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Omacide* IPBC 30 DPG Industrial Fungicide

For Use in Metalworking Fluids
All types of aqueous based coolants are susceptible to The structural formula for the active component is found
contamination from bacteria, yeast, and mold. Regardless below.
of the type of coolant, bacteria are the most frequently
detected microbes in used coolant. 3-iodopropynylbutylcarbamate
(C8H12NO2I) CAS No. 55406-53-6
Fungi (yeast and mold), while usually present, are not as
easily detected by conventional methods, because the
filamentous mycelial forms of mold tend to accumulate in O
machine crevices, in piping, on sump walls, gear boxes and
other solid surfaces. Routine attempts to completely C4H9 NH C O CH2 C CI
eliminate bacteria through continual use (and sometimes
overuse) of bactericides alone usually result in conditions Product Specifications
that encourage the growth of yeast and mold. Heavy fungal
% 3-iodopropynylbutylcarbamate (minimum) 30.0
contamination can often require both mechanical and
chemical treatment. Dumping, cleaning and recharging Properties
fluids are costly procedures. Moreover, in today's
regulatory climate, disposal of used fluid can be expensive. Unless otherwise noted, the following chemical properties
refer to the commercial product and are typical values, not
Therefore, it is important that the preventive treatment of a specifications.
system include a fungicide to ensure longer system life and
savings on replacement, cleaning, and disposal costs. Minimum Assay (%) 30
We’ve had a long history of experience in treating Inerts (%) 70
metalworking fluids for microbial contamination with the Color amber
Omadine* and Triadine* product lines. The Omacide Odor mild
line of fungicides offers another choice in anti-fungal Solubility in water limited
protection. Omacide IPBC 30 DPG industrial fungicide is a Melting Point, (decomposes) 65 °C
30% blend of the active component in dipropylene glycol.
It is an effective fungicide and is easily formulated into
soluble oil and semi-synthetic metalworking fluid Below you will find a solubility listing for the active
concentrates. component in several solvents, at ambient temperature.
Omacide IPBC 30 DPG industrial fungicide is registered Solvent Approximate %
with the United States Environmental Protection Agency Water 0.015
(US EPA Reg. No. 1258-1230) under the Federal Ethylene Glycol 5
Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA), for Propylene Glycol 10
use in metalworking, cutting, cooling and lubricating Naphthenic Petroleum Distillate (100 SUS) 9.0
concentrates and end-use fluids. If you are considering Water Insoluble Polyalkylene Glycol 20
another use, please consult with Arch Chemicals. In the Alkoxylated Linear Alcohol 20
United States it is a violation of federal law to use an Diethylene Glycol 30
antimicrobial agent in an application for which it does not Ethoxylated Alkylphenol 30
have EPA registration. Alkanolamines 30
Dipropylene Glycol 40
Polyeythylene Glycol (400, 600MW) 40
Water Soluble Polyalkylene Glycol 40
Ethylene Glycol Monobutyl Ether 45

*Omacide, Omadine, and Triadine are registered trademarks of Arch Chemicals, Inc. Arch Chemicals, Inc.
 2001 - 1999, Arch Chemicals, Inc.
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Treatment Products
Information Biocides

