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Alumni Update

Boiler Up!

We have celebrated many occasions over the past several years. This year I would like to congratulate
our two graduating Graduate Assistants Athletic Trainers, Ryanne Paige and Kaitlin Posey. Both did a
fantastic job over the last 2 years and will move on to share their Purdue experience to other places
around the country. Hot off the press, we have partnered with a local health system to better serve our
student-athletes and give additional resources to our department. Franciscan Health is our new home
hospital. Methodist Sports Medicine will continue to be our preferred providers for orthopedic
medicine, but our primary care services will be through Franciscan Health.

We have added some new staff to our Boilermaker Sports Medicine team over the past year. Christian
Floirendo (AT- GA Purdue) and Alex Sawyer (AT- Southern Illinois University) joined our staff at the
end of last summer and are currently working with our M/W Cross Country and Track programs. Ryan
Collins (AT- Northwestern) started in August as an Associate Director of Sports Medicine, handling
the daily medical responsibilities of our football program. Corey Smith (AT- GA Purdue) joined our
staff as a FB seasonal intern during the Fall and was recently promoted to full-time staff within our
football sports medicine team. Kirstin Lestinsky (AT/PT- Indiana University) just accepted her
position starting July 9th working with our M/W Tennis programs and Spirit Squads. Additionally,
Kacey Oiness (Sports Psychology- St. Vincent Sports Performance) will begin as Purdue’s first full-
time sports psychologist. We will maintain our great relationship with St. Vincent Sports Performance,
but will no longer outsource our psychology services. Other promotions within our department include
Chad Young and Casey Kohr who join Jessica Lipsett as Associate Directors for Sports Medicine.

The list continues to grow as we continue to honor Pinky Newell and Dr. Combs by selecting the best
of the best for the Newell/Combs scholarship. These awards date back to 1987. This year, we were
able to award approximately $28,000 to 10 deserving students (6 seniors and 4 juniors). This is all
possible because of our generous Alums. This scholarship has a reputation that goes along with the
rich tradition of Purdue sports medicine. Thank you for your continued support.

“No person was ever honored for what was received. Honor
has always been the reward for what was given” – Pinky

May is a time that we can reconnect with our families and friends, maybe even get out of town for a
while. We are looking forward to seeing you all in New Orleans this summer at our Alumni event.
Please join us in celebration. Hammer Down!
The Departing Grads
Kaitlin has just completed her graduate assistantship at Purdue and graduated
with a Masters of Science in Health and Kinesiology. While at Purdue, Kaitlin
worked at the Purdue CoRec facility, covering the 10 high-risk club sports. In
addition, she also assisted with football, cheer, and diving. Kaitlin is pursuing a
full time position in collegiate athletics. Originally from Boca Raton Florida,
Kaitlin enjoys puppies and ocean activities.

Ryanne recently graduated with her Masters of Science in Health &

Kinesiology. During her time as a GA at Purdue, she has worked with the men’s
and women’s tennis, football, and cheer teams. Ryanne is currently pursing a
full time position as an athletic trainer at the D1 level. Her professional goal is
to be an athletic trainer in professional baseball.

Abbey is originally from Aurora, IL. She grew up enjoying hiking, skiing in
Colorado and playing softball. For the past four years, she has attended the
University of Missouri in Columbia graduating with a Bachelors in Athletic
Training with a minor emphasis in Sports Psychology. While at school, she
worked at the local hospital, played club softball and engaged in multiple research
opportunities. Both Abbey’s father and brother attended Purdue University so she
is very excited to be a part of such a great staff and community. Abbey will be
working as a graduate assistant at the Co-Rec facility.

