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Stress, Stress, Go Away!

- By Diane
Stress is the feeling that we get when we feel so worn out of our lives because we feel thateverything is j
ust too much already - pressure, tension, sadness, and the like. The thing is that, stress is inevitable. No
matter who you are, where you are from, what you do, or how well you live, stress will come to you. Ev
en children get their shot of stress. This being said, it is very importantthat you are able to make sure that
you know how you can push away the stress out of your life, how to push it as far away as possible.
To be able to make stress go away , you must first get to know which factors in our lives arecausing it .
You see , stress can be everywhere . But really , it is up to us which of the things around
us we will consider to be stressful and which ones we can let go . This is why it is very importantthat yo
u are able to tell the reasons why we get stressed . You see , stress is a personal thing . It canbe as simple
as bad traffic and as deep as failed marriages or relationships . It can be because of adeath in the family ,
money problems , health , work , noise , and many more . It is a fact that mostpeople have more than on
e cause of their stress too . Remember that being able to know the causeof your stress will allow you to f
ind a way to avoid it and this is why it is very important that youget to know the things that cause your st
ress .
Remember that it is very important that you are able to find a way to push stress as far away fromyou as
possible because it can have bad effects on you and your body. There are actual studies thatstate that stre
ss can cause childhood obesity. Of course, being stressed will not make you a goodperson. There are peo
ple who turn on the mad side while there are others who turn to the sad side. The people who turn to the
bad side are often seen to be irritable, burned out, and of course, mad ateveryone and everything around
him. The people who turn to the sad side are the ones who feeldepressed and have problems in concentra
ting and functioning right. Either way, this is not good. This is why you have to make sure that you are a
ble to fight your stress away the sooner the better.
There are medications that you can take to help you deal with the stress that you are feeling. Butbefore y
ou go to your doctor and ask for these things, do not forget that there are a number of selfhelp methods o
n how you can make your stress go away.
You must find a release . Stress is an over flowing feeling , right ? This only means that you have torelea
se these feelings somewhere . You can pick up a hobby . You can try exercising too . If youwant to be m
ore productive , you can use your work as your release . The goal is to be able to feel
relaxed . The goal is to be able to take out the stress in your heart and use it somewhere it can beuseful .
There are people who think that when they drink alcoholic beverages and take drugs that were notgiven
by your doctor, they can make their stress go away. This is one big lie. You see, if you fallinto the hole o
f these two, chances are you will end up in more stress and problems that you everimagined. So make su
re that as you stay away from stress you stay away from these two as well.
Food is an important factor in helping you stay away from stress as well. Make sure that you eatfoods th
at are healthy. Make sure that your meals are balanced too. Try to stay away from sugars asthey can brin
g your mood up and down in a matter of minutes. Eat fruits and vegetables and youwill surely not go wr
You will need to talk too. Much like in finding a release, being able to talk to your friends, family, and ot
her loved ones will help you stay away from stress. They can give you advice on what youcan do to hand
le it better. They can make you understand things that you do not. But most of all, they are there to listen
to you take out your load, the things that you have in your heart that ismaking you stressed out.
You must be busy , as everyone else these days are . But it is important that you are able to manageyour
time well . There are many people who get stressed because they just do not have time to doeverything t
hat they want and need . You see , it is normal that you have so many things to do andtime is too little. T
his is why you have to manage your time very well . Make sure that you maketime to do things that will
make you happy . Make sure that you are able to make time with your
family , friends and loved ones too . Make sure that you make time to go out on a vacation , youdeserve i
t ! This way , you will not be burned out easily and at the same time , be able to make surethat you stay a
way from stress .
Life is hard, you will be going through ups and downs. You will be stressed most of the time too. Itis, ho
wever, up to you to be able to make it better. It is up to you to enjoy your life. Do the thingsthat are liste
d above. If you do not think you are stressed at the moment, do them still. You will besurprised with ho
w happy you will feel after you have done them. You will be surprised howproductive you will be at wor
k. You will be surprised with how much people will love to be withyou as well.