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Genuine Accessories developed by MOBIS

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Genuine Accessories
You’re confident, you hunger for inspiration, and now you’ve found it with the new Hyundai Santa Fe. But the adventure does not stop there.
In fact it’s just beginning, because you can now personalize your Santa Fe with your choice of Hyundai Genuine Accessories.
All have been precision-made using high quality materials, so that they will fit your Santa Fe perfectly. And they meet the rigorous manufacturing
standards demanded of all products carrying the Hyundai name.
So get in touch with your dealer and treat your new Santa Fe to some Hyundai Genuine Accessories-they are just made for each other.


You’ve chosen the Santa Fe because, like you, it breaks away from past conventions and conceptions. It makes a clear statement
about your confidence and your independence of thought. Choose from these accessories to emphasize your personal style.

Side bars Side steps Tailgate trim line

Highly polished stainless steel side bars accentuate the rugged Robust aluminium side steps with non-slip rubber tread inserts are Created to complement other design details, this polished stainless
elegance of the Santa Fe, while protecting the lower body when very useful when attaching roof accessories, and they ease access steel strip brings a stylish finishing touch to the tailgate.
venturing off-road. to the passenger cabin. They also add an extra touch of sportiness. 2W491ADE00ST
2W371ADE00 2W370ADE00

4 5


Enhance the striking “Storm Edge” design concept of your Santa Fe with your choice of dynamically styled alloy wheels.

Alloy wheel kit 17” Alloy wheel 17" Jeju Alloy wheel kit 18” Kit includes a cap and five nuts.
Lightweight yet exceptionally powerful, the wheels With their strong, broad 5-spoke design, these Sporty but chic at the same time, they deliver
have a sophisticated design that projects the wheels emphasize the rugged sportiness of the outstanding driving stability and durability.
image of an urban SUV. Santa Fe. 7.5Jx18, suitable for 235/60 R18 tyres.
7.0Jx17, suitable for 235/65 R17 tyres. 7.0Jx17, suitable for 235/65 R17 tyres. 2WF40AC180
2WF40AC170 2W400ADE00

Alloy wheels kit 19” Locking wheel nuts and key

Large alloy wheels with a luxurious design enhance Santa Fe´s dynamic driving as well as refined image. Protect your alloy wheels by fitting a chrome-finished anti-theft wheel nut to each wheel.
7.5Jx19, suitable for 235/55 R19 tyres. 99490ADE00
Design A: 2WF40AC390 Design B: 2WF40AC195 99490ADE10 (short nuts)



Cross bars, aluminium
Wherever you want to go, whatever you want to take with you, these accessories extend Designed to fit the roof rails of the Santa Fe, the cross bars can be
installed or removed in seconds. Made from lightweight and robust
the versatility of your Santa Fe. aluminium, they conform to City Crash test standards.

Xtender 739 ski & snowboard carrier Deluxe 727 ski & snowboard carrier Euroclick G2 bike carrier
Holding up to 6 pairs of skis or 4 snowboards, this carrier can be Extra large release buttons make it easy to open this carrier without Super-light rear-mounted 2-bike carrier, with large frame holders for
extended sideways to simplify loading and unloading. So there’s no having to remove your gloves. And it is height-adjustable so that high round and oval bike frames from 22 to 80 mm. Only for cars equipped
need to stretch over the car and get your clothes dirty. bindings will not damage the car roof. It holds up to 6 pairs of skis or with the horizontal detachable tow bar.
55700SBA10 4 snowboards. 55220SBA00

ProRide 591 bike carrier FreeRide 532 bike carrier Bike carrier for tow bar
After the bike is placed upon the frame holder, all adjustment and With its quick-lock frame holder, smart wheel holders and adjustable This sturdy ultra-light unit can accommodate 2 bikes or 2 electric-bikes.
securing can be carried out at roof height using the single-handed quick-release straps, loading and unloading could not be simpler or The convenient tilt mechanism provides unobstructed access to the
rotary knob. The weight limit is 20kg. faster. T-Bolt adaptor kit is required for genuine aluminium cross bars. trunk area without having to remove the bikes. Maximum load 60 kg.
55701SBA10 55701SBA20 E823055001
55701SBA29 (T-Bolt adaptor kit)



Take advantage of your Santa Fe’s excellent towing capability, and stow on-board items
to keep the interior tidy and uncluttered.

