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Data Driven Plan Interim I

Name: Arrianna Eberhart

Content: ELA

Overall Reflection
1. What is the Academic Rallying Cry?

10% growth on each interim. Interim 1: 50% of 5th grade students being in the green.

2. What is the goal for Interim 1 for your subject?

50% of students at mastery

3. What did your students achieve?

22.7% mastery for YALE
50% for pepperdine

4. What percent of your students achieved 80% mastery of the IA standards?

35% mastery total

5. What surprised you about your results?

Some of the students who I anticipated to be in the green based on the weekly assessment scores, did
not demonstrate mastery on Interim 1- CC (yellow), EP (red), VB (orange). TB also surprised me
because normally she does not finish Friday assessments or needs extra time, but since she had so
much time for the Interim she was able to finish and take her time, which resulted in her
demonstrating mastery.

6. How did you expect your students perform? How did they perform? Refer back to your analysis
from our pre-interim department meeting.

I expected Yale to be lower than Pepperdine based on Friday assessment data and just overall class
7. To what degree do these results align with your weekly assessment data? Be specific and refer to data
from Weekly Assessments.

The interim aligns with my weekly assessments

Week 8= 31% mastery
Week 7= 31% mastery
Week 6: 39% mastery

Question Analysis
Question Did the performance on this question What’s your plan to Which students didn’t
# meet goal? address this error? master this question?
If not, why not? What was the common (Only complete for
error? questions below 70%
If yes, why? What strategies did you mastery)

7 No, Yale did not even pick the trick After reading the AA
response. Only 18.2% answered this questions students are JCA
question correct. not going back to label CC
their evidence in the text. AC
Students would have YF
needed to go back to LF
each paragraph to reread CC
and annotate for what he JJ
did from beginning, DL
middle and end of his ML
music career NL

5 NO. This was a part b response. 73% of To address this error, I AA

students got part A correct. We worked plan to continue to VB
on Part B questions and review these aggressively monitor and TB
questions in my AM. This question was add break it down CC
also one of the questions that I wanted questions to PART B AE
to focus on. To reteach, I aggressively questions. YF
monitored part B questions. LF

13 NO. 40.9%- Questions 12-15 were all Increase passage length AA

part of the same passage and all the for Friday assessments. JCA
questions on this passage were below Push for 7-9 questions in VB
70%. a 50 minute time, with CC
two different passages. YF
The error for Yale could be stamina, CB
because this was a longer passage at the Reteach text structure in JJ
end of the test. upcoming weeks. EK
Text structure was taught 2 weeks NL
before the interim. I want to re teach text IZ
structure using this language from this
test. Incorporate it with new class novel.

15 NO. 40.9%- theme question. continue to add theme AA

questions to Friday JCA
last questions on multiple choice assessments. YF
section-stamina issue LF
Do Now with theme JJ
Theme had been taught since week one, questions EK
but this percentage of mastery is inline DL
with weekly assessments mastery scores Literary Hw with theme ML
on theme. questions BN

2 no. 59.1%- inference- I did not teach change wording on CC

inference, students were taught Aggressive monitoring to AC
inference in NF. However, this was a 3rd address both types of YF
grade passage with many of the highs inference questions. LF
not getting mastery (CC, AC, BN, JV) NN
Compared to the other inference BN
questions from the same passage, JV
questions 4 asked “What conclusion can IZ
be made” while #2 asks “Which
inference best explains…”
12 NO 68.2. This is a figurative language teach students to go back AA
questions. Students had multiple lessons to the entire paragraph to JCA
where they analyzed figurative reread. Then write down YF
language. Based on past assessments, what did he do based on JJ
students were expected to perform the figurative language. BN
better with the L5.4 standard. IZ
Context Clues Do Nows
15 students chose the correct answer
5 students chose B, because they thought
“deaf ear” referred to actually hearing

14 No. 54.5%-context clues; students had students did not go back AA

context clues questions on their to the text to identify YF
vocabulary do nows and also on friday what disheartened meant LF
assessments. On assessments students or underline the context NN
had a higher percentage of mastery on clues. They should go JJ
context clues questions. back to the text and write NL
down their own BN
definition before EP
checking multiple choice. IZ

1 YES context clues-90% mastery VB

context clue questions on weekly DL
assessments on every single assessment MT
context clue lesson week 1 and then do
nows subsequent weeks.
This is also a 3rd grade passage

3 YES 80% mastery finding evidence to LF

support main idea. JJ
Part B questions on Novel classwork DL
Literature circle discussion where they BN
had to find evidence DS

4 YES 82% mastery inference VB

inference was taught in nonfiction. JJ
This is a third grade passage. EP

6 YES 90% mastery verb tense TB

weekly grammar challenges DL
grammar lessons
grammar homework focused on verb
Grammar do nows
Identifying Trends With Lowest Performers
Which standard do the students What error(s) is being made with Plan for remediation (i.e. move to
above tend to perform most misunderstanding? small group, prioritize when
poorly on? A.M.’ing, increase cold calling,
provide accommodated handout,

RL. 5.1- only 9% mastery in Yale students not going back to the prioritize when for Part
only JanCarlo and Nataly text to label their evidence. B questions.
mastered this standard
Students not going back to reread increase cold calling for “find me
the ENTIRE section evidence” questions.

Inference Questions provide accommodated

handouts-labeling the evidence
in the passages so students can
refer back to the evidence

pull students for small groups

RL 5.2- only 40.9% mastery in students not writing down what increase cold calling
Yale they think the theme is.
include more theme questions on
annotations are weak and do not classwork
benefit students with these
questions include how different characters
respond to the same topic via Do
Now, Hw and with novel work
I will add more multiple choice
questions that analyze theme of a
passage for the upcoming novel
Yolonda’s Genius and how the
speaker reflects on the topic