Diarmuid is from a small area about 30 minutes outside of Dublin, Ireland. He

went to Dublin City University, where he studied Athletic Therapy and Training.
In his final year, he completed a semester abroad program at Purdue University.
His final semester of college, mainly consisted of a research project he
conducted, in which he examined the effects of an isoinertial training program
on hamstring flexibility. As part of his undergraduate degree, he got the
opportunity to be trained in dysfunction and the identification of myofascial
trigger points through the esteemed David G. Simons Academy. Diarmuid grew
up playing on the local Gaelic football, hurling, soccer and golf teams. Diarmuid
will be working as a graduate assistant at the Co-Rec facility.
Welcome New Staff!
Ryan Collins Ryan Collins has been a member of the Purdue University Sports Medicine Department since July 2017. He is
responsible for managing the health care for the football team as well as all Sports Medicine operations for
the Football Performance Center. Ryan has a strong passion for Osteopathic manual medicine, and its role in
injury prevention and management. A certified member of the National Athletic Trainers' Association, Ryan
is a graduate of Eastern Illinois University where he earned a degree in Athletic Training. As a graduate
assistant at Arizona State University, Ryan worked with the football and swimming and diving teams. Ryan
was an Associate Athletic Trainer at Northwestern University from 2009-2017. He was responsible for the
health care of the football team. Prior to NU Ryan worked as a Staff Athletic Trainer at Eastern Illinois from
2001-2006 and as Head Athletic Trainer at Dominican University from 2006-2008. Ryan resides in West
Lafayette with his wife, Nicole.
Christian Floriendo

Christian was hired as an athletic trainer with the track and field and cross country teams in August of 2017
after completing his GA position here at Purdue through the Co-Rec. Christian went to Florida Southern for his
undergrad. During his Senior year at FSC, he completed an internship at Colorado State working football. He is
a huge U.S. soccer national team supporter! Christian believes that he has no soccer abilities whatsoever
though. Any movie with Vince Vaughn is most like going to be pure quality for him. Originally Christian is from
Michigan, but grew up in South Florida. He is not the biggest fan of the beach, and would rather be around
mountains and lakes. Lastly, Christian doesn’t think there is anything more humbling than the quiet moment’s
right before a competition begins.

Alex Sawyer
Alex is originally from Chicago, IL. She joined the Purdue University Sports Medicine staff in August of 2017 as
the athletic trainer for the men's and women's cross country and track and field teams. Prior to joining
Purdue, she was an assistant athletic trainer for 3 years at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville (SIUE).
Alex received my Bachelor of Science in Psychology, Pre-Physical Therapy from Illinois Wesleyan University.
As a former track athlete for Illinois Wesleyan University, she became an NCAA Division III All-American
congruent with her team’s 2 national championships during her athletic career. She also held the school
record in the 4x100 meter and distance medley relays. Alex received a Master of Athletic Training from Saint
Louis University in 2013. Fun facts about her: Alex’s grandfather was once the Mayor of Chicago. She has two
dogs, Smokey and Stasi. She enjoys traveling to new places, trying new food and new experiences. She still
enjoys running, although not as fast as she was in college.

Corey Smith
Corey Smith has been a member of the Purdue University Sports Medicine Department since 2015. He originally
was a graduate assistant from 2015-2017 working with track & field and cheerleading. He recently was hired as
an assistant with football. A certified member of the National Athletic Trainers' Association, Corey is a graduate
of Iowa State University where he earned a degree in Athletic Training. Before graduating, he completed a
summer athletic training internship with the Indianapolis Colts. Corey is originally from Cary, Illinois. He likes
playing in rec league softball around the area. Corey also enjoys training and competing in triathlons. He is
currently training for a half ironman with Doug and Adam.

Kirstin Lestinsky will join the sports medicine staff this July, with primary responsibilities of men’s and women’s
Kirstin Lestinsky tennis and the cheerleading squad. Lestinsky earned her bachelor’s degree in athletic training with a minor in
exercise science from Indiana University in 2015. Lestinsky graduated with her doctorate in physical therapy
May of 2018 from Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis. While in graduate school, she worked as a
research coordinator for a study focused on instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization as a means to mobilize
progenitor stem cells. She also worked PRN for Franciscan Health providing athletic training services to local
high schools ad club sports. Lestinsky spent a clinical rotation working with Franciscan Health Outpatient neuro
where she utilized SOT and invision testing as well as vestibular and oculomotor therapy with patients post-
concussion. She also had her final clinical rotation at Purdue University Student Health Center providing physical
therapy services to students on campus. Lestinsky is originally from LaPorte, IN and now resides in Lafayette
with her significant other Ryan Lueken, who is also an assistant athletic trainer at Purdue.

Darie Kirshling – Attending PT school at Central Emma Alfred – Attending PT school at High
Michigan University. kkkkkk Point University.

Lindsay Calvert – Pursing a GA position at the Alexis Smith – GA position at Morehead State
collegiate level. kkkkkk University working with volleyball and softball.

Patrick O’Donnell – GA position at the University Kara Kershner – Attending the University of
of Central Florida working with football. kkkkkk Iowa as part of the Physician Assistant Studies
Mike Sundell – GA position at Georgia Southern
working at a local high school. kkkkkk Nicole DeMarco – GA position at Valparaiso
University working with football and
Sam Toth – GA position at Life University working
with the rugby team.

