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Lesson Title: How to Tie a Tie Resources Time (mins)

Bridge-in (motivation)
 Who here has ever had trouble
tying a tie and had to look up a
video to do so? PowerPoint presentation .5
 You will never have to look up
another video again or possibly
not even use a mirror
 Does anybody already know how
to tie a tie? PowerPoint presentation 1
 Think about all the other knots
that exist and can you do some?
Learning Objective
 You will be able to describe and
perform the 7-step process of the PowerPoint presentation 1
four in hand knot

Instructor Activities Learner

1. Perform the 7 Ask questions PowerPoint presentation (with pictures) 3
steps for
2. Colour, pattern clarification or 1
and size tips any problems Ties of varying colour 6
3. Hand out ties for that may arise
each table so
that they may Help nearby
describe and classmates
perform the
4. Review the steps Describe the
Post-Assessment steps in order
 Check for
 Ensure with enough practice that
they will be able to tie a tie
without any help PowerPoint presentation .5
 They will dress to impress at their
next formal event
 Supply additional information if
they are interested