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be placed on the school website for

all to see.
Due to this beautiful
Please do not put any staff member
weather children may wear their own
in the position of asking parents to
clothes for Sports Day on Thursday.
put away their camera/phone instead
Please ensure you have adequate sun we ask you to clap & cheer your child
screen on your child before they along and simply enjoy this time with
come to school. We advise that all no distraction.
our children wear a sun hat &
appropriate footwear.

Children will have their breaks as

normal therefore no food/treats
need to be shared during sports day.
Water stations will be available for
children at various intervals or when On Wednesday all our children will
needed. participate in a “Wake up
Wednesday Special”. All classes will
This year Sports day will be in the
participate in a walk or a jog in the
field behind the school from 10.30-
12.00. All parents/ family are
invited back into their child’s 2nd class have been exercising all
classroom for the medal ceremony! year and preparing for this event.
They will participate in their first
We welcome any help bringing
official 5K challenge.
equipment back to the school
following the event. If you wish to join the walk or you
are free to cheer them on please pop
over to the park for 11am. The more
the merrier. 2nd class will start
their walk/jog at 11am, 1st class at
We ask that no photographs or 11.20, Senior Infants at 11.30 &
videos are taken during Sports day. Junior Infants at 11.40.
We have allocated a staff member
to go to each class & take a number All children will wait at the finishing
of photographs of all our children line for the big cheer as 2nd class
during sports day. These photos will cross the finishing line.
So why not join us to wish them well
in Donaghmede Park from 11a.m? As
this is only one part of our school
Our Special Class for Children on
day, our children will continue with
the Autism Spectrum.
academic classes following the event.
It has always been the vision of our
We are predicting a hot day for this
BOM and the staff of St Kevin’s
event therefore, drinks will be
Junior National School to open a
provided at the end of the jog/walk.
Special Early Intervention Class for
However an extra drink should be
children on the Autism Spectrum.
packed with lunch. Please wear
We are further along the process
shorts, comfortable running shoes
today therefore, we remain
along with the children’s blue
confident that building/renovation
uniform t-shirt for this event.
works will take place during our
Photographs of the event will be Summer break. This work is
placed on the website ASAP. necessary to ensure we meet the
unique needs of all our children
including those with special
Booklists: educational needs. It is with this
knowledge that our school will not be
Book lists were given out last week.
open after Wednesday July 4th and
If you did not receive a copy of your
it will remain closed until August
child’s book list please e-mail the
school on and
we will forward a copy to you without The school e-mail facility may be
delay. accessed at intervals for any
A huge thank you to all the families
who have contributed to the book
list/school fees so far. We are
aware of the pressures placed on
families throughout the school year
therefore if you wish to leave
payments until September or pay in
instalments we are happy to
Check out our website for a picture
of our Green School Committee.

Moving Schools?

If your child is not returning to

school we respectfully request that Once again we were awarded a
you contact the school and notify us ‘Primary Science & Maths Award’.
as we have a waiting list in all our Our deputy Principal Margaret along
senior classes. We are highly aware with all the teaching staff of St
of the pressures for school places in Kevin’s have been actively promoting
the parish therefore we wish to science & maths in our school
notify families as soon as possible. through science days, inviting in
guest speakers into the school and
promoting science experiments in
Green Schools
This year we introduced Maths
This year we have been awarded
stations in some of our classes while
our First Green School Flag! This is
maths games and interactive games
a wonderful achievement for a
continued to be promoted.
Junior School and it could not have
been achieved without the guidance
of our Deputy Principal Margaret and
OWLS Children’s Nature
our wonderful Green School
Charity visited our school for a day
of mini-beast hunting and nature
The committee monitored and watching in our garden. They are
promoted recycling in our school and hoping to fit our school for another
encouraged a reduction of waste visit before the end of the school
through advising our children on the year. OWLS was paid through your
importance of bring home their contributions in your school book
rubbish for recycling/ composting lists of 2017/18.
and switching from wrapping like tin
foil/cling film or disposable drink
cartons to lunchboxes & beakers.
Our Active school week includes:

A huge thank you to all our families  Drop everything and Workout:
who supported our sponsored ‘walk a Every morning at 9am Grainne
mile with a smile’ initiative. This was & Katie will lead the children
a fantastic event for the school and in a fun aerobic class.
the children enjoyed the fun  Monday sees our 1000
stations throughout the walk. We Aerobics challenge! Each
are delighted to say that over class has the task of doing
€1800.00 was collected. We were 1000 aerobic exercises in one
blown away by the generosity shown day! Only the fitness class
to this worthwhile cause. A will achieve the ‘FitCert’.
defibrillator was purchased along
with a cabinet and two first aid kits
for the school. Money has also been
set aside by our BOM for whole
 Tuesday: Teddy bears picnic
staff First Aid training over the
in the school garden followed
by an orientation task for all.
Active Schools Week  Wednesday: It’s the big jog in
the park starting at 11am.
 Thursday: Sports Day in the
 Friday. A fun disco in the hall.
 In the classroom we will have
‘Drop everything & dance
Next week is our active schools throughout the week.
week. We are always promoting  Go Noodle dance activities
healthy bodies through healthy with their class mates.
eating choices and exercising. We
continue to promote this through a
fun week with lots of activities
planned including a week off
homework and a week of movement
Senior Infant children with exit
through the front door at 1.30.

Clothes Collection.

Thank you for all your support in Please place any money due in an
relation to our clothing collection envelope with your child’s name
appeal. All money will go directly clearly marked to avoid any error
to the purchasing of necessary and give to your class teacher.
school equipment.

School Tracksuits/Uniforms
All books can be purchased in the
Pat O’Farrell School Uniform local bookstores or online at
shop will be in the school on Look out for
Wednesday from 1.40. If you special offers online.
wish to purchase uniforms please
complete an order form which
was distributed today & return to
Pat O’Farrell with full payment.
Uniforms will be available on
collection on the day.

Alternatively you can visit their

shop. As uniforms are worn each
school day we advised purchasing
two tracksuits.

We have highlighted our concerns

in relation to sizing therefore if
you have the same concern please
check sizes on the day of order
with O’Farrell School Wear staff.

To accommodate O’Farrell School

Wear all tracksuits will be
displayed in Una’s Senior Infants
classroom therefore, all the
School Tours

All our classes will participate in our

annual school tours. This is always a
great experience for all our
students. The following dates have
been agreed....

21st June 2018:

Junior Infants will go to

Newbridge House & Park,

Cost €11.50 (€8.00 bus & €3.50

Newbridge House).

20th June 2018

First Class will go to Causey Farm

Co Meath

Cost €23.00 (€10.00 bus &

€13.00 admission)

19th June 2018

Second Class will go to Causey

Farm Co Meath

Cost €23.00 (€10.00 bus &

€13.00 admission)