Jessica Miller – Attending the University of

Jacob Rytlewski – Working with Cline Chiropractics
Central Arkansas working as a research
in West Lafayette.

Alivia Kruger - GA position at Bowling Green State

Devin Hall – GA position at Morehead State
University working with Women’s Basketball.
University working with women’s soccer.
Allison Hlavin – GA position at University of
Central Missouri working with football and track Ellen R – GA position at Eastern New Mexico
and field. working with men’s soccer.
Greetings everyone!

We’ve had some big changes on the academic side in the last year. Of course, the biggest was Larry’s retirement and Denny’s second
retirement. Both continue to be involved in the program, but we certainly miss them on an everyday basis. We welcomed Dr. Jennifer
Popp to the Purdue faculty this past fall and she has been a great addition, jumping in with both feet and embracing the Purdue Way!

This year, the faculty submitted and received a significant educational grant that allowed us with support from the Department to obtain
some much-needed dedicated space. The former Lambert computer lab was transitioned over the holiday semester break into the new
Athletic Training Teaching and Learning Lab. The grant has provided for some state-of-the-art evaluation and simulation equipment that
has already benefited our students. The Lab will continue to be improved over the next couple years, I hope you can stop by and see it the
next time you are in West Lafayette!

Substantial progress has been made in transitioning the program toward the professional master’s degree. We will continue to admit
undergraduate students for two more years (2018-2019 and 2019-2020) before taking a two-year break to teach out the bulk of the
program before admitting our first cohort of graduate athletic training students in 2022-2023. The graduate program curriculum has been
written and we will be moving this through the various approval processes starting in the Fall of next year. The program includes
admissions options for those who already have a Bachelor’s degree, those who desire early entry (a 3+2 program), as well as direct
admission to the program from high school for exceptional students. I’m excited to share details of the program with you and as it gains
approval on campus I will be sure to communicate all the additional details.

This year we had a great year! We will graduate 15 seniors and 2 graduate students. Most of the group have already passed their BOC
exam with 3 scheduled to take it in June. This time of year is always exciting, as our graduates become alumni and start looking toward the
next steps in their career paths – first jobs, graduate school, and professional school are all on the horizon for this group. Our first-time
BOC pass rate currently sits at 95% with a 100% overall pass rate; well above the minimum 70% threshold required for accreditation.

We admitted a great class of rookies this year! Once again, we started the year with 80+ students who began the application process in HK
101 in the fall. We had 24 finish the application process and from this group selected a very strong class of 13 students into the Class of
2021! This brings our total enrollment for the year to 53 students. All three of our returning classes next year continue to be strong and
represent Purdue well.

At the annual IATA meeting, we had two students accepted to present oral case study presentations and four accepted for poster
presentations with 19 students attending the conference. At the GLATA meeting over spring break, we had two students present their
posters and 11 students attend the conference. Prior to the GLATA meeting, sophomore Emily Sagstetter was selected by the IATA to
become the next association Student Representative and Student Senator; Congratulations to Emily! Great showings at each meeting by
the Boilermakers!

The Program was well represented once again at our Departmental Honors Ceremony this year. Senior Kara Kershner was the
Outstanding Senior in the Department, Nicole DeMarco was the Outstanding Senior in Athletic Training, juniors Khoa Ho and Nancy Sun
received the Ray Anne Schrader Undergraduate Travel Scholarship, sophomore Sofie Besser was selected to receive the Lawrence Preo
Scholarship, and freshman Allison Eavey received the Red and Jan Anderson Scholarship. Congratulations to all of our outstanding
students and award winners!

Hope to see you all in New Orleans and please stop by anytime you’re back in West Lafayette for a visit!
Thank you to
all those

Senior Athletic Training Student Award Winners Junior Athletic Training Student Award Winners

Patrick O’Donnell, Kara Kershner, Devin Hall, Courtney Zickmund, Katelyn Posey, Nancy Sun
Alivia Kruger, Darie and Nicole DeMarco and Michelle Parr

