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Maglev Essay

In my opinion I think that Maglev is the best transportation. Maglev’s top speed is 431 km
per house and it traverses 45 minutes worth of roadway in just eight minutes. According to the
article “ Maglev - The Great Debate” these trains are a form of transportation that includes
magnets. Maglev trains are not like any other trains, these trains way more expensive because
of what they are made of.

It is said that the Central Japan Company would construct a Maglev bullet train railway tp
run through the Tokyo Metropolitan area and the Chuckyo area centuring on Negoy at a
distance of 290 km. Their plan was to start operations in 2025. To be able to start building it
would cost $47.7bn. In the article “ Maglev - The Great Debate” it states that, “ The latter was
estimated at a cost of around $50bn; three times that to build a normal railway in china,
according to some approximations.” Yes, the technology might be high but this is better. Maglev
trains are more quiet than traditional trains and have no direct pollution emissions according to
the article “Maglev.”

Maglev trains have no contact to the tracks. This means that it has no friction to fight
against except air friction. The trains are made out of magnets so they use the same side of the
magnets on the train and on the tracks so they can repel to each other and go faster. In the
article “ How Maglev Works” it says that, “ Like ordinary magnets, these magnets repel one
another when matching poles face each other.”

The Maglev trains do not require much attention or maintenance which is a good thing.
In the article, “ Maglev - The New Transport For the 21st Century” I read that the train can last
50 years. These trains require small maintenance because there is no mechanical contact.
Because of the small maintenance Maglev trains are more practical than original trains.