Tow bar, fixed

If you do a lot of towing, the fixed tow bar made
from rust-resistant high quality steel is the one
for you.
Passenger seat storage net
Every driver likes to have certain small items at hand while driving. Attached to the front passenger seat by elastic straps, this convenient mesh pouch keeps them safe and prevents them sliding around the interior.
Tow bar, vertical detachable (right side)
With its 3-ball locking system, this rust-resistant
detachable steel tow bar is easy to install and
remove, and out of sight when not in use.

Tow bar, horizontal detachable (not shown)

This rust-resistant detachable tow bar is easy to
Litter bag 8014 Trunk organisers
install and remove, and partially visible when not
Fitted behind the head These removable organisers have carrying handles,
in use.
restraint, this sealable transparent panels for content identification, and
waterproof bag is the non-slip bases to stop them moving around. When
perfect solution for not needed they can be folded flat for convenient
Tow bar wiring kit (not shown)
keeping the interior storage.
13-pole wiring kit available in two versions, both in
free of litter. Easy to 8019 S, 27 litres 55123SBA10
waterproof housings, providing amplification and
wipe clean. 8020 M, 41 litres 55123SBA20
audible malfunction warning for trailer rear light
55123SBA40 8021 L, 64 litres 55123SBA30
functions. Maximum towing load capacity will depend on your car’s specification.
1a) 13 pole wiring kit 2W621ADE00CP Please consult your dealer for further information.
Standard solution without prepared connector All Hyundai Genuine Accessories tow bars are corrosion resistant,
1b) + 15 extension kit 55621ADE00 certified by ISO 9227NSS salt spray test, and are OE Car Loading
2a) 13 pole wiring kit (TBD) Standard Trailer Coupling (CARLOS) compliant.
With prepared connector solution
12 13


Life is an adventure, and it’s good to share it with others. You can keep all you take with you
safely in its place with these sturdy, made-to-measure separators.

Cargo separator: upper frame, lower frame and vertical split

This versatile grid system securely separates occupants from contents of the load space. Its shape follows the interior contours of the Santa Fe,
and the grid bars are arranged to provide optimal rear vision. Upper frame may be used alone, and is necessary for vertical split installation.
Lower frame can be only used in combination with upper frame. Compatible with both trunk mat and trunk liner, and very easy to install or

Upper frame 2W150ADE00

Lower frame 2W151ADE00
Vertical split 2W152ADE00



With a cabin so roomy and luxurious, it’s not easy to upgrade comfort levels. But these clever
accessories add even more convenience to your Santa Fe.

Business suit hanger

This head restraint-mounted hanger keeps clothes crease-free on journeys, and meets occupant safety
requirements. It can be easily removed for use at home, in the office or hotel.

Wind deflector, front Phone console Ice/sunscreen

The aerodynamic shape redirects outside airflow, deflecting wind and raindrops when driving with front This adjustable console safely accommodates your Fitting perfectly over the windscreen and front
windows that are slightly open. Set of 2. mobile phone, keeping it in view and out of harm’s win­dows, this custom-made, tear-resistant insulation
2W221ADE00 way. screen prevents extreme heat build-up inside the
E555055000 car, and stops frost and ice forming on the window
glass. Theft-resistant when fitted.


You can’t stay clean and dry when you’re getting close to nature in all kinds of weather. But you
can protect the high-quality interior of your Santa Fe with these purpose-made accessories.