Top Row Bottom Row

Katelyn Posey Diana Alonzo

Khoa Ho Michelle Parr

Michael Lyznicki Nancy Sun

Joseph Kaiser Alyce Kessler

Courtney Zickmund

Top Row Bottom Row

Aaron Carlson Taylor Novak

Benjamin Patrick Alyssa Clendenen

Sofie Besser Caylie Jones

Matt Parke Maria Garcia

Travis Miller Ashlynn Bennett

John Ehrman Elizabeth Prichett

Annie Rastovski Hailey Perese

Emily Sagstetter

Alexa Laser
Top Row Bottom Row
Boden Miller Kylie Gainey

Allison Eavey Candice Hudak

Jaylynn Bean Elizabeth Erker

Morgan Schumacher Evelyn Sylia

Emma Burley Gabby Hofmeister

Amanda Krzyzanowski Hailey Haveck

Not Pictured: Dan Burkhard

2018-2019 Executive Board
Courtney Zickmund ’19 - President

Mike Lyznicki - '19 Vice President

Taylor Novak ’20 - Treasurer

Emily Sagstetter ’20 - Secretary

Alyssa Clendenen ’20 -Historian

Katelyn Posey ’19 - Representative

Maria Garcia ’20 – Representative

Alli Eavey ’21 - Representative

Hello everyone! Purdue Athletic Training Club is the student organization for the Athletic Training Education Program here
at Purdue. The Club’s mission is to promote academic excellence, provide professional development opportunities, and
participate in social outreach programs to better the community.

This year, several of our members attended both the IATA and GLATA meetings! Several of our students also presented
poster presentations at both conferences.

On the professional development side, current young professionals on our staff participated in a round table discussion
about what to expect immediately after college, highlighting a number of professional routes.

The club was active in the community as well. In the fall, members participated in Purdue Winterization. Students went
out into the greater Lafayette area and helped elderly residents prepare their homes for winter by raking leaves, cleaning
gutters, sweeping, cleaning windows, and other outdoor tasks. In the spring, the club participated in the American Cancer
Society’s Relay for Life program. Club members were able to raise over $600 for the American Cancer Society. The club
also made fleece tie blankets that were donated to local hospitals’ pediatric care units!

At the end of the year, elections were held for new officers. Congratulations to the executive board for the 2018-2019
school year!

Follow us on social media!

Facebook: Purdue Athletic Training Club

Twitter: @Purdue_ATClub
Instagram: @PurdueATClub
Fulton Alley Tuesday
600 Fulton Street
New Orleans, LA 70130 6/26/18

Come join us for some hors

d’oeuvres & a cash bar!

The Varsity P Club was created under the umbrella of the John Purdue Club to
unite former Boilermaker varsity student-athletes, athletic trainers, managers and
spirit squad members into a passionate community with a life-long commitment to
each other and Purdue Athletics. As athletic training alumni, your dedication and
support behind the scenes has proven to be one of the most critical components in
the success of our sport programs. As we look to the future, we recognize that in As most of you know, the Purdue family set up a
order to continue to build a strong athletic training program, we need you and NATA Scholarship in the name of Denny and
other athletic training alumni to become active supporters of YOUR program. Linda Miller. Thank you to all who have
To date, there is only 7.6 percent of our athletic training alumni who financially
donated to the scholarship. To help ensure the
support Purdue Athletics by being members of the John Purdue Club/Varsity P scholarship raises enough money to endow a
Club. This currently places athletic training as the least active sport program at yearly $2,500 scholarship, the Great Lakes
Purdue. Please take time to discuss this fact with other athletic trainers you stay in Athletic Trainers Association has entered into a
touch with and take pride in making sure your program has a stronger alumni
5-year contract with the NATA Foundation to
participation. Remember, you have the choice to determine if you want your
contribution to go towards the Newell-Combs Athletic Training Scholarship fund fund the account. This scholarship is a tribute to
to help benefit our current and future athletic trainers or to another sport Denny and Linda for everything they have done
program. for Purdue University. If you are interested in
making a contribution, please contact the NATA
For more information, please click the following link Varsity P Club Information or
call Chris Clopton, Director of Varsity P Club, at 765-494-8671. Also, please note Foundation at
that by joining the John Purdue Club, this automatically qualifies you to become
an active member of the Varsity P Club.
We have created a database to gather information about our alumni. All you have
to do is go to the link below and fill out your information. By doing this, it will allow
us to keep in touch with you and gather information for future Tapecuts! You can
also go to the website at any point and update your information as it changes. We
are always looking to add/change things to Tapecuts. So if you have any
suggestions/comments please contact Stephanie Leech! Thanks and we look
forward to seeing you all in New Orleans! Boiler Up!

Stephanie Leech, M.Ed, ATC

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