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Coast (ACP) & Mountain Valley (MVP) Fracked Natural Gas Pipelines
Building roads to nowhere and making us pay for them!

2 x 42 inch steel pipelines shipping FRACKED natural gas (methane) from the Marcellus shale fields in north WV through
National Forests, karst topography prone to landslides & sinkholes, critical watersheds, earthquake zone (MVP), and crossing
around 1,100 waterways. Construction requires clearing 125 ft wide swath along the entire length of both pipelines. A 50 ft
wide easement must remain unused thereafter. Compressor stations would be installed equally spaced along each pipeline to
compress the gas to 1,400 psi in order to accelerate the gas along the pipes.


• 590 mi, moving 1.5 billion cubic feet of • 303 mi, $3.2 billion;

gas per day, costs ~$7 billion; • 5 locations, 7 tree sitters peacefully

• Largest of 3 compressor stations to be protesting, being denied food & water;

located at Union Hill, Buckingham, at • Project by EQT & NextEra

57,000 HP;

• Project by Dominion, Duke, Piedmont,

& AGL Resources

What you need to know …
!! These pipelines are completely UNNECESSARY !!

1. Enough existing gas pipeline capacity – such as Transco & WB Xpress. These are currently not operating at full capacity.
Transco is currently operating at 54% capacity and projected to only increase to 57% by 2030.

2. Energy demand in the US has flatlined in the past 7 yrs & worldwide could start a steep decline in coming years due to
better energy efficiency, declining cost of renewable energy, and commitment from businesses and local governments to
go 100% fossil fuel free. In which case the demand & price of natural gas could fall leaving MVP & ACP a much smaller
market by the time they’re completed, let alone over their expected lifespan of decades. Dominion itself has slashed the
number of planned construction of gas-fired power plants by half with the next one planned for around 2025.

3. VA ratepayers will be left to pay off “stranded assets” – We are being used as backstops to prove the financial viability
of the ACP AND FERC guarantees them a 14% rate of return. Dominion et al can build their pipelines at no risk to
themselves and recoup the cost & more from us! ~$2 billion on VA ratepayers (MVP has a different financing structure.)

4. Very few permanent jobs will be created (39 total) and temporary jobs are going to out-of-state workers. In contrast, if
VA was to get 10% of its electricity from RE by 2023, there would be 15x (~50,400 net) more solar jobs than in 2016.

5. Climate change impact – GHG emission from MVP & ACP combined would be the equivalent of 45 coal-fired power
plants – some 158 million metric tons per year! Methane is 84x more heat trapping as a GHG than CO2. To justify such
massively expensive infrastructure investments, we would be locked in to keeping the pipelines in operation for decades
to come setting us even farther back in our fight against human induced climate change.

6. Environmental destruction -- critical water resources – the source of fresh water for most of VA -- will be severely
impacted from the construction & operation of the pipelines, as well as deforestation, loss of wildlife habitats, soil
erosion, noise (compressor stations), and air pollution from fugitive GHG emissions. And it’s FRACKING! All this for
pipelines we don’t need!

7. UNSAFE – leaks and explosions could occur with a blast zone of 2,200 ft wide and 1.4 mi evacuation zone. Between 2010-
15 there have been 3,141 incidents of pipeline explosions / fires nationwide.

8. Environmental Injustice – many communities in the direct path of the pipelines are marginalized, rural, and/or African-
Americans. The use of eminent domain to seize private property is being abused for corporate profits. There is no “public
interest” or greater good.
It’s all about the process …

MVP & ACP are private, for-profit, inter-state large-scale infrastructure projects that require many multi - Federal,
State, and local - agencies approvals in order to move ahead. The principal agencies involved in this process are the Federal
Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) and, in VA, the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ). Both agencies are
supposed to have conducted impact assessments as part of their due diligence to ensure that the projects do not adversely
impact the environment, water quality, land, air, habitats, endangered species, communities, cultural heritage, and more.
HOWEVER, both FERC and DEQ have moved ahead and granted preliminary approvals despite not having conducted
adequate due diligence. FERC has granted eminent domain rights to the project developers, allowing them to take private
property from citizens along the path of the pipelines, when there is no “public interest” emanating from these projects.
It is an abuse of Federal power done to benefit corporate special interests!

Now that you know what is at stake, here are some things you can do …

1. Call / Email / Tweet / Write a postcard to Governor Northam (804) 786-2211 and urge him to request the VA DEQ to do
a “stream by stream” analysis for both pipelines as is authorized to them under Section 401 of the Clean Water Act. This
is a power our state has, NOT to be given up to FERC! Also, ask the Governor to ensure that the peaceful protestors in
tree sits along the MVP are treated humanely, and their human & civil rights protected, by local & State law enforcement;

2. Submit your Comment to DEQ during the public comment period regarding specific wetland and/or stream crossings
before June 15th, 2018.

3. Contact your VA State Senator and Delegate and ask them to urge Governor Northam to do the same as well as to speak
out publicly against the pipelines themselves. Let them know your position on the pipelines as their constituent;

4. Call the US Forest Service Interim Chief, Vicki Christiansen, (202) 205-1661, C.O. Mike Poindexter of Roanoke Co. Police
(540) 777-8601, & Sup. Colonel Gary Settle of VA State Police (804) 674-2000 and urge them to treat peaceful protestors
& citizens watch groups along the MVP route humanely;

5. Spread the Word! Post on social media, talk to your family, friends, neighbors, colleagues, strangers in line at the post
office or grocery store, in the park etc. The more folks know about this the greater our chance of success in stopping
these unnecessary, dirty, polluting, money-pit pipelines!
#NoMVP #NoACP #StandWithRed #StandWithNutty #StreamByStream

Here are some FB pages &/or Twitter accounts you can follow:
• Appalachians Against Pipelines @stopthemvp
• Virginia Against Pipelines
• Friends of Nelson @FriendsofNelson
• Friends of Buckingham County, Virginia
• Stand With Red @StandWithRed

Additional resources for more information on the pipelines:

[Latest Update: June 5th, 2018]