MS Word

    A word processing program for Windows XP and Microsoft. create textual document such as letters, reports and so on. The files that word creates called DOCUMENTS Example: Word Perfect, WordStar, Wordpad and Notepad

Features of MS Word 2007
• • The menus and toolbars in some programs have been replaced with the Ribbon There are many different galleries It gives professional-looking documents

Characteristics of MS WORD
Word processing typically refers to text manipulation functions such as automatic generation of:
• • •

batch mailings using a form letter template and an address database (also called mail merging); indices of keywords and their page numbers; tables of contents with section titles and their page numbers;

• tables of figures with caption titles and their page numbers; • cross-referencing with section or page numbers; • footnote numbering;

new versions of a document using variables (e.g. model numbers, product names, etc.)

page count. line count. paragraph count. sentence count. word count. • Editing time. • Word. These usually include: • Character count. sentence and paragraph length.Document statistics Most current word processors can calculate various statistics pertaining to a document. COMMON usage: • • • • Business Home History Education .

7. 8. 4. 3. Quick Access toolbar Ribbon Menu bar Office button 5. 9. Page document / number Words count Working area View window Zoom level . 2. 6.Interface of MS WORD 2007: 1 3 2 4 5 6 8 7 9 1.

click the arrow at the bottom right of every group. underline. copy) • Font (font style. serves as a repository of most used functions that includes save. cut. font. color. • To see the additional features within each group. style. undo/redo Ribbon • a panel that is place on top of the document and contains icons and command buttons.left window • replaces the file menu . Quick Access Toolbar • located in the title bar. opening etc. size.Microsoft Office Button • Located at the top. What’s inside the menu/tab: Office button • • • • • • • • • • Open New Convert Save Save as Print Prepare Send Publish Close • editing INSERT (alt N) • Pages • Tables • Illustration • Links • Header/Footer • Text • Symbols HOME (alt H) • Clipboard (paste. effects) • Paragraph • Styles VIEW (alt W) • • • • Document Views Show/Hide Zoom Window . it provides access to functionalities common on all office applications that includes printing.

docx .• Paragraph • Arrange PAGLAYOUT (alt P) • Themes • Page Setup (Margins. Print this list of Word keyboard shortcuts and keep it by your computer for a quick reference. top and bottom SHORTCUT KEYS Keyboard shortcuts can save time and the effort of switching from the keyboard to the mouse to execute simple commands. .extension name of document Calibri 11 – default font style and size 1 inch – default page margin : left. Breaks & etc) • Page Background REFERNCES (alt S) • Table of Contents • Footnotes • Citations & Bibliography • Captions • Index • Table of authorities MAILINGS (alt M) • • • • • Create Start Mail Merge Write & Insert Fields Preview Results Finish REVIEW (alt R) • • • • • • Proofing Comments Tracking Changes Compare Protect Document 1 . right. Columns.default filename . Note: A plus sign indicates that the keys need to be pressed at the same time. Orientation. Size.

© Date field Go to footnotes ALT+CTRL+C ALT+SHIFT+D ALT+CTRL+F .entire document Select from cursor to beginning of line CTRL+A SHIFT+Home Go to beginning ALT+PageUp of column Highlight to beginning of column Go to end of column ALT+SHIFT+PageUp ALT+PageDown Select from cursor to end SHIFT+END of line Go to beginning of line Go to end of line Go to beginning of document Go to end of document HOME END CTRL+Home CTRL+End Highlight to end ALT+SHIFT+PageDown of column Go to beginning ALT+Home of row Highlight to ALT+SHIFT+Home beginning of row Go to end of row ALT+End Highlight to end ALT+SHIFT+End of row Column break CTRL+SHIFT+Enter Formatting Cut Copy Paste Undo Redo Format painter Left alignment Center alignment CTRL+X CTRL+C CTRL+V CTRL+Z CTRL+Y CTRL+SHIFT+C CTRL+L CTRL+E Miscellaneous Copyright symbol .Action Keystroke Document actions Action Text Style Font face Font size Bold Italics Underline Double underline Word underline All caps Change case Subscript Superscript Make web hyperlink Tables Go to next cell Go to previous cell Tab Keystroke Open a file New file Close a file Save As Save Print Preview Print Show/Hide paragraph symbols Spelling and grammar Help Find Replace Go To CTRL+O CTRL+N CTRL+W F12 CTRL+S or SHIFT+F12 CTRL+F2 CTRL+P CTRL+* F7 F1 CTRL+F CTRL+H CTRL+G Cursor movement CTRL+SHIFT+F CTRL+SHIFT+P CTRL+B CTRL+I CTRL+U CTRL+SHIFT+D CTRL+SHIFT+W CTRL+SHIFT+A SHIFT+F3 CTRL+= CTRL+SHIFT+= CTRL+K SHIFT+Tab Select all .

.Right alignment Justified Delete previous word Apply bulleted list Indent Page break CTRL+R CTRL+J CTRL+Backspace CTRL+SHIFT+L CTRL+M CTRL+Enter Show/Hide ¶ Thesaurus CTRL+SHIFT+8 SHIFT+F7 Hyperlink – it is a colored and underlined words that links to another file or site.

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