Antimicrobial Activity Directions for Use

Below is a summary of data obtained using a test designed to TO INHIBIT THE GROWTH OF FUNGI IN AQUEOUS
evaluate the effectiveness of Omacide IPBC 30 DPG METALWORKING, CUTTING, COOLING AND LUBRICATING
industrial fungicide in two metalworking fluid formulations. CONCENTRATES: Add an amount that will give up to 3300
One hundred mL of appropriately diluted fluid are placed ppm in the diluted fluid.
into two hundred mL Erlenmeyer flasks. The flasks are
The amount required in the concentrate will depend on the
challenged weekly with laboratory strains of
end use dilution. For example: If the desired level of
Cephalosporium sp. and Fusarium sp. The challenged
Omacide IPBC 30 DPG industrial fungicide in the diluted
fluids are maintained on an orbital shaker and plated weekly.
fluid is 330 ppm active, and the end use dilution of the fluid
is 5%, then a 0.67 % concentration of this product is
4 weeks 8 weeks
required in the concentrate (330 ppm/0.05 = 6,666 ppm or
(CFU/mL) (CFU/mL)
Soluble Oil
Control 105 105 For More Information
+ 330 ppm biocide <10 <10 Technical Service
Control 105 105 Technical service is available to facilitate further use of
+ 330 ppm biocide <10 <10 Arch Chemicals biocides. If you have a specific question,
or need further information, please write or call Biocides
Results of this test shows that Omacide IPBC 30 DPG Technical Service, Arch Chemicals Inc., Biocides, 350
industrial fungicide can be effective in metalworking fluids. Knotter Drive, Cheshire, CT 06410, U.S.A. (203) 271-4000
However due to the many different types of available or FAX (203) 271-4050. Your Arch Chemicals Sales
formulations and the large number of differences in fluid Representative can also be contacted directly. Sales office
systems, the user or formulator should determine the telephone numbers, addresses, and facsimile numbers are
effectiveness in their own system. Arch Chemicals experts listed at the end of this document.
are available for consultation on methods and techniques. How to Order
Analytical procedures for determining Omacide IPBC 30
DPG industrial fungicide concentration in metalworking If you would like to inquire about an existing order, place
fluids will be supplied on request. an order, ask about product availability, or order a sample
please contact the nearest Arch Chemicals Sales Office.
Omacide IPBC 30 DPG industrial fungicide appears to Sales office telephone numbers, addresses, and facsimile
have no effect on ferrous and non-ferrous metal corrosion, numbers are listed at the end of this document.
pH, or emulsion stability when present in a metalworking
fluid formulation at 660 ppm (end use). Packaging

Formulation Information Omacide IPBC 30 DPG industrial fungicide is available

from Rochester, NY in 45 kg and 220 kg. high density
Omacide IPBC 30 DPG industrial fungicide can be added polyethylene drums and 1.0 MT totes. It is also available
directly to soluble oil, and semi-synthetic metalworking from Swords, Republic of Ireland in 20 kg and 220 kg
fluid concentrates. It can be premixed into petroleum oil, or polyethylene drums.
added at the end of the formulation. While not necessary,
slight heating (110-130°F) will speed the dissolution. Visit our Web site
Typical recommended use levels are 150 to 660 ppm active For additional information about this product, or other Arch
in dilute fluids. Omacide IPBC 30 DPG industrial Chemicals biocides products visit our web site at
fungicide is compatible with most soluble oil and semi-
synthetic metalworking fluids, however preliminary
physical and chemical compatibility testing is recommended
prior to commercialization.

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Treatment Products
Information Biocides

Please refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for complete information on Storage and Handling, Toxicological
Properties, Personal Protection, First Aid, Spill and Leak Procedures, and Waste Disposal. To order an MSDS, call your
nearest Arch Chemicals sales office listed below or the MSDS Control Group at (800) 511-MSDS. Before using or handling
this product, the MSDS should be thoroughly reviewed.

This bulletin and the information contained herein are offered solely for your consideration, investigation and verification. NO
CONTAINED HEREIN. Arch Chemicals’ exclusive responsibility for any claims, including claims based on negligence, arising in
connection with the information contained herein or the subsequent purchase, use, storage or handling of the product will in no event
exceed Arch Chemicals’ sales price for the product with respect to which damages are claimed. IN NO EVENT WILL ARCH
compliance with all applicable Federal, state and local laws and regulations. Nothing contained herein will be construed to constitute
permission or a recommendation to use the product in any process or formulation covered by a patent or a patent application owned by
Arch Chemicals * or by others. No statements or representations which differ from the above shall be binding upon Arch Chemicals unless
contained in a duly executed written agreement.

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