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IVilBA Adrnlssion Test

60tt'Batch, Full-time (Session 2017 -20181
MBA Admission Test (2017-2018) of the lnstitute of Note: ln order to be eliqible for admission test. the
Business Administration (lBA), University of Dhaka will be
applicant must have his/her bachelor deqree result
published on or before Mav 20, 2018.
held on Friday, May 25, 2018 at 10:00 am.


Application must be submitted online by May 20, 2018. For
Applicants must have at least a Bachelor Degree in any
field of study. The minimum qualifying point is seven (07) detailed application procedure, visit the website at
for all applicants. The points are calculated as follows: www. i ha-d or i ba. reg i stration b d. co m.

SSC and HSC or Equivalents Application fee is Tk. 1000/- (including service charge).
SSC HSC O-Level A-Level Points
GPAiDiv GPA/Div GPA" GPA* Earned Forfurtherinformation, contact the MBA Program Office
(Room #216,1st Floor, IBA Building) or call 01764119001
>= 3.5/1st >= 3.5/1st >= 3.0 >=2.5 3
or01764119002 between 10:00 am to4:00 pm on any day
>= 2.5l2nd >= 2.5l2nd >= 2.5 >= 2.0 2 till May 20,2018.
* Letter grades of O-Level and A-Level subjects are
convefied into grade points as follows: A=4, B=3, C=2 and
D=1. Grade Point Average (GPA) is calculated by SELECTION PROCEDURE
averaging the grade points of the best five grades The test has two components: Written Test and lnterview.
(including mathematics) for O-Level and the best two The Written Test component evaluates applicants'
grades for A-Level. aptitude in Language, Mathematics, and Analytical ability.
An applicant must obtain a minimum qualifying score in
However, grades below D in any subject in O-Level or each of the above areas to pass the Written Test and
A-Level will not be considered while calculating the
appear before the interview.
minimum subject requirement.

Candidates with third division or GPA of less than 2.5 in An applicant with foreign nationality with minimum 75
SSC or HSC or GPA of less than 2.5 in O-Level or less percentile in GMAT may be exempted from the Written
than 2.0 in A-Level examinations are not eligible. Test. However, s/he will be required to appear before the
interview board.
helors and Masters Proqram
Certificate/Degree Mobile phone, calculator or any other electronic
>=3.5/1st >=3 0/2nd >=2.5/3rd
devices are strictly prohibited in the Examination Hall.
Bachelor Degree (Pass) 4 3 2

Bachelor (Honors.) 5 4 2 Director

Masters 1 1 1
lnstitute of Business Admi n istration
University of Dhaka
For all other foreign certificates/degrees, equivalence is Dhaka - 1000, Bangladesh
determined by the Equivalence Committee of lBA. Without
such equivalence, the applicants are not allowed to sit for
the admission test.

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