 

1. T
 runk mat, 5 seater
High-quality soft velour trunk mat helps cushion your more sensitive cargoes. Tailored to fit the trunk
exactly, it also protects the carpet from moisture and dirt, and is very easy to keep clean. Complete with
Santa Fe logo, it can be combined with the foldout bumper flap for rear bumper protection.

2. T
 runk mat, 7 seater
High-quality soft velour trunk mat that is tailored to fit the trunk exactly. When the third seat row is in
use, the mat remains attached to the raised seatbacks. It can be combined with the foldout bumper flap
for rear bumper protection.
2W120ADE07 (Set of 2)

 3. Bumper flap for trunk mat

Protects rear bumper paintwork from scratches and scuffs while loading or unloading. It attaches to the
underside of the trunk mat and can be folded out whenever required.

4. Trunk liner, 5 and 7 seater

Durable protection for carpets and interior trim from dirt and moisture. It is light, flexible and easy to
keep clean, with an attractive surface design including the Santa Fe logo.
5 seater 2W122ADE05
7 seater 2W122ADE07



Mudguard kit, front and rear
Styled to match the design of the Santa Fe, this
On-road or off-road, it’s impossible to rule out the possibility of everyday scuffs or scratches. Your investment in set of 4 black mudguards will protect your car’s
most vulnerable areas from damage caused by
Hyundai quality can be protected with the addition of these effective accessories. stones, slush, dirt, debris and road salt.
front 2W460ADE10
rear 2W460ADE20

Rubber floor mat (not shown)

All-weather durable mats that trap mud, sand and
road salt, with a special finish making them very
easy to clean. Fixing points retain the floor mat
safely to the floor. Set of 4, with the Santa Fe
logo on the driver’s mat.
2W131ADE10 (RHD)
2W131ADE00 (LHD)

Luggage cover, 7 seater Textile floor mat, standard Textile floor mat, velour
Keeps luggage out of sight and protected from Set of 4 mats that fit perfectly in the foot-wells Luxurious velour floor mats with logo specially
the effects of direct sunlight. (Standard on 5-door of the Santa Fe. Made from rugged needle felt, tailored for the Santa Fe. With floor fixing points
models.) with built-in fixing points on the underside. The and a grained, anti-slip backing.
2WH15AP000RYN driver’s mat has a strengthened heel pad and the 2W143ADE10 (RHD) Set of 4
Santa Fe logo. 2W143ADE00 (LHD) Set of 4
2W141ADE00 (LHD) 2W143ADE13 (LHD + RHD) For 3rd row

Door handle recess protection foil Car protection foil set Rear bumper protection foil, transparent Rear bumper protection foil, black
Fingernails and car keys can leave scratch marks Stone chips and scratches can damage any car’s Invisible but durable protective foil that fits perfectly Made specifically for the top surface of the
around door handles. These durable, self-adhesive paintwork. These durable transparent foil appliqués on the top surface of the rear bumper. Santa  Fe’s rear bumper, this black protective foil
transparent protection inserts keep the paintwork protect the most vulnerable areas, including the 2W272ADE00TR prevents damage to the paintwork while loading
looking like new. lower corner of the rear doors. and unloading. It can be removed without leaving
99272ADE00 (Set of 4) 2W273ADE00 (Set of 2) any traces.


Your Santa Fe is designed and engineered to look after you in the most extreme circumstances.
But there could be occasions when these extras could prove their worth.

Warning triangle Safety vest

To provide advance warning of a stranded ­vehicle, A high-visibility neon vest with reflective stripes
this high-visibility triangle is lightweight but stable for maximum visibility both day and night. This
and can be folded together to save space. It complies “one size fits all” vest complies with DIN EN 471
with ECE-R27 standard, and is a legal requirement in standard, and is a legal requirement in most
most European countries. European countries.
E883199000 E883099000

Safety bag
This convenient collection of safety items includes a complete first aid kit and the most important emergency
tools including bandages, safety vest and warning triangle. Complies with DIN 13164 standard.