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Pioneering 21st Century

Electromagnetics and Photonics

Research Accomplishments
Spatially Variant Lattices
Capable of spatially varying unit
cell orientation, lattice spacing, fill
fraction, material composition,
and more, in arbitrary patterns
without deforming the unit cells
or introducing defects.

Spatially Variant Anisotropic

Metamaterials (SVAMs)
Improves electromagnetic
compatibility by reshaping
the near-field around
components. Excellent for
placing antennas and other
components in close

Spatially Variant Photonic Crystals

Controls light in three
dimensions with unprecedented
abruptness even using low
refractive index. World record
for tightest bend of unguided
optical beam. Able to multiplex
different functions and physics
within the same volume of space.
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High Power Microwave
Frequency Selective
Contact Information
Demonstrated world’s highest (202) 64-EMLAB
power FSS operating in excess of
2.0 GW. Also broke records for 500 West University Avenue
bandwidth and field-of-view.
El Paso, TX 79912
Computational EM
Developed an extensive suite
of custom algorithms for
simulating and optimizing
advanced electromagnetic

Imagine what is next!

Pioneering 21st Century Capabilities
Electromagnetics and 3D Printing
Photonics  Hybrid 3D Printing: simultaneous
dielectrics, conductors, and laser
cutting/sintering with extreme
Research Areas resolution.
 Multi-filament FDM
3D Printed Circuits and Systems  3D high-frequency circuits.
 Embedded and structural
Design and electronics.
Simulation  Immediate access to: stereo-
Capabilities lithography, electron beam melting,
selective laser sintering, Objet,
ZCorp, nScrypt, and many others.
Commercial Software
 Ansys HFSS Traditional Manufacturing
 Remcon/Lumerical/Meep FDTD
Metamaterials and Photonic Crystals  Immediate access to: CNC
 SolidWorks/ProE machining, welding, plating, injection
 Blender molding, etc.
 LabView Test and Measurement
Custom Software
Our custom tools execute much Device Testing
faster and incorporate more Antennas and Frequency Selective Surfaces  Anechoic chamber and open desert.
physics than commercial  Vector network analyzer.
 Vector signal analyzer/generator.
 Finite-Difference Time-Domain  Spectrum analyzers.
 Finite-Difference  EMI shielded room.
 Microscopes and probe station for
 Method of Moments Computational Electromagnetics testing micro-circuits.
 Transfer Matrix Method
 Oscilloscopes, power supplies,
 Method of Lines function generators, and more.
 Rigorous Coupled-Wave Analysis
 Plane Wave Expansion Method Materials Characterization
 Particle Swarm Optimization  , , tan, anisotropy, and
 Genetic Algorithms dielectric breakdown.
 Transformation Optics  Waveguide and split-cavity
 Fast Marching Method
 Spatially-Variant Lattices revolutionary technologies enabled by 3d printing