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1.Brief Introduction
DG-85 is a kind of PIR intrusion detector integrating the most Lens
advanced security technology. It adopts 2 dual PIR sensors with
high accuracy, intelligent digi-tal chip, advanced ,<True Motion
Recognition & Anti-pests>of tware technology, which can help LED
it to make an accurate judgment of trueintruder or other interfer
-ence that can cause wrong alarm. And it is with function of auto
-matic memory of environmental change, which can avoid wro
-ng alarm a used by hot & cold air, opera-tion machine interfere
-nce. It can prevent effectively the interference cause by a 25 kg
past or 10 cats, insect, mouse, birds etc. Its super filter can be
used indoor and outdoor. This has clear various interference Sensitivity adjust
that com-mon PIR detector can't overcome; and put an end to Connect terminals
wrong alarm and miss alarm .DG-85 has two different working Walk-test LED Code switch
modes: bus mode and relay mode, can be used for all kinds of
control panels on the market. Figure 1.General View Figure 2.Inside View

Anti -EMI/RFI 10V/m 10MHz-1000MHz
Models: DG-85
Motion test 0.2m/s-3.5m/s(0.6ft-11ft)
BR-1:Surface mounted swivel bracket,adjustable 30
down and 45 left/right.
Input Voltage 9-16VDC
Cyrrent Drain 30mA@ 12VDC
Operating Temp: -10 C to 50 C(14 F to 122 F )
Detection Range 11.6m*11.6m
Humidity 5%-95% RH
Storage Temp :-20 C to 60 C (-4 F to 40 F)
Alarm output NC.>100mA/28VDC
Anti white light resistance
Top view Size(H*W*D):176*85*69mm
Installation height:2m-2.7m

Tamper switch NC.100mA/28VDC This device is coherent to Europe parliament direct 1999/5/EC
PIR Section:Lens Date necessary items and rules, and also coherent to the main spirits
of radio and telecom terminal equipments on March 9 . 1999.
NO.of Curtain Beams (11+11+9)*2=62 The device also reaches the Canadian standard RSS-210. It can
Tripping Indication: be used indoor and outdoor, which can reach its maximum prote-
lndicator lights for about 10-30 seconds Side view ction and avoidance of above interference.

3.1 General Guidelines

No direct facing cold No direct sun shine Keep away from high No facing metal wall Installation base
/hot source pressure power should be stable

3.2Anti-pests installation

The upper part of the Never face the detector to Anti-pests weight 20Kg The installation height
detection area is non the place that pests can of the detector is 2.2-2.4
anti-pests area climb up directly meters can Anti-pests
3.3Illustrated Installation Procedure 3 function of coding switch:
DG-85 has two different working modes:bus mode and relay mode,the mode choosing
1 Open holes on base: can be conducted by DIP switch.
A.Mask the drilling
Bracket mounting porints and drill in the Relay mode the switch 1 of DIP=OFF
holes the wall. When setting to the relay mode DG-85 transmits alarm and temper signal by relay as stan-
dard sensors, same as the figure, can be powered by contacted the power of panel and the
Corner mounting B.Route the cables "RED","BLK" of the sensor,"GRN","YEL" unused, on relay mode, the setting only can
holes into the base via the be amended by DIP switch and trim pot-ntiometer
rear channel.
Bus mode the switch 1 of DIP=ON
C.Insert two nails and When setting to bus mode DG-85 transmits alarm, tamper signals and datas by bus,and set-
arrach the base to the ting the sensor as well. On bus mode, DG-85 can be directly connected with control panel. sa-
Wall mounting wall with two screws. me as the figure, can be pow-red by contacted the power of panel and the "RED","BLK" of
holes the sens-r,"GRN","YEL" connected with the correspondance terminals. On bus m-de,the set-
D.Insert the bottom ting can be amended by DIP switch and trim potentiometer, also can by system keypad(shou-
Cable hole edge of the large PCB ld be compated with system)get into programming mode.
under this tab&press Single or dual edge processing
the top edge in. This setting direct the DSP digital signal process working mode.Single side mode
is used the normal situation few of interference. Both sides process(out/in analysis)
mode can effectively reduce fault alarm. So, we recommend use this working mode
2 Wire up the terminal block when the sensor in stallated near interfere resource.
LED setting
LED light 5 second when detected the energy of the moving signal can result alarm enough,
when the energy of the signal not enough, LED blink.
4 Setting of coding switch:
DG-85 PCB Function Bus mode Relay mode
Relay Unused DIP switch1=OFF
Work mode Bus Unused DIP switch1=ON
Single side 001 1 =OFF DIP switch2=OFF
Digital signal process
Both sides 001 1 =ON DIP switch2=ON
NC COM RED BLK GRN YEL TMP TMP When relay mode, Invalid 001 2 =OFF DIP switch3=OFF
these two wires not LED
Valid 001 2 =ON DIP switch3=ON
Invalid 001 3 =OFF Unused
Alarm output Power Communicate Tamper Moving signal instruct
bus Valid 001 3 =ON Unused
Invalid 001 5 =OFF Unused
Tamper confirm
Valid 001 5 =ON Unused
Sensitivity 002 001=010 Trim potentiometer 0 10

ZONE AUX+ AUX- GRN YEL 24H/ZONE 5 Sensitivity adjustment:

The trim potentiometer will turn bigger when turn clockwise, reverse result
Contral panel when turn counter-colockwise 0.25s-2s

6. PCB height setting 7. Motion test to protected area

The best operation height of DG- A. Install the cover, close the fastening position.
85 is 2.1 meter, a little higher or Guarantee that the front and back cover close
loweris also permitted. Confi Tightly without any space or the looseness of
anti-water cover can't prevent humidity entering
-rm the adjustable height mark o into the parts.
-n the right upside on cover tally
with the installation height. B. Crossing to any direction of the detection area,
If another installationheight is your walking will cause the LED indicator to
needed, re-adjust the PCB in acc light for 2-3 seconds (refer to the right diagram)
-ordance with your needs. Mot
-ion test is necessarily required
inthe protection area in order C. Perform motion test from contrary directions
to confirm that areas need pro in order to confirm the boundary of two sides.
-tection are within the prote- Make confirmed that detection center pointing to
ctive area. the center of protected area.

4.Special comments
Even the most sophisticated detcetors can sometimes be defeated or may fail to warn due to :DC power failure/improper connection, malicious mask-
ing of the lens,tampering with the optical system, decreased sensitivity in ambient temperatures near that of the human body and unexpected fail-
ure of a component part.The above list includes the most common reasons for failure recommended that the detector and the entire alarm system be ch-
ecked weekly, to ensure proper performance.An alarm system should not be regarded as a substitute for insurance. Home & property owners or renters sh-
ouldbe prudent enough to continue insuring their lives & property, even though they are protected by an alarm system.
This device has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B digitaldevice, pursuant harmful interference in residential installations .This equipment
generates,uses and can radiate radio frequency energy and ,if not installed and used in accordance with the ins-tructions ,may cause harmful in-terference to radio and t-
elevision reception. However, there is no guarantee that interference will not occur in aparticular installation .If this device does cause such interference , which can be ver-
fied by turning the device off and on ,the user is encouraged to eliminate the interference by one or more of the followingmeasures:
- Increase the distance between the device and the receiver.
- Connect the device to an outlet on a circuit different from the one that supplies power to the receiver.

WARNING! Changes or modifications to this unit not expressly approved by the party responsible for compliance could
void the user s authority to operate the equipment.

P/N 20605002A00