCU is a digital control system for control, regulation, HARDWARE

measuring, sequencing, protection, supervision and
communication tasks for retrofitted (modernized) VCU cabinet consists of three 19” sub-racks with:
locomotives. • electronic modules
• power supplies
It has been successfully used in applications such as mod- • motherboard (buses)
ernization (thyristorization) of old diode locomotives where The core of the VCU is a multi-processor VMEbus based
the following functions are supported: sub-system (placed in one of the sub-racks) with different
• regulation system of the main electromotor drive I/O modules.
• control of pantographs and vacuum circuit breaker The hardware is modular and adaptable to a wide range of
• control of auxiliary services customer requirements.
• control of change-over switches A complete range of the hardware modules consists of:
• control of traction contactors • Supply sub-system which consists of
• train circulation at ordered power supplies and its control circuits
speed • Conditioning units
• control of protection circuits • Conditioning and protection units
• slip protection and control of • I/O signals extenders
traction motor currents • Digital input units
• display of locomotive status • Digital output units
• indication of locomotive • Central processing unit(s)
operating parameters • A/D and D/A conversion units
• safety control and driver • Digital speed measurement unit
vigilance (“dead man” • V/F measuring unit
function) • Pulse triggering unit
• man-machine interface • Synchronization unit
• communication with TCN/ • Galvanic isolation units
UIC556 gateway • Pulse amplifier unit
KONTRAC Vehicle Control Unit
type VCU/Locomotives
KONTRAC Vehicle Control Unit
type VCU/Locomotives
SOFTWARE VCU allows easy designing of a particular traction application
because of a wide range of hardware modules available and
Consists of three main parts: flexible programming.
• s ystem software (real time kernel and system programs) VCU has been successfully certified in exploitation and con-
that are delivered together with central processing unit tinuously improved and extended by new features.
• integrated development environment that gives the user
the possibility to create desired application program
• c ontrol program (the union of application and system


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