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Getting fit

Writing task: Write to ask for information

Read the leaflet about a gym, and the notes. Write an email to the gym, asking Useful language
for more information. Useful phrases
• Hello, / Hi there,
Use the Useful language and the notes you made in the Engage task to help you
• I’m writing to ask for
prepare. Write 200–250 words. more information.
• In your leaflet, you
• I’d like to know about
(membership fees after
week one).
• The first session free
sounds great because...
• Thanks for your help in
• I’m looking forward to
hearing from you.
• Kind regards, / Best

Useful vocabulary
• fitness instructor
• membership fee
• qualifications
• pay per session
• training session
Tip An email to a person you don’t know in a company should be friendly (e.g. Hi there) • opening times
but polite (e.g. Thanks for your help in advance). Use contractions.
Follow this email structure:
• Greet the reader. Start with Hello or Hi there.
• Explain why you’re writing.
• Ask two of your questions and say why you want to know.
• Ask the other two questions and say why you want to know.
• Thank the reader.
• Sign off with Best wishes or Kind regards and your name.
Check it! Read your email and check it’s organized clearly and makes sense. Then
read it again and check for grammar, vocabulary and spelling errors.

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