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Chapter 3

Centro Escolar University

College of Nursing

Instructional Plan

Health Program: Presence of breeding or resting sites of vectors of disease and improper waste garbage disposal.
Theme: “Alis! Alis! Mga Insektong Nakakainis! Paligid ay Panatilihing Malinis!”
Yr & Sec: BSN3C
Goal: After 2 hours of nursing intervention at least 90% of the people in the community will able understand the importance of sanitation and develop
an effective way to have a healthy and clean environment.
Participants: Core Group

Learning Content Methodology Time frame Resources Person Evaluation

I- Introduction Lecture Demo 10 minutes Materials Needed: FARILLAS,
After 2 hours of II- Importance of Lecture Demo 10 minutes DENISE ANN G.
nursing garbage -pamphlet
intervention at segregation -pens
least 90% of the III- Difference Lecture Demo 10 minutes -cartolinas
people in the between
community biodegrada Human
will able to: ble and Resources:
A. Identify the non- 10 minutes -Time and effort
main breeding site biodegrada Lecture Demo
of insects and ble
rodents in the IV- Diseases can 10 minutes
community acquired
B. Gain knowledge from
about ways how to improper
prevent production waste Lecture Demo 10 minutes
of insects and disposal
rodents and
C. Gain knowledge breeding 20minutes
about the diseases site. Lecture Demo
that can be V- Definition of
acquired with healthy Lecture Demo and
insects and environmen Return Demo
rodents t
D. Enumerate the
causes of having VI- Main breeding
breeding sites of site 10 minutes
insects and VII- 3R’s
rodents (reduce,
E. Discuss the reuse, and Lecture Demo
importance of recycle) – 10 minutes
having a clean and things that
healthy can be 20 minutes
environment. recycled Lecture Demo
F. Learn how to can use to
dispose their other Lecture Demo and
waste properly. usable Return Demo
G. Learn how to products.
segregate VIII- Advantage
biodegradable to and
non- disadvanta
biodegradable. ge of
Learn the method waste
of 3R’s and 5’s disposal
IX- Proper waste
X- 5’s