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Aricent GROUP – Telecommuting Working From Anywhere (WFA) Solution

Please read below informaton carefully to proceed.

1) Win 7 – 32/64 Bit, Win 8.1, MAC
2) IE 10 or IE 11 with Actve-X enabled
3) Citrix Receiver: Download and install from link below (Size: 51.1 MB)
a) Visit Click Downloads (Tab)
b) From ‘Select a Product’ Dropdown Click “Citrix Receiver” & “Receiver for Windows”

c) In Results:- Click “Receiver for Windows 4.3”

d) Download the Receiver from this page.

e) Complete the Installation and reboot your system.

Access Procedure:-

1) Visit the link “”.

2) URL will not accessible from Aricent Ofice Network.
3) Add respective WFA URL into Trusted site, so that URL components should not be blocked for security reasons
4) Login to system using AD-ID and Password with appropriate Domain (AD.ARICENT.COM).

(If the page is coming as below, make sure the ‘Citrix Receiver’ is installed correctly, please refer pre-requisite.)
5) After successful Login, the page will be redirected as below

6) Click on the designated VD Icon, this will launch the console (full screen) of the VD system. To return from full
screen use Shift+F2.

In case of any difficultes in accessing the system, please contact

1st Level Support:

ITAC : | Lync: iTAC | Extn: 7555 |
India: +91 999 9517 866, +91 124 4440041, +91 80 44400411, +91 44 44400411

2nd Level Support:- 3rd Level Support:-

Meenakshi Sundaram .A, Ashok Makkar,
+91 44 44225757, +91 9176608777 Extn:- 61640, Mobile:- +91 9899927946
Email:- Email:-

Namrata Tomer, Escalation:-

Extn:- 6310, Mobile:- +91 9582646945 Ayush Sardana,
Email:- Extn:- 5783, Mobile:- +91 9910067467