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Different puntos de vista sobre los ideales del país , values instituions, ,political policies , sense and


División política

Los maericanos y otra speronas varian en su pensamiento idealismo positivismo cinismo

satisfacción acerca de su país

1930 gran depresión 1945-1989 cold War

1950 -1960 civil rights- campings

1960-1975 vietnam war and the 2003 -2004 iraq war

They have been in adaptation and renewal

Ethnic culture

Las encuestas han sugerido históricamente y señalando que el 60 por ciento apoya las políticas del
partido democrático y 40 por ciento apoya el partido republicano

En 2004 huboi mas poralización 50 por ciento para cada partido político

Pagina 7 super importante

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Poll show ideal aspirations and real facts

El modo de vida repsonde a como la personas viven en relación con las políticas locales y

Los americanos comparten preocupaciones

Hay alguinos esceptiscismo sobre las encuentas

La preocupaciones puede generar juicios sobre la parte política y otros problemas y elecciones



2003 sentian bien

Melting pot and opinion polls.

Do you find that the public opinion poll findings in this chapter give a valid picture of American
society? Give your reasons after carefully examining the poll results.

The United States is a country of immigrants, it is a place where people from all over the world come
to build a better life, some immigrants bring their families, some bring a few of their favorite things,
others come alone with nothing but determination trying to look for the American dream which is
well-mentioned nowadays all around the world. One thing that every immigrant brings with them
is their culture. A person's culture is the customs and beliefs that they hold. A person's culture is
strongly tied to the country where they grew up, it is tied to their relationship with their family.
Since many people come to America from many different places, for this reason many people call
America a "melting pot" of cultures and the picture of society can be defined from this metaphor.
The "melting pot" idea compares America to a giant soup pot. Each immigrant is an ingredient
added to the pot, each immigrant adds their own flavor, after each immigrant comes to America,
and they connect to other people. People learn about each other’s' culture, this is the beginning of
the soup pot of America melting together.

The picture of the American society cannot be taken just like a general photo, because its interests,
values, goals and all thought patterns respond to a specific place in the timeline, because each
society has its purposes according to the general movements of the moment, that is why opinion
polls play an important role to clarify collective perspective of the society as it is shown in the text
of American Context- American attitudes to us society. Therefore, Opinion polls in the United States
appear to have become as American as apple pie, Coca-Cola, baseball, and their flag. Generally
based on a set of interviews and written questions, where it could be determined what people
believe; how they feel about something; or in what way they will act.

The results from public opinion polls are used in a number of ways. They have come to influence
what Americans think about several topics, such as education, economy, terrorism, health care,
taxes, the environment among others. In addition, public opinion polls now play an important role
in politics. They are used throughout the course of election campaigns by candidates and by the
media to see which candidates are ahead and who is likely to emerge victorious. The results of these
polls, in turn, largely determine where future campaign monies are to be spent and where each
candidate's efforts will be concentrated until the close of the campaign.

Now, can the polls in the reading be trusted? Because each poll responds to a specific need, for
instance, before presidential elections American polls showed that economy, taxes, federal budget,
unemployment, jobs and foreign competition were primary concern for people also the education
as the main concern, but as soon as the presidential elections and its advertisement being, people
start to point out to a different types of needs, despite problems continue being at the same place,
Likewise, Colombian people, “they set their sight up-sky while other things are happening on floor”
that is why, opinions poll are just controlled photo that shows the reality of American society based
on political interests of the moment, because they are the ones who chair a country from their
decisions which affect directly the society and their perception that is shown in the opinion polls.

The Next picture shows an opinion poll in 2004

The next one shows an opinion poll in June, 2017

In conclusion, comparing the two pictures, it can be noticed that the same problems continue
heading main issues lists, no mattering how far each opinion poll from the other one is, and it
shows on the contrary, those problems transcend time, despite this factor, it shows a valid picture